Waving Goodbye to Particles and Waves as Separate Things



I am posting this video for those who are deep into discussing the “Double Slit Experiment” or the general theory of “Waves vs. Particles”.  If you don’t know much about this topic, you can catch up quickly by doing a search – it’s a hot commodity here on Youtube, so there are endless detailed videos available, so you can check that out if you need to.


You know, I once read somewhere that there are really 4 types of people.  Well, from my perspective, actually only one type of person, but at least 4 distinct types of behaviors that can easily be noted in individuals who are participating in a conscious and active search for the Truth.


The first type and the most profound type is the ‘enlightened being’.  This type is usually slow to speak or draw attention to themselves, personally saying or writing very little.  In fact, what is captured is most often collected by their followers and well-wishers.  Though the number of seminars we sign up for and dvd sets we buy indicate that we apparently believe quite the opposite, the truth is, you really won’t find these truly enlightened individuals organizing groups, or putting out books, or dvds, or self-help programs, or holding getaways or seminars in secluded locations.   That’s simply not how they do it.  Which leads us to the second type….


The second type of individual often tries to convince you that he or she is like the first type, but their behavior is quite the opposite of an enlightened individual.  They often demonstrate behaviors somewhat like a professional writer.  Their method is to seek only “the facts’, and subsequently can only touch the truth in an external and superficial way.  They are bound and limited by their quest for what is objective, and therefore cannot continue to proceed along the true path until they abandon the habit of external fact gathering.  Producing (and charging for) groups, memberships, articles, papers, books, dvds or seminars seem to be an ongoing goal for this type.


Then we have our third type of Truth Seeker, who is actually much closer the enlightened or realized individual.  They are a true spiritual seeker, someone who is very much on the true path and as they continue on this path, they freely share what they are learning along the way to any who are interested in hearing it.  They are usually not concerned with becoming well known, publishing books or dvds, but actively seek to make equally available to any and all whatever they have to share.


And in the fourth group, we have the intellectuals – the doctors, scientists and deep thinkers in general who evolve highly sophisticated models and explanations for the unexplained and mystical.  Though many of these people seem to have experienced a personal mystical event, they seek explanation for it in a verifiable way.  They want to see it defined, in the lab, or at least on paper.


This 4th type of individual or behavior is what we see when we encounter those who labor and theorize about the “Double Slit” experiment, or “waves vs. particles” in general. 


But there is something that has always seemed apparent to me, and as it seems to shift our focus into an entirely different direction, I feel compelled to share it with you, for you to consider.


The topic of waves and particle is indeed fascinating, but it seems to me these experiments and theories are tragically flawed, in the most elemental way, right from the start.


The topic is always approached as if we are talking about two different things – waves and particles (apples and oranges).  And we proceed to attempt to evaluate them as though they were two different things.  But I don’t think they are – they are two different behaviors of the very very very same thing. 


(show sliced apples and apple juice – the apples not passing through a sieve, but the juice passing through).


They act entirely different, but they are both still expressions or behaviors of the very same thing.  They’re both apple - just apple showing two different behaviors or expressions.


Whether you agree or not, let’s pretend for a moment that this is true, and we recognize that we are simply looking at 2 different behaviors or expressions rather than trying to verify and analyze the attributes of what seems to be two separate things.  If we do this,  then the real question can come into focus:


And to me, the real question, if there is any is: What is the trigger?  If it is indeed just 2 different behaviors of the same thing, how does this one thing (apple) demonstrate 2 distinct behaviors or expressions of being?


Let’s look at music for help in this answer.   Here we have a cd, which can be viewed as demonstrating the attributes of a particle, because it seems to be localized - from our current perspective and understanding, it seems to be here on this side of the wall.  The potential for the music is encoded on the surface of this seemingly localized disk, and therefore also seems to be a part of this localization.


But when we read this encoding with a cd player, we hear the music.  The music is revealed to us.  And the music is not localized.  The cd still seems to be, but the music now seems to be demonstrating the attributes of a wave.  You can hear the music right here, or walk into an adjoining room where (assuming your room isn’t soundproofed and you have the volume turned up sufficiently for your ability to hear) you will also find the music present there as well, because it is demonstrating the behavior of a wave, and is non-localized.  It’s in the room where it is being played, and it is also in the adjoining room.


So, the real and valuable question to me isn’t to debate endlessly about the wonder and mystery of these two behaviors, but to ask what CAUSES what we perceive as one thing (the apple or the cd) to exhibit these two behaviors?  The question should be HOW are they doing this?  What is triggering it?  What is actually determining what different potential expressions or behaviors can be manifested, and when?  (back to apple)


Obviously, the wave behavior demonstrates a fluidity of sorts – it has the ability to seek and find entrance, to permeate.  Pretty cool.  But a particle is equally convenient – what if you didn’t know exactly where your chair was when you were trying to sit down?  The behavior of particles can be most useful.


To me, both behaviors are wonderful, but the behaviors are the product of something else.  Something else is defining where and when we see the behavior of localization, or permeation. 


A popular belief is that it is our awareness, or sometimes described as our belief or assumption, pulls the trigger on whether something demonstrates the localized behavior of a particle or the dispersed and permeating behavior of a wave.


I have an intuition that feels correct.  My intuition is that it is always simply both.  It os always both wave and particle, and it is our perspective, our awareness that hands us the results we see, something like this:  What do you see here (pause video if needed)  an old hag, or a young girl?  Or here?  (mermaid)  Or like these magic eye images.  Nothing is actually changing in any of these images, everything is always present at all times.  It depends upon us as to what we encounter when we take it into our awareness.  But nothing changes, other than our perspective.  All possible interpretations are always ever-present.


My intuition tells me that the wave behavior and the particle behavior are the same thing - both are ever present.  And if this is true, then what directs your focus to manifest view or the other?  It’s your consciousness, your awareness, your perspective that pulls the trigger on what you appear to see.


In a similar way, I believe that both particle and wave behaviors are ever present, and are derived from the exact same thing.


As always, what you get depends upon you.