You Are Whole


You are whole.  There has never been a time when you were not whole.  Well, if thatís true, then why do we sometimes feel the way we do, and act the way we do?  Itís because we still do not see ourselves clearly.  The more we see ourselves clearly, the more we are aware of this wholeness.


It is as though we are watching ourselves in a pond and our world is this pond.  Our thoughts and actions act as ripples on the surface the pond, ripples that can distort and conceal the perfect, whole reflection of our spirit moving across the face of the waters.  But the reflection that is us is always there, complete and whole, waiting to reveal itself fully, and be known.


So, some of you may ask, if we are already whole here, then why donít we just BE whole?  Why do we allow the possibility of these ripples upon the pond, our world, ripples that can hide our wholeness here upon the face of the waters?


Blame it on the joy of Being, on our desire to experience what which we have created.  And while youíre at it, you can also blame it on our eternal nature who knows no death, and sees that though some dreams are more pleasant than others, still, it is just a dream to be experienced, it is not happening to the Ďrealí us, to that which give itís reflection to the face of the waters.  Itís a dream, one that bears the marks of our interaction with the pond, of our particular splashing about.  And our splashing about isnít bad. However, if there arenít times of stillness, then we will not see our true face, weíll see bits and pieces and draw all sorts of equally incomplete assumptions, and weíll come to call most of those assumptions Ďreligioní. 


Now, some of you may question even further: Why go to all this trouble in the first place?  Why the pond?  Why the splashing about?  Because That Which is US, wants to be known, and we want to be known HERE, upon the face of the waters, interacting and experiencing that which we bring forth here.  We are already known to our self.  We want the joy of knowing ourselves in a different context.  Here, in this pond, among our creations and splashings. 


Initially, we arenít consciously unaware of who we really are, we canít hear the homing beacon beeping within us over all our splashing.  But then we begin to have glimpses, brought about by short periods of reflection in our pond.  And we see ourselves, and begin to recollect, to re-collect ourselves and in doing so, our innate abilities begin to come forward, the ability to say ďPeace, be stillĒ to our waves and ripples, and to interact with the things in the pond in a way lost to us before.


This might sound incredible to you, but we are doing this very thing on various levels all the time, some of which we might be vaguely aware of, other things we connect to only through our larger mind, the mind that we here in this pond we call the unconscious mind.  But itís not unconscious, and itís not random, and itís not inaccessible, and thereís a new video coming out on this soon, so stay tuned.



And so though we fail to notice this at first, dimensions of creation are born of divisions, and divisions, by definition, always have a counterpart. Because this division is the mother of creation, and without it, without at least the illusion of separation, of differentness, there would only be the One. 


And that is what we all must come to not just be aware of, but to know: we are all one under the faÁade of these illusional differences, of you, or me. Our initial perspective is that we are all separate, we all stand alone, but if we cast a glance over our shoulder, we see that we spring forth from this oneness, and we all are one.  We are like rays of the sun.  If we only place our focus upon the tip of our ray, we look at our neighbors and imagine them separate from us.  But when we broaden our perspective, we seem our individuality is all a sleight of hand, born of the act of differentiation. We see we all spring forth from the One, and have our root in the One.


So, these opposites or contrasts are not our enemies Ė seen correctly, these are the tools of creation. All that seems to exist is born of this yin and yang, male and female, the directive and that which brings the directive into being, of the acts of movement, and repose. 


But back to this separation, this Veil Ė why the veil?  Why the forgetting?  This veil echoes the belief structure necessary to bring this pond, this dimension, our world, into being.  Without our belief that it may exist, that it DOES exist, how could it exist?  It is this belief, born of the Veil, of the intentional separation that brings it forward.  It is our declaration that there should be a firmament, a veil, a division, that separates the waters from the waters, that fashions this world.  Otherwise, our pond would be without form, and void, and only the potential for it would exists there in the void that contains all things.  What we call our world was born by the draping of this Veil, by this separation, this dividing, by this transient portioning of the whole.


Now, of course, it is not our whole mind that believes in this transient illusion of partitioning, just what we call our conscious or rational mind.  Only that tiny portion.  The vast majority of The Mind is completely aware that this is a sleight of hand at all times, and it was by itís hand, OUR hand, that the veil was cast into place.  But here in the pond, we take it allllll quite seriously because the portion that is playing in this pond only comes to recall this as we tire of our splashing about, and have periods of reflection.  And during these periods of reflection, we come to see our true face staring back at us in the pond, in every drop of water.  There is not one drop that does not present us our reflection. But to see, we must stop and be quiet, and look deeply.


And to our surprise, we see that this veil that religions have spoken about and we have struggled against is actually both our Mother and Father here in the pond.  Because without this separation, this veil, no pond would manifest, there would only be the void containing all possibilities of all ponds and of all possible versions of you. 


Without the forgetting of the One, there could not be the transient establishment of the appearance of two.  And two (or more) can experience the pond much better, much easier


And that is why you have cast your reflection here and your spirit has moved across the face of these waters Ė for the joy of Being, of experiencing, of interacting, of coming to know yourself and gradually awaken to your larger self in the context of this pond through this endless parade of eyes and their unique perspectivesÖ.each like a dream to the real, eternal you, perhaps, but what a wonderful and interesting little dream. Like in our regular dreams, it all seems quite real, but if we catch ourselves dreaming, and the dream becomes an adventure we can begin to direct. Thatís why they call it awakening.   


You are director and actor,

You are artist and his medium,

You are the spirit that moved across the face of these waters, and your will draped the veil that created this world and this you. 


You are the reflection, and that which is being reflected.




Associating yourself with a group is like getting on a boat. 


Trying to remedy world situations with external efforts alone is like trying to remedy a broken water pipe under your kitchen sink with a mop and bucket.  The mopping efforts do help get the water out of the kitchen, but it doesnít fix the broken pipe.  We have to go to the source of the problem, rather than simply focus upon minimizing effects being created.  We have to do this in a global sense, too.  For example, preventing someone from cutting down the rainforest is a worthy action, but until we change the shortsighted mind that only thinks of itís own immediate benefit, the problem will only arise again elsewhere.   We have to change the thought.  When we change the thought, we change the action.


Somewhat ironically, the most effective way to change how another thinks is through our actions.  Not through our      action of repressing, or preventing, or punishing, or attacking, though.  Instead, it is when our actions effectively demonstrate the belief we wish another to adopt as their own.  If we want a world of love, we must demonstrate this world of love, and show how it is a mutually enjoyable lifestyle.