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How are these watercolors created?

If I were a more gifted watercolorist (or any watercolorist at all)  I could take palette in one hand and brush in the other and paint whatever I liked.  But I can't.  Now, I can do other creative things fairly easily, but watercolors are not one of my innate talents. I've tried repeatedly and the results were so unbearably mediocre, so sophomoric that it wasn't worth wasting paper and paint.  Uninspired.  Truly.  Until one day for reasons that remain unknown even to me even today, I had a wild hair to try something different. Something I had never heard of before.  I don't even know why I did it.  But to my complete surprise, the results were unbelievable.

Intricate images seemed to give birth to themselves under the cover of darkness, beneath my plastic and wet paint.  And I stood by, breathless and amazed at this seeming miracle time after time, like a midwife who is carefully observant of what is trying to come forward so that she may assist it in it's coming, yet fully realizes that is it not 'she' who has given birth. Well, in the larger sense that 'we are all one' of course I did.  Who else brought these forward?  But from the perspective of the midwife, it is fascinating to behold.

And that is how I got into doing these watercolors.  In the way other painters might stare at a blank canvas and see what arises in their mind's eye and paint it there, I instead pull the plastic off my wet watercolors and see what is trying to come into being, hailing from regions unknown.  Sometimes they need a little encouragement.  Other times, they walk in on their own two feet and all I do is breath a whisper of thanks that I was there to see it happen.

In a practical sense, here's what I contribute:  First, I lay down some random color (unless it is going to be monochromatic), and I let that dry a little.  Then, I cover that color with a darker color. Before the darker color dries, I spread a plastic garbage bag over the painting and 'smoosh' it around a bit. Then I carefully peel it off.

Sometimes I stop right there.  Other times, I may spray it with additional water from a spray bottle, or flick or spray rubbing alcohol on it, or dapple my fingertips in it, or pat it with my hand randomly.  Finally, I dry the painting with my blow dryer, sometimes also dabbing off the wetter areas with paper towels or other stuff (paper, plastic) as I go. Completely random.

Now, here's the interesting part that I haven't pointed out to you yet, but it is apparently critical:  Up until I dry the painting, I avoid making eye contact with the image.  I don't look at it.  Why?  For some reason, it doesn't seem to work if I look beforehand.  So, only as I am 'done' and drying the painting do I take a peek.  Weird, huh? But apparently necessary.

Somehow these images appear, seemingly out of nowhere, definitely out of no conscious or deliberate effort on my part.  Though it may seem difficult to believe, I really do NOT insert anything.  The images come forward by whatever occurs during the process I just described to you.  All I do is tidy up an area or line so that the image is more easily seen by others.  But that is ALL I deliberately and consciously contribute.  And sometimes there is simply nothing there at all, as though the invisible magical camera of images beneath my plastic failed to lure any forms into it's range.

But when there are images and forms, they are amazing.  In fact, I continue to see images arise in the pictures as time goes on.  I missed the large angry man's face in the center of 'The Dream' for quite some time (over a year) until I was standing back far enough to notice it.  And others often point out images that I never noticed before.

So, what will you see?  Apparently, that often depends on you.  I hope you enjoy these mysterious watercolors.  I find them amazing and inspirational - further 'proof' that there is certainly more to what we think we know than meets the eye.

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Name of Painting
The Journey
Hail Mary, Full of Grace
Distant Shore
Talitha Cumi
(Little Maid, Arise)
Nightmare of the Soul
The Dream
The Christening
Acid Reign
The Goddess
The Pearl
The Harvest
Poisoned Apple
Sea of Desire
The Gladiator
The Mongolian
Night Flight
Fire and Ice
Goldfish Bliss
Mars Ponders
Nursery of Desire
  Cascading Perception
  Creative Consequence
  Eye of the Storm
  Lady in Red
  Menagerie of Men
  Soul Tsunami
  Subterranean Blues