Alone again I sit

In the chatter of my mind

In a room filled with noise

No peace can I find


So much to say

No one to say it to

So much to live

So little I can do


The lonely journey continues

Without warmth or company

Just me and my imagination

Out to see what we can see


Plenty of obstacles

No friends come to call

No family to understand

Phantom writings on my wall


Yet I cannot turn away

Itís where I need to be

Itís secrets to discover

Itís mysteries to see


I feel a metamorphosis

Flowing through my veins

As Reality begins to tear

Through this thin membrane


I can relate to Alice

Or Thomas Anderson

This rabbit hole is deep

And Iíve barely just begun


But once youíve been there

You can never go back

Your old life is gone

Youíve grown fins on your back


Swim the channels of time

Alone, yet  hopefully.

A New World arises

Eclipsing old realities.


What you once believed

Is now absurd to you

You no longer feel you belong

But canít recall what you once knew.


It becomes harder to relate

To trivial concerns

To empty glories

To money to burn


I want less

So that I can have more

A little time to burn

A little room to soar.