The Secret Power


Hello again! Today, I wanted talk about something very special.  I am always asked, what can I do to change my world?  How can I make it better, and I have come to realize that there is probably no faster way, no easier thing that you can do than what we are going to discuss today.  It will rock your world, in a good way, and it will do it immediately.  And not only that, it branches out, spreading and wafting into all the corners of your life, like perfume.


So, what in the world is this mysterious thing I am speaking about?  What is this thing that will set you free and immediately begin to make your life pleasant?  Surely, it is little know fact, a closely guarded secret of the ages.  No.  You know this.  But you might not know it as I am going to point to today.  So, what is this mysterious weapon against all the evils and unpleasantries in your life?  This, my loves, is the lowly Clark Kent of super wisdom.  You think you know him, but you don’t really know all he can effortlessly bring you. Because if you DID, you would be calling him forward nonstop.  All the time.   And this Clark Kent of super wisdom tools is…. Is……gratitude.


Yep.  You heard me.  “In all things, give thanks”.  Now hold on.  Don’t dismiss this fellow as the mild manner reporter you may think you know, because something astounding lies just under the surface, and what that is will change your world.  And it’s all hiding under gratitude.


How can that be?  I mean, we all know gratitude, we even us it occasionally.  Occasionally.  But what lurks beneath the deceptively humble shell of gratitude that is so powerful?  What really lies beneath the thought of gratitude?  What HAPPENS when we truly express gratitude?  When we are grateful, we are saying “I appreciate this….this is good in my life…”.  So when you look at it closely, gratitude is when we stop, and LOVE for a moment, isn’t it?  We stop and express love for whatever it is that we have shifted our focus upon.  We say “I am glad for this – thank you”.   And this, as you may already know, it a very important, very powerful thing.


Because what happens whenever we focus and genuinely express something- anything…. We get more of it, don’t we?  We work just like tuning forks: If you strike a ‘c’ tuning fork, all the other c tuning forks in the room will sing with it, even though you never touched them.  And this is how we bring the things into our life that we end up experiencing.  It’s through resonance.  Harmonics.


Now, no one tells the tuning forks to sound on their own and add their voice to the song – they respond joyfully and effortlessly to the vibrational pitch that you have filled the room with.  So, let’s look at an easy way to fill your world with a vibrational pitch that is going to bring you love and happiness, instead of worry and sorrow.


This is so easy to do.  Some of you may have seen me discussing it recently on Facebook (not quite sure who sees what there yet) or you may have inquired about it directly.  Either way, I have been up to my heiny in it, which is one way I know that the time for a video on it is ripe.


So, here is what I would like for you to try.  Now, when you hear the word ‘gratitude’, the first thing that pops into your head is thanking someone, and I DO want you to thank someone – YOU.  Believe it or not, gratitude starts in your world, with you.  Here is what I would like you to try:


I usually do this before I go to bed at night, but you can do it absolutely any time you wish.  In fact, do it right after you finish this video, if you can.  And here’s what you do:  Close your eyes and shift your awareness to a part of your body.  Your arm for instance.  And tell you arm how much you love and appreciate it, even if there is something wrong with it. In fact, if it IS suffering from something, also tell it that you are sorry that you have caused it to seem to suffer that, and that you love it unconditionally.  Then do the same for your liver.  And intestines.  And brain.  And skin.  You can even do your systems, like circulatory systems, or whatever.  Move throughout your body as you are led, shifting your focus to the part you are addressing, one by one, and tell it thank you for doing whatever it does for you so wonderfully, and that you appreciate and love it.  Thank your big butt.  Thank your crooked teeth.  Thank your ‘everything’ for doing whatever it is that they do for you, and tell them how much you love them.


Immediately, the oddest thing will happen.  Have you ever felt your skin smile?  Your pancreas beam at you with happiness?  You will!  I promise, you will.  It is like you have turned on a light in every cell of your body – and you HAVE.  You will fill with lightness and light.  Just with that one simple little activity.


And it just gets better.  Make this a habit, and don’t be surprised to see physical problems begin to clear up on their own.  You will LOOK better, FEEL better, and actually BE BETTER.  Immediately.  Now, is that the easiest prescription you have ever received to better your health, or WHAT?   And I know I sound like one of those commercials by saying this, but there’s MORE - it gets even better.


Not only will your body fill with light and balance, but so will your life.  You will be amazed as troubles and worries begin to dry up and blow away, mysteriously working themselves out without you hardly lifting a finger.  Now, why in the world would that happen?  Because of the vibration you are not only sending out, but have set up within this expression of you that you call your body.  When you body is striking the note of c (and in our example, this will be the note of gratitude and love) then what is going to happen?  All the potential voices in your world that carry that note, come to your call and will sound and fill your world. 


So, decide to sing the song of love and gratitude, and start in your own little world, with your own expression – your body.  And it will begin to branch out on it’s own. Because loving and appreciating ‘you’ is the first step to being able to truly, deeply, and unconditionally love another. YOU deserve your love as much as anyone else. (quote)  You do.  Because it all begins, and ends, with you.  And this is the easiest way I have found to begin to establish this in your life.  And when you do, YOU will begin to light up, and when YOU do, then your WORLD begins to light up.  YOU are the light of your world.


Why does that happen?  Well, the world is like your body.  In fact, in a way, your world IS your body.  What you begin to cure within, you will begin to cure without.  As above, so below.  Now, you may not know exactly HOW you are doing that, but you know what?  You don’t have to. You don’t have to know for it to still work.  Do you all your systems work?  No.  And this is like that.  You don’t need to consciously know HOW, and it will still work for you.


Please join me for part two of The Secret Power


Welcome back!  So, in fact, we can take gratitude a step further and as we go through our day, mentally thank and love every one in our world as we come across them.  You don’t even have to tell them.  They will hear you, just like the tuning forks. 


Now, Its easy to love those who are nice to you, but you need to love those who aren’t so nice as well because they too are here to show you something, or help you see some facet of yourself more clearly.  So, love these seemingly less loveable people, just like you would you big butt or crooked teeth. Because, as Abraham Lincoln said “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make friends of them?”  And that is what you are doing here.  They are only reacting to the script you have cast for them.  They are helping you play the song you are playing.  And when you strike another note, when you decide to play another tune, life will answer you accordingly.  It cannot fail to do so.


Everyone and everything is here because you asked them to be.  Just like you might use legs to walk, they are here to take you someplace you need to visit to see something that you want to see, to modify your storyboard as you see fit.  And we do this unconsciously.  I did it TODAY in a huge example. 


I have been thinking about buying a new camera.  Some of you have asked to buy prints of some of my watercolors, and I wanted to get some higher resolution shots for the prints.  But, a new camera just felt so indulgent, I just could not bring myself to buy it.


Now my family goes through cameras like other families go through cell phone minutes.  I have bought so many cameras, yet there never seems to be one available for me to use.  And today when I was on one of my meditative walks, there was the best little snail in my path, his shell lit by the sun so delicately, and I wanted to film a clip of him to use.  But after going back and forth with my kids several times, either to locate a camera or several times to get charged batteries that would work, I came up empty handed.  So in the end, I missed my shot.  And in my fit of frustration, I declared out loud that I was going to buy a new camera so that I could have one that worked when I wanted to use one.  So there!


Now, what did I do?  What did I REALLY do?  I pulled a situation into my storyboard that gave me both permission and motivation to buy a camera that I already wanted to buy in the first place, but would have felt guilty if I did.  Didn’t I?  I sure did.  THAT is why Mr. snail crossed my path in that perfect beam of light, to start all this in motion. 


Now, in the beginning, we don’t catch these things, but from where I stand now, I look at everything I say or do 2 ways – once from inside this storyboard we call life, and once from outside, where I ask myself “what am I REALLY doing here?”  Because what we truly believe, or want, cannot exist in conflict for long with what we are experiencing.  They can’t.  They will only oscillate for so long and then we will manifest a situation that will kick it one direction or the other.  Everything must be resolved.  So, I needed to either stop wanting a new camera, or create a situation that would allow me to bring one into my storyboard.  And that’s exactly what I did.  Watch yourself, and you’ll see that everything you do is this very thing.  All the time. 


Now, I gave you this example to help you see this point a little more clearly.  Because sometimes it’s hard to be grateful and love what seems to be the carelessness or callousness, or downright meanness of others.  But it’s much easier when you begin to look at your life 2 ways – from within your normal perception of reality, which in my case was “I never have a camera to use for myself! I’m missing some great shots. This sucks!” AS WELL as from OUTSIDE the storyboard where you ask yourself “WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON HERE?”  What am I bringing myself?  And in my case, it was the emotional permission to be what seemed to be indulgent and buy that new camera I already wanted to buy, and needed in order to able to create the requested prints from my watercolors.  And all this was happening without my conscious arrangement.   This is the way we tend to go through life, unconsciously, never seeing our own footprints in the sand, our fingerprints all over that crime scene.  That all this was our design.  Our song, obediently being sung.  Even when we don’t like the song.


And we do this ALL the time, but we don’t know what we are looking at because we tend to view things superficially.  Here’s another example – a couple of days ago, the great and mighty unASLEEP herself came down with a stomach virus.  How awful!  What did she do wrong that she was being punished for?  What weakness inside was taking over, making her sick without?  How had she messed up, that this had come into her life?  She hadn’t.  But that’s what we think, don’t we?  Look a little closer:  Just like the camera scene, I was showing myself something I had wanted to see.  I am ever wanting to see the center point a little more closely, and when your highest aspiration for the day involves being able to keep your gastric juices where they belong and not bow down and worship the porcelain god too often, a funny thing happens.  All the little things that had quietly attached themselves to your psyche, your perspective, fall away and are see as the fluff that they are, as the busy work you somehow agreed to.  And nothing else matters.  And lo and behold, when you can hold down water, you are actually truly grateful.  It’s wonderful.  And when the fever breaks, you feel redeemed.  And by the time I had shaken the worst of the symptoms, a mere 24 hours had passed but I felt as though my reset button had been pressed.  And I didn’t even realize it could use resetting.  But trying to keep this center focus is my constant, ongoing request, and so I bring all sorts of scenarios into my life that help me to just that.  And this is why, in all things, we should give thanks.  Being sick helped me refocus.  Being sick made me better.  And for that, I am grateful.


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Welcome back!

 So now, I hope you are beginning to see, beginning to peek behind the curtain a bit, because when you DO, and you see that everything is actually following the song you have asked it to play, then you CAN love that person  or experience, even when they don’t seem ‘good’ at a glance.  Because you gather unbelievable perspective when you take yourself behind the curtain and ask “WHAT AM I REALLY DOING HERE?”  What am I bringing myself?  What am I acting out or justifying?  So do this. Ask yourself. Because with this understanding, you will be able to sing the note of gratitude in all areas of your life – even the ones you thought were bad.


And holy smokes, the change this one little thing called gratitude will make in your life is amazing.  Because we are often so at odds with ourselves, aren’t we?  We are always told, we aren’t good enough, thin enough, toned enough, smart enough, cool enough, rich enough, sexy enough, healthy enough – the list is endless.  We are actually very hard on ourselves because of it, and that sets up a division within us.  But when we love ourselves, and  appreciate ourselves, there begins to be unity.  And when there begins to be unity within, there will begin to be unity without, in your world, which is also your larger body.  This is my body, a very wise sage once acknowledged to his friends.   And it’s true.  What you plant within, grows without.  You walk in your garden continually.  What have you planted there?  As above, so below.



So today, I hope you are beginning to see that not only our bodies, but also the worlds we live in, are expressions of us, of the note we are singing, of the beliefs we are holding dear.  Now here is something some of you may not like:  Because of this, ‘they’ are guilty of nothing.  They are innocent.  They are giving you exactly what you are asking for, singing the song you have handed them to sing. 


Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am NOT advocating that no one should ever aspire to be any different than they are.  Am not  am not am NOT.  Don’t try and tell me later that I said that.  I didn’t.   Rather, I am saying that what may appear here is only what you have given permission to be here.  It is here in perfect obedience to your will.  And that is why you are grateful.  That is why you may love it unconditionally.  It is in perfect obedience to you.  It is there for you, exactly as you have summoned it. Whether you meant to call it to you, or not.  And when we change what we summon, it will turn on a dime into something different.  And if that isn’t something to be thankful for, well, I don’t know what is.


 So, now I hope you see even a little more deeply how powerful the gear that gratitude turns.  Before today, you might have thought that gratitude was a humble little gesture you do every now and then.  But your gratitude, or lack of it, flavors your whole world.  And who knew, huh?  So, I really really hope you try these two little exercises.  See from 2 ways when you are reading the story of your life to yourself and begin to ask the higher question – What am I bringing myself through this?  Because it is only there by invitation, obedient until you tell it differently.  Your world is your larger body, so, in the same way you tell your body, piece by piece, that you love it, and thank it for so faithfully doing whatever it is that you have consciously or unconsciously asked it to do -  do the same to your world.  Because that is exactly what it is doing. 


Do this and you will immediately see imbalanced experiences mysteriously balance themselves, as well as sense light and levity pouring into every cell of your body because they have felt your love and heard the voice of their creator telling them “it is good”.  And they immediately, ever-obediently begin to RESPOND to this thought, this word.  Your thought.  Your word.  Because in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word WAS God. 


You are creating this and your world is listening to every word you say.  Today’s the day you ask yourself: What have I been telling it?  And, even more importantly, today is the day you reconsider what will you tell it NOWWhat note will you strike?  What song will be sung?  You decide. Open the door to a new world by these seeming silly and simple exercises.  You have no idea the power you wield.  The whole world trembles to your every touch.




We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.
The Dharmapada

Jesus said, "Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you . For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest."
-Jesus, The Gospel of Thomas

A perception, sudden as blinking, that subject and object are one, will lead to a deeply mysterious understanding; and by this understanding you will awaken to the truth.
Huang Po


In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.
Jiddu Krishnamurti


I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.