The Spiritual Meaning of the Sexes


There are worlds within worlds, systems within systems, patterns within patterns all waiting to be noticed by the observant observer.  The truth is, everything we encounter here is actually a representation of a higher truth.  Everything. Sometimes these representations arenít a very good replica of these higher truths, because we have distorted their reflection out of dusty or cracked mirrors. But That Which is being reflected isnít really warped, or distorted Ė it waits in itís perfect wholeness, itís perfect holiness, to be observed as it truly is. 


So today, Iíd like to dust off those mirrors and look at one of these patterns within a pattern - one that is very familiar to each of us.  Because when we begin to understand the nature of these patterns, these laws, this interplay, these cosmic dances Ė when we understand them on ANY level, then we can see it repeated on all levels, and this seeing clears away quite a bit of misconception. So, on this video, Iíd like to talk about what it means to be male and female Ė the true spiritual meaning behind the sexes, the yin and yang, the dance of the sexes.  You may think youíve heard it all before, but I guarantee you, this is take on the birds and the bees that your mama never told you:

Male and female arenít simply physical genders Ė they are actually expressions of a deeper truth, a pattern that repeats over and over, itís a beautiful interplay that permeates our very world on every level imaginable, as I hope youíll soon see.


Now, whether youíre a man or a woman, thereís no doubt that you have noticed a constant reference to male preference and male dominance that is upheld by virtually every religion and culture imaginable. Itís even part of the sacred texts.   But it is the truth being seen thinly, superficially, through dusty and fragmented mirrors.  And as you have begun to understand, the Higher Truths are very much like Magic Eye pictures.  At first we think we might see something thereÖ..maybe something in that jumble of colors, and maybe we convince ourselves that we do, but all we are really seeing is our own prejudiced projections Ė that is until the day when we suddenly really see it, we suddenly really get it, and to our surprise, we see in a depth never imagined before.


Now, as a female, I always knew something had to be up with this male preference thingy, no pun intended.  I mean, who could take serious an Almighty Being who prefers one over another based upon whether they wear panties or boxers?  ReallyÖ.. doesnít that sound a little silly?  Just a tad shallow?  But it was easy to see how historically male leaders had always assumed this superficial interpretation, if for no other reason than it worked out quite nicely for them in many cases.  Canít say I blamed them.  But my spirit, which knows no physical gender, just could never buy into it.  I always knew there was more to this male-female business than met the eye.  But at the time, I just didnít know what. 


So I wrestled with this for years until finally I quit trying to rationalize it or think my way around it.  I finally did what I tell you to do Ė I asked why.  The answer came like a bolt out of the blue.  I always refer to answers like this as ďbeing downloaded toĒ because thatís what it feels like <bam!> this complete explanation suddenly appears where before there seemed to be not a clue.


And this is what I learned:  Male and female are, big surprise, two parts of the whole, like yin and yang.  The male is the catalyst.  The seed.  The direction.  The intent.  Thy will be done.  It is less subtle than the female, and easier to see what itís doing.  It seems to dominate, but it really doesnít, because it cannot bring what it wills into being without the female. 


Now the female is the medium, the field to be planted, it is that which has the ability to bring forth and to nurture and sustain what it brings forth.  It is more subtle of the two, often mistaken as weaker, but itís not - It is the divine medium from which all is made. 


Or, a simpler way to look at it is, the male is the recipe, and the female is the ingredients. It takes both to bake a successful cake.  And each of us have both of these within us, whether you are a woman or a man or a special someone in between. We do.


So, what is the higher truth about it being preferable to be male?  Because if you are male, you are the one casting the seed, your intent, your will, you are the directive.  Youíre the recipe.  And this maleness is within each of us regardless to our gender.  To be female means to be receptive, to be the field, to be the medium that brings forth, and thatís good, we each have this as well.  But to be only female means you have brought forth no directive, no intent, no say-so on what comes forth.   Now, If someone comes by and plants good seed in your field, good for you, you will benefit from it.  In fact, I am casting my seed into you right now to see if it finds root. But what happens if you get bad seed?  You get a field full of things you didnít want


But when you have become male spiritually, you are casting your seed into the world, impregnating others with the Truth, planting good harvests in untended fields that the owners of the field will eventually benefit from.  You can cause spiritual quickening in those who are awakening and wish to bring forth.  This is the spiritual meaning behind being male, and why it is indeed preferable.  The higher truth is, being male is not about a chromosome preference from a misogynistic God.  Being male is being like this.


And as you are relearning how to look on your bottom shelf as we talked about in Astonished, see what is there, and replace it with what you want to see, you are exercising this maleness, your directive, your intent.  When you donít do this, you are like the empty field that just lets things pile up there, and you get whatever shows up, whatever the wind blow in, whatever another plants there, whether you want any of these things or not.  .


And when we begin to see like this, when the scales fall away from our eyes, we see the Truth as it was meant to be seen.  We can see it IS preferable to be male, to cast your own seed, sow your own fields. It makes perfect sense, because you direct what will grow in your life, and you call it forth.     


So let us mature and go forth, so that we may cast good seed into the untended gardens of sleepy brothers and sisters, that they may awaken and eat of what has been planted, and grow and become mature males themselves.  Because this is what it really means. This is the higher truth that is being expressed.  So, Mature.  Cast your seed. And begin replanting paradise, your Garden of Eden today.  When one rises, we all rise.


You have this ability.  You have this, and more.