The Seeker should be aware that the words on these pages are, as all thoughts expressed in this dimension, incapable of exactly expressing the Truth, and should be viewed as only the finger pointing toward the moon, not the moon itself. 


What is true cannot be explained, but intuitively known, as we all already have this information within us.  You may not consciously feel it, but it's there.  The writings on these pages have been collected and offered in the event they may assist you in finding that tiny door that all but a few at a time ever seem to find.  Here’s a tip:  If you’re in a group of people who believe they’ve found this tiny door, leave the room, because they don’t know, as sincere as they may be.  Because Truth always calls her students one by one, and it is almost certainly guaranteed to be a nearly solitary journey.


In truth, you don’t have to read another word, or learn another thing.  In the end you will find nothing was actually added to you.  You will gather nothing, and take nothing away with you.  You will find it was already inside you.  In fact, it’s not a finding, but rather a stripping away.  False ideas, identities and concepts will fall away.  These words may help you erode away false foundations upon which you may have built your complex and false paradigms.  As remarkable as these statements may seem right now, you will eventually understand them to be true.  But take no one’s word for anything.  If it upsets or startles you, investigate it.  If it doesn’t ring true, look until it does, or discard it.  If you hear that one note ringing true, keep it as true.  But find out for yourself.


“Man is not drawn to nature for what it has, rather because of what it does not have.”


Nature is closer to perfection, having avoided layering itself with false ego and identity, or straying from it’s true nature.  For this reason, we find it refreshing, when compared to ourselves or the world we have built.  Nature lacks the unnecessary additions we have place upon ourselves with our religions, cultures, politics, etc. – additions that we have both become identified with and addicted to.  These addictions give us a false sense of normalcy and security.  They also constantly force up to ‘up the anty’ as we become acclimated to their drug-like effect.   Eventually, they cease to satisfy us - whether from our recognition of their falseness and futility, or from simply needing a ‘higher dosage’.


These writings may startle or frighten some readers, or may very well anger others, as they threaten the foundation of what you consider reality.  I make no excuses for the Truth.  I hope some will find these words soothing, as those who overcome their fear will surely find.