Now that Iím immersed

And submerged

I feel cursed.

Still unable to see clearly

Now unable to breathe this air

I float past beautifully hammered cages

Full of slaves without a care

Who think theyíve found the Door.

How can it be that I see more?


No where to place my foot

I'm starring at this wall

Fingers in my ears

But still I hear the call.

There are no maps here

To go beyond, you must not require them

I know Iím already there

But I would swear I'll never find them


I still feel lost

My discontent boils

I feel a growing rage

Now I know why it is said

It is like a thousand hells

For one who has moved forward

To cease to move

You are unfit

For both worlds

You are torn between





And you cannot go back

Now that youíve walked to the horizon

And discovered itís made of paper.

The next step is unspoken

And like a coy lover

It seems to tempt

And then turn from me.


Anguish flows thru my veins.