A Snake in the Garden: What Do Reptilians, Illuminati, Conspiracies Theories and Oneness Have in Common?


Hello again.  As you have undoubtedly already thought when you read the title, these are indeed very volatile and controversial topics. So I’d like everyone to try to set their thoughts and opinions about these aside for just a little while.  Just relax and for a little while, entertain the possibility that I am trying to point to might be true.


I would like to begin by easing you into it gently, so let’s begin at a point we have somewhat left off -  Here’s the first thing I would like you to remember:


1.  You bring everything you experience into your world.  No one else. 


And 2. The patterns and expressions you may select to manifest as part of your reality are only limited by the arrangement of your consciousness, of how you see things, and of what you will allow. 


Now here is the curious point of these things, which is most often overlooked: Your awareness (if it is mostly still unconscious of it’s true nature and true potential) will sometimes seem to be limited by the attributes of the prevailing pattern you are spinning. 


It will sometimes seem to be limited by the attributes of the prevailing pattern you are spinning. 



For example, if you manifest as the pattern of a man, you will likely have a great deal of trouble having the experience of giving birth, won't you?  You’ll face what seems to be a limit. Do you see?  This what I mean by The attributes of the patterns you are spinning may dictate not only how you will experience life, but what you will typically experience.  Do you see this?  So, in the same manner, if we are running a victim pattern, we might find it extremely difficult to get paid what we are really worth, even when we do all the things that we are supposed to do.  It just doesn’t work for us, no matter how hard we try, and we end up frustrated and confused.  But this is what undermined your efforts:  You are trying to maintain conflicting patterns, conflicting requests.  You were still spinning “I am a victim” WHILE you tried to spin “I deserve more money”.  And the two are in conflict.  Do you see?  You would have to begin to uproot the “I am a victim” way of life before the “I deserve more money” has room to grow.  So that is one thing I wanted you to see, because it is often why our best effort at change end up thwarted.


But there is another thing I wanted you to see by this understanding. All things being equal, if we do not have a conflicting pattern or belief in place, then manifesting a dinosaur into your world would be  no more amazing or unlikely than manifesting a kitten. And, following the same line of thought, manifesting an alien is no more unlikely than manifesting your Uncle John. :-O  It’s not, although this is hard to see when it runs contrary to our current paradigm.  But we have to remember that everything is only an expression manifested onto this storyboard we call Life, cloaked it in a particular energy pattern.  Furthermore, certain patterns are compatible, while others cannot occupy the same space.  And some will attract each another, while others tend to repel, and this is important to see where we are going today. 


Because today I am going to try and tidy up a thought that I keep running across, one that has been brought to me from seemingly every possible angle lately, and that is my clue that I need to put it to bed in my world.  The universe is sending me a topic to address, and this topic is a combination of extraterrestrials, specifically what is being called reptilian extraterrestrials, as well as the whole ‘conspiratory theory’ playground, and Illuminati, and so on.  We’re going to discuss them all in this series, so fasten you’re seatbelts.  – unASLEEP is gonna go there. :-D



Now first, let me shock you by saying that, because I perhaps see a little more clearly right now how things manifest and come to be here in this dimension, it actually wouldn’t surprise me one bit if there were reptilians.  Now nobody panic.  The only reason it wouldn’t shock me is because any facet of consciousness (which is what YOU are, btw) may manifest whatever it needs to see.  Period.  And the choices are literally endless.  Endless.  You can draw into your world any manifestation you wish, and we forget this and believe we are always held by rules, and that’s somewhat true to a point, as we mentioned already with conflicting patterns and requests.  But here’s the thing: As far as creation goes, its all the same.  Do you see? No matter what it seems to be, it is all the very same thing: It’s all expressions wearing a particular energy pattern, which allows what has manifested to have attributes, and therefore be detectable.  That’s all.


In fact, everytime we seem to enter a storyboard, or what we call 'life' - each time our facet of awareness manifests, what we have done in a sense is we each have gone to our cosmic closets and selected whatever energy pattern we were harmonically drawn to wear for a time, just like picking out the outfit you decided to wear today.


But we aren’t aware we are wearing these patterns, much less that we have a cosmic closet full of them somewhere.  We have no idea.  We look in the mirror at these patterns we have selected and we think they are us, and that we are locked into them.  But they aren’t us.   And we are locked into NOTHING that we don’t give our agreement to.  Nothing.


So, before we dive into the rest, the first thing I want to make clear is that anything that seems to exist in your world is only an expression cloaked in an energy pattern (for lack of better terminology).   And the second thing I wanted to acclimate you to is that one selection isn’t truly any more outrageous than another.  Dinosaur.  Aliens.  Kittens.  Your Uncle John.  Everything manifest in the exact same way. 


But we certainly don't see it this way - not in a day to day sense.  It's like we are in Plato's cave, where everyone is sitting in the back of a cave, mesmerized by the shadows on the back of the cave wall.  We soon forgot about all else, and the wall became our reality, our world.  We watch what we call birth and death, war and economy play out on the wall. Everything is there, and we have a name for every shadow.


But eventually, one by one, some began to wonder about the origins of the shadows and slowly they turned their heads to see, and what do you think they saw?  They began to notice the actual things that were casting the shadows on the cave wall that everyone else took as real. The actual things that were causing these shadows of birth and death and war and economy and whatnot.  But to see these things, you must turn your head and stop watching the cave wall.  It’s absolutely impossible to see if you do not.  Quite frankly, you are looking the wrong way.  And before I reached my current perspective, whenever images appeared on what I saw as the cave wall (what most call ‘reality’ or ‘the real world’), I too watched these shadows, transfixed and on the edge of my seat.  Seeing how they played out on that wall (or my world) was my primary focus, just like everyone else. 


But as I moved farther down the path, my perspective changed.  Though I clearly still see the images that move across the cave wall, and although I am acutely aware of how they may tweak and play the emotions, motivations and therefore the very actions of the others I share this cave with (and so they do affect me in some ways), STILL...somewhere along the line, the images on the wall that I once thought were of primary importance became….well…just details to me.  


And now when something new shows up on the cave wall, I can no longer focus solely upon it as I once could.  I can't even take it very serious.  I can’t.  It will barely show up before my instinctive reaction isn’t to watch it to see what it will do, but rather my reaction is to turn my head, and see what is actually causing those images and events to seem to appear, to see what is casting their shadow there, whether they be images of war, or disease, or of birth, of happiness of sadness, it doesn’t matter because I now know that the way they play out on the cave wall is well….secondary, actually.  It’s details.  Just details.  And if I have the noble goal of actually affecting or changing what appears on this wall that we think of as reality, then I must deal with what is casting the shadow.  Not the shadow itself.  Don't I? 


That's the biggest part of this message I would like you to hear today:  If you actually want to truly affect these shadows we take for reality as they play across our cave wall, then we must deal with what is casting those shadows - For that is the actual origin point, the entry point, the true root of all these things we fear. All these shadows, as big and as fierce and as devastating as they may seem, are only fruit.  Just byproducts.  And if we truly don't want any more metaphorical apples to appear in our yard, then we will have to take down the tree.  Pruning it will only seem to work short-term and in the end, may only make matters worse. 



And these are things we are calling forward.  It's this simple: The apples are on our ground because we have allowed an apple tree to grow there.  And it’s the same with our current fascination with 2012, and extraterrestrials, and conspiracy theories.  Like your Uncle John that I mentioned in the last series, these current fascinations are just archetypal projections from within the psyche, and though it is true we are all one, it would also be true to see this projection as a group projection of the collective unconscious, a 'collective apple tree' of sorts.  And these are their fruit. All of these things trying to appear on your cave wall are the fruit of something else.  What are they the actual fruit of?  They are the fruit of not fully seeing our Oneness.


And as I have mentioned before, the alien archetypal projection seems to always appear when we seeking to bump up to a higher band of understanding.  And THAT is the root of our current fascination with aliens.  Our sudden focus on this heralds the coming of this new awareness.  Some will view this seeming new awareness, this new understanding as ‘alien’ and something to fear.  Others welcome it as benign and benevolent.    And in the same way that your Uncle John was the vehicle through which you delivered yourself unconditional love, this extraterrestrial 2012 conspiracy Illuminati whatever you want to call it hoo-haw is the vehicle through which you are attempting to deliver yourself this higher understanding of Oneness.  umm-hmmm :-) 


Okay, so let's back up a bit.  What about the reptilians?  The reptilians!  Oh my. ;-P There is quite a lot of fear and interest around this concept, isn’t there?  But it is only a shadow upon your cave wall, the way that you are attempting to deliver this new understanding, this new paradigm.  And if you are obsessed with the reptilian end of it, then you are wary of this new awakening. It feels alien to you, and in your fear you feel you are not quite prepared to receive it, and so you have directed your focus towards the more adversarial manifestation of reptilian alien instead of the benign and helpful.  But it does not have to be this way. 


Because this reptilian invader from beyond isn’t truly from beyond!  In fact, it is more correct to say that he is from within our self.  And through our scribes (that we now call scientists), we have provided ourselves a handy analogy, a link, a clue, and here is is.  Wait - let's see if you can guess it: What does science call the portion of the human brain that is geared toward cold blooded dominance, hierarchy, aggression, and love of ritualistic acts?  What have we allowed our modern-day scribes to conveniently name this portion of our brain?  They call it the reptilian brain, don’t they?  And you see this as coming from without because you are still transfixed on the cave wall. But look over your shoulder and you can see it is actually being manifested outward from within.  It’s true.


So, I'm afraid I must agree with Pogo who so wisely said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”


Because in earlier videos, what did we rediscover we do whenever we don’t clearly understand or see something?  In one way or another, we will take it out of our metaphorical pocket, won’t we?  We will bring it forward into our world so that we may know it, and in this knowing reconcile it.  And that is what we are doing here.


So some of you are still fearful.  Then there are others of you who have already largely reconciled what your scientists or scribes have labeled as the reptilian portion of the brain or psyche, and so you have little, if any, fear of all this.  You have more of a curiosity than anything, a wait and see attitude about this whole thing.  Because through other experiences, even over what you would view as other lifetimes, you have already found this lurking in your pocket and you have already at least largely reconciled it.  As all eventually do.


And now those who have yet to reconcile these attributes of dominance, aggression, rite and ritual, guess what? You are now doing that – you are bringing this forward so that you may have the ability to see and reconcile.  Not unlike we sometimes experience loneliness so that we may discover we are not alone, we will allow ourselves to see that these things are not truly OF us, that they are illusions, costumes, patterns that we have elected to wear, by pulling them out and presenting them to our world in one way or another.  And you will have the opportunity to shed them in this enactment you are creating. Or you may shed them now - before, by acting upon the chord that I hope this video plays for you.  I always say 'The man who sees the car coming and steps out of the road has learned the same lesson as the man who stays in the road and allows the car to run over him.'  The choice of delivery-system of the lessons we teach ourselves is always ours.


Will it all come into being?  I don’t know.  Honestly, I really don’t care.  It’s just details to me.  And the reason it doesn’t unduly concern me is because I know that even if it does come into play upon the cave wall, it can only affect me as much as it is relevant for me.  And that is true for you too.  That is the Law of Harmonics, the actual real Law of Attraction in action.  And I have already largely reconciled those pieces in my pocket through other experiences that I walked in another experience. And in any case, to affect what may or may not happen, my focus would need to be upon what is casting that shadow upon the cave wall, not what seems to appear on the wall.  Do you see?


And this video is one way that I can affect the outcome, because the Truth is indeed a mighty sword.  And it can cut through the Pavlovian-like conditioning we have acquired in staring only at the cave wall.  Because of this video, some of you will begin to turn your heads after hearing this, and instead of fearing the shadows on your cave wall, you will begin to look behind you to see what is casting that shadow.   And that will begin to change everything.  In fact, some of you will quite suddenly have the clarity to see that not only ‘you’ the individual, but even perhaps even the culture you are immersed in is still quite righteous about their self-interests and dominance, and aggression, and competitive natures.  The reptilian brain is not only alive and well individually but collectively by groups and nations.  It is lauded and applauded because these behaviors are still being viewed as not only healthy, but correct. Don't believe me? How many times have you heard someone (possibly yourself) say with pride "I am a very competitive person".  Hmm?  Yep.  There it is.  It's here, and it walks among us daily.  All of us.  Until we see it for what it is, and root it out.  And that's what we are doing now.


Now, before all you lovers of science begin a riot, insisting that survival of the fitness and competition is healthy, I have to share with you something that I heard on a Gregg Braden interview regarding this very thing.  For those who aren't familiar with Gregg, you can go to his site greggbraden.com and that's gregg with 2 g's.  You might want to check him out, he has a lot of wonderful insights, but I will have to say that it seems to me he is still operating just a tad from a conspiratorial viewpoint, in other words he still has a touch of duality, a bit of 'us and them' going on and so I can't say I see absolutely everything exactly as he does, but evenso, he has some very wonderful thoughts that are certainly closer to the Truth than the current norm, and are very worthwhile to check out.


Anyhoo, in this particular interview, he spoke about how science wanted to determine 'what was the optimal amount of competition for a species to thrive?   Because since 1859, we have been based upon the idea of competition, of survival of the fittest, and we are all grabbing for our piece of the pie without regard for anyone around us. And this is not true.  Nature is NOT based upon survival of the fittest, at least in regard to competition, but rather Nature is not based upon competition at all.  But before we knew this, science wanted to quantify how much competition was optimal, and so there were over 400 peer-reviewed studies conducted to determine what was the optimal amount of competition that helps a species through a challenging time that they may be faced with, and all 400 studies came back with the same number:  Zero.   Zero competition was optimal. The studies said that competition never benefits a species, and that what is called 'mutual aid and cooperation' is what always works best. Mutual aid and cooperation. 


Competition is always born of duality.  Cooperation is born of Oneness.  Now I'm not saying that no one should better themselves.  I do it all the time, and so do you.   But those who are closer to the One do not do it to BE better than someone else.  Instead, they just want to grow. To stretch for a new horizon.  For them self.   And though we try and paste the label of 'healthy competition' onto the act of personal growth, it doesn't belong there.  We have labeled it blindly, in our ignorance. 


But right now, our reality is still in a state where competition is not only the norm, it is applauded.  And we are dead wrong about that.  Because these things are from the reptilian portion of our brain, all this dominance, hierarchy, aggression, and love of ritualistic acts .  And so some of you will go beyond that and will be able to finally see a love of rite and ritual absolutely permeating and governing your religions, your sciences, as well as what you consider to be education.  But know that rites and rituals are always the hand of man, from the reptilian portion of the brain and ever the delight of the still unconscious man.  They are never the delight of the Divine, who sits peacefully, quietly, unadorned and undefiled in the center of everything that is, as well as the center of what is not.   So we must be willing to let these rites and rituals go.   Because they are not of you.  Truly.


And some of you will rise to see these things today.  And when you do, you will lose your fear and fascination with all of this.  In fact, this loss of fear and fascination is how you will first sense that you are moving away from your hidden dualistic nature in this facet of your Being.  Because this is the domain of a mind that is less mature.  So in the same way that playing with your parent's car keys may have endlessly fascinated you as an infant, suddenly you will move beyond it.  No struggle. It just won't hold your interest anymore.


Now, I know this series has lots of topics, but I would really like to add one more, because it might surprise you that there are others that have already seen all these things I am expressing here today, perhaps even over and over from one lifetime to the next.  But even so, they haven’t been willing to modify their paradigm, what they consider to be reality, so that these things might take their rightful place in their world.  They like what they are hearing, but they can't bring themselves to change. 


So how does someone attempt to bring something into their world that harmonically doesn’t currently belong there?  They do a dangerous thing:  They build a bridge. They build bridges, where one can at least temporarily attempt to connect two conflicting worlds.  "But what are bridges?" you might ask. 


Well, every religion ever created began as a bridge. Every last one. Every  religion, every theological concept, every attempted container of the Divine is a bridge.  They are nothing more than man’s inept attempt to bring the Divine into his world, when what he should actually have done is make his world divine, shouldn't he?  So it is through bridges that we have brought the incorrect tweaks and twists into our lives.  The lies.  The misconceptions.  The untruths and misinterpretation that has given man supposed divine license to commit atrocities and cruelties against himself and his brother.  All of these things were brought into being by the creation of bridges, where someone momentarily glimpsed a fraction of the Truth, but then wanted to conform It to what they saw as their already existing reality.  And the Truth conforms to nothing but itself, and so the only thing you can do is to try and make it SEEM unified by building clever these little bridges.  Some bridges are so ornately hidden, they are hard to detect unless you inspect closely.  But they are the source of each and every wrong or incomplete thought man has ever had. 


So, don’t do that.  Don’t bridge.  To go where you want to go, you must be willing to let go of whatever is necessary -whatever thought or belief that is holding you back.  I have spent so much time pacing back and forth, not wanting to sacrifice my pet belief or concept of this or that, trying to find a way around doing that.  I admit it, I have.  Now, I may pace a few steps.  I may moan or complain a bit.  But up onto the sacrificial alter it goes, because I know it will end up there anyhow.  And I do it because I want to see, don’t you?  Fully, clearly.  I want to see it all.  Like you, I can sense so much untapped still rippling beneath my surface, so many truths, so many gifts, waiting to be allowed to come forward.  Do you feel it too?  I hope so. 


Anyhow, back to this reptilian business we have at hand and the need to understand it and put to bed.  In the same way that every culture or religion has a creation story, we also have other archetypal topics and projections.  If any of you listened to my Joy of Knowing series, specifically the video called unASLEEP’s sci-fi channel, you will hear me speak about how what we perceive as aliens or ufos and et’s are actually archetypal patterns, not unlike your mother and father are also archetypal patterns. Right now, everybody has a Mother and a Father whether we meet them or not – we project them into our awareness in some capacity when we desire to appear on this storyboard.


So, as we have already mentioned, it seems we tend to manifest and project aliens in some capacity whenever we are about to bump up to a new level of learning, because it is our unconscious way of expressing this “presence of higher knowing” that we sense.  And whether we fear it or welcome it determines the tone of this potential manifestation.  If you are afraid of it, this will manifest in a way that accommodates your fear, or if you aren’t afraid, your experience will be benign and amazing, and often far less intrusive.  In either case, it follows your prescribed tone.  Do you see?  And we can do this individually, as well as collectively.


For example, one might interpret that a ufo manifestation led the wise men to the Christ child. But most don’t realize this archetypal manifestation of the ‘reptilians’ was also recorded in the Bible in an equally popular story.  It was:  In the Garden of Eden, who was it that told Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?  It was Mr. Reptile, wasn’t it?


In fact, Mr. Reptile had the dubious honor of being the first to introduce (drumroll please) "The Conspiracy Theory" (cymbal smash!)


(or wait - could that be SYMBOL smash? :-D)


Either way,  Mr. Reptile sold the very first conspiracy theory ever, the first ‘snake oil’ if you will forgive me ;-P to a naïve and unsuspecting audience.  He told Eve that she was being controlled, that God (standing in for “The Illuminati” in Mr. Reptiles story) told them not to eat of it because he wanted to keep them down.  Because if they ate of it, then their eyes would be opened and they would be like God”.  Sound familiar? We have been telling ourselves the same story over an over, literally since the beginning of time.  And we will continue until to tell the story to ourselves until we finish the story with the Truth.


And so, this story is the theme of our reality, whether we realize it or not.  You can’t open a webpage without seeing a conspiracy theory – someone somewhere is trying to keep you down, or mislead you, or whatever.  “Someone somewhere has control over you!”, they warn you.  And this is true.  But not because someone has taken your free will away – no, not at all.  That is impossible.  We have handed it over on a silver platter, because we are still listening to Mr. Reptile, and worse yet, STILL BLAMING HIM FOR THE STATE OF AFFAIRS WE ARE IN.  Aren’t we? 


We are still trying to blame him for our actions.  “The serpent deceived me, and I ate” we whine.   And we continue to attempt to pass the buck.  But we are still in the garden of Eden, people, being called into accountability for our actions, and we are still trying to blame poor Mr. Reptile.  Well, for a while we morphed him into a Satan, but we depicted him with snake-like tail and tongue and eyes so we wouldn’t forget who he really was.  And whatever is wrong in our world, it isn’t our fault.  Oh no.  It’s Satan’s.  Mr. Reptile’s doing.  Not ours.  Right.


And so, for many of us at a certain level of awareness, Mr. Reptile (or The Reptilians, as they are sometimes labeled in modern day belief structures) are still being blamed for all the Pandora’s boxes that we have opened. Adam and Eve manifested the first reptilian manipulator when they were presented the opportunity to know more, as they desired their eyes to be open and to be like God.  Do you see the pattern?  The very first time man moved toward expanding his awareness, this archetype was there to accommodate, this time in the form of a deceiving reptile, because in their case, they had fear in their hearts because God had already cautioned them not to eat of it.  It's a bad trip, he said.   :-D  Don't do it.  But we did.  And then tried to blame another for our doing.


So what I want you to see is that the archetype was there even then.   Whether you believe the Bible is literal or metaphorical, it doesn’t matter.  It is still a story pointing to the beginning of this dimension.  And the appearance of this archetype goes back that far.  It goes back to the beginning of the beginning.  And we are still bringing him forward today.


Now, I know most of you listening here today are well aware of Oneness, and how it is all that truly exists.  You understand that.  You get it intellectually, and perhaps you intellectually agree with it.  But here is another important point that might be difficult for many of you to hear, but I have to say it anyway, and here it is:  If you are still embroiled in ANY conspiracy theory in any capacity, the attention that you are giving it (which btw is actually feeding it and creating it, causing it to manifest in your reality) that attention is absolute, verifiable proof that you still have hidden issues of duality.




Oh yes.....It is. 


You do not truly see the One.  Yet.  You may know of it.  You may even agree with it intellectually, but you do not truly know it.  It is not a part of you.  Because when light enters the room, darkness disappears.


My, this is a hard thing to see, isn't it?  Because you might intellectually understand the concept of Oneness, and you may agree with it, but it may not have moved deeper within you so that it becomes your utter, inescapable reality.  In fact, your attention to all these things you fear is actually helping to create it, growing it, bringing it forward more and more prominently into your world, giving it 'legs', and it's not doing it to punish you, but so that you may become aware of it, and reconcile it.


Now, superficially, of course, all of these things do seem to appear in our lives, they seem to walk in our worlds and they seem to affect things.  But this is actually somewhat superficially and when we are caught up only in the superficial interpretation, then we cannot see how to change the shadows which are taken for reality by the cave-wall-watchers (which is nearly everyone).  But it’s all only the shadow cast by something much larger, and if you want to change what you seem to experience, if you want to change the shape of the shadow cast upon the wall, you MUST turn to that which is casting this shadow.  You must see how you are casting this shadow into your world.


This only happens when you truly see the Oneness.  Conspiracies will no longer draw your attention anymore.  You will see them, you will note the shadow they cast, but it will be viewed as only minor details to you -Nothing to try and manipulate.  Instead, you will look to change what is casting the shadow.  And when you really know this is how shadows are undone, trying to fight against conspiracies in ANY capacity you considered before will simply fall away from you.  You will see the senselessness, the outright silliness, in trying to change a shadow, and instead, you will turn your head to see what is casting that shadow and begin to change THAT. And then you will overcome all.


And what we see when we turn our head from all these conspiracies and look over our should at what is casting their shadow into our world, is that it is cast by the shape of fear, born of this remaining hidden duality within.  There is still an ‘us and them’ within your perception, isn’t there?  There is at least a shard of duality, and it is creating the very rare soil in which conspiracy can grow, because the plant of conspiracy is a very special, very fragile plant - it can only grow in the soil of duality.  It grows nowhere else.  Nowhere.


The good news is, when you heal this hidden dualistic perspective, you will be aligning yourself with a law that will take care of the details for you, and somehow, these things will cease to be noticeable on your storyboard/your life.  At best, they will hover at the fringes, at your peripheral, as they do for me where they are only brought to my attention so that I may help to facilitate their healing, their reconciliation.  And otherwise, they are nothing to me.  Nothing.  I have no attention for them, other than the effort of helping to remove them. Just ask those who have so patiently attempted to turn my attention to topics I can only see as details.  Sorry. No can do. :-) Because manipulating details can only accomplish so much, and by nature, the results are never long term.  If you want the cure, you must go to the root.  This, I know.


Now, the mechanics of how all this straightens itself out when you cure your hidden duality is something I may be able to effectively point to in another video, but not right now.  But that's okay. You don’t need to know.  It's true! :-D  Knowing how this all comes to pass isn’t required in order to fix it.  Isn’t that amazing and wonderful? 


In fact, (sadly) getting bogged down in trying to figure out the mechanics of it all is a diversion some of you will immediately launch as you consider this video in order to try and ignore the point I am trying to make here today.  You won't realize it, but it's busy work for your mind. Those of you who aren’t quite ready yet to lay this all down will go round and round in your heads until you just can’t think about it anymore, and then, exhausted, you’ll walk away from this topic I am trying to bring you and you will fall back into the arms of your current habit, of what is comfortable for you right now.  And that habit is born from a world where we think reptilians (metaphorical or real) are still responsible for our choosing to sample some of the possibilities that we have transiently elected, and that the Reptilians and/or the Illuminati type of figure is still responsible for manipulating you, and holding you back. And so, in your world, this will be so.  But it is only true because you make it so.  So, don't do that.


I hope you can see the very clear parallels here:  Mr.  Reptile is an archetypal figure.  A scapegoat of sorts.  And his existence in your reality, whether in person or in theory, is all the proof you need that you have not fully reconciled the true nature of Oneness.  In the same way that water in the solid form of ice has indeed been subjected to 32 degrees or lower, you know that whenever you see conspiracies, or reptilian or illumnati forces, you have yet to fully reconcile the true nature of the Oneness within yourself, because these things are it’s byproduct.  They are.  And as above, so below.


So this is why often frustrated and perplexed friends and family cannot for the life of them get me to entertain the importance of any conspiracy theory du jour.  Now, I listen.  I do.  I see it.  I see it’s shadow.  But I reflexively turn my head, like in Plato’s Cave, to see what is actually casting this shadow.  That is what draws my interest.  Not the shadow – the shadow is only details.   I want to see where it is coming from.  Because what is casting this shadow and manifesting events in our world is born of our not fully seeing this Oneness.  There is still an ‘us and them’ – that format is still lurking within our hearts as a people.  And so we keep dreaming the villain again and again and again until the day we realize he IS our dream, and we dream him no more.  We stop dreaming him.  We remove him from our storyboard, our reality.  And this goes for all the villains in our world.  Dream them no more.  Give them no entrance.


Now, I’m not saying that these things don’t seem to exist, that they haven’t manifested in this storyboard we call our life.  I’m just saying that we don’t know what they truly are: Our expressions.  Our thoughts.  Brought to life.  Pulled out of our pocket to see. 



I know these are hard Truths to hear.  And I know many of you do entertain some of the beliefs I have mentioned as 'real' or something larger than they really are, and I do not mean to step on toes.  I have no gain whatsoever in that.  But I have to say these thing and put them out there for you to consider because you hold the key to undoing this.  Not the Illuminati.  Not any conspiracy party at any place on any planet in any galaxy.  Not ET.  Or his reptilian counterpart.  They are not the root of this.  YOU hold the key to undoing this, by seeing the true, full Oneness.  THAT is what is the cure.


So conspiracies have no footing in my world.  And Mr. Reptilian has no footing in my world.  He does not exist, metaphorically OR literally here.  He doesn’t, because I do not give to him.   And I genuinely see no conspiracy.  All I see is a lack of seeing the Oneness, and the fear and division that it breeds, and the subsequent expressions it may manifest.  But I see no one to blame but me for the condition of the world I have created, and all I will encounter. 


Because without these fears, without needing a scapegoat, these things cannot not exist -  Not literally or metaphorically.  We create everything we seem to encounter here.  Everything.  Including this.   And they will be gone from your reality too when you pursue more fully uncovering this one little truth within yourself:  There is only the One.


So there you have it.  Sometimes the explanation is not at all what we expect, is it? And sometimes, neither is the cure.  Sometimes the root is so deeply hidden that we might come across many things that look like the root before we finally find our hand on the actual root.  And such is the case here. 


Who would have thought that reptilian aliens, the Illuminati, and conspiracy theories in general are the byproducts of not truly seeing the One?  Of a hidden duality still growing in your heart that is still so strong that you might elect to actually manifest these things onto the storyboard you call life?  And who would have seen that the adversarial reptile not only goes back as far as the Garden of Eden, but is actually identified as a component of your own brain?  These are very hard dots to connect, strewn from one end of the heavens to the other, but now I hope you see their pattern.  You see the shape they outline.  And you see that man himself has cast it in his heaven.  And because he cast it, he may also choose not to cast it. 


Heal the duality hidden within your heart that can manifest these expressions onto your storyboard.  Heal the hidden duality, and Mr. Reptile becomes just another interesting creature in the Garden.  Heal the hidden duality, and all these people supposedly out to get you are seen for what they are – just deluded people trying to better their own self interests.  And who here has not done that? 


Now, look at this objectively: Who has not applied for a job or promotion, hoping to beat out their peers?  Who has not tried to better their position at the cost of another's perceived 'success'?  We’ve all done these things, but we don’t consider them ‘conspiracies’, do we?  But I ask you – how are they truly different?  Think about that.  Look closely.  How are they different?  Aren’t you trying to better your own self interest, even at the cost of another?  Yes.  You want that job or promotion.  So how is it really any different?  We only imagine these very same actions as being different and something larger than self-interest when we personify them and cast them as a mysterious force outside ourselves.  But there is no such thing.  There is simply no difference between the two.


Our fear, which is born of not seeing our oneness, makes us quick to imagine villains and boogeymen.  So, if a group of these self-interested parties join together, we quickly call it a conspiracy.  And god forbid if they have money or influence, because we’ll upgrade their status to the Illuminati or something similar.  But the truth is, they are lost and confused souls, not one bit unlike what any one of us has been at one time or another. Don’t create an entity to fear out of their grouping together – don’t cast the outline of a serpent in the garden to fear and blame.  Because there is no serpent.  There is no one there but us.  And 'they' will also see one day, as I hope you are beginning to see today. The Truth does not exclude even one soul, regardless to their actions.  The Truth is for all.  It is the home we all return to like prodigal sons and daughters.  And it's good to be home.


So do not fear 'them', because Truth trumps all manipulations.  It does.  Even when it doesn’t look like it’s working out in your best interest, it is.  It’s doing it right now, though it may not feel like it.  But it is.


Truth trumps all manifestations.  And Truth, is love.  Truth is wisdom. Truth is beauty.  Truth is Peace.  And Truth is Oneness.  We must see these things and bring them into our inescapable realities before we can go further and access that which, in fact, we already are.  So do this.  See the Oneness in all things, and you will find your power more fully.  But only when you are able to wisely use it - That is when it will finally arrive on your doorstep.   


The Truth is, you will only gain your conscious access to your fuller powers, abilities that would actually enable you to crush worlds when you have reached the maturity that would never allow you to hurt a fly. :-)  That is the paradox.  And that is the safeguard.  And who among us would wish for it to be any different?


"But wait a minute!" you may protest, "What about all the bullying that seems to take place right now at the hands of the seeming unrighteous...globally AND individually - What's all that?"  Well, that is not power, and it certainly is not wisdom.  What is IS is a very sad thing to say, so brace yourself:   These things are gifts YOUR gift. My gift. Our gift.  We have given our power away, individually and globally, we've handed it over at someone's insistence or perhaps by rational argument.  For what ever reason, we have given opened our power to another, whether that be an individual or an organization.  Because if we do not hand it over to them, no one will have power over you.  It's true.  No one has power over you that you have not given away.  It's that simple.  If you did not give it, then 'they' would not have it.  If you do not give your power away, they will not have it.  It's as simple as that.


So, do not give it. 


And do not give to what you do not want to grow. 


Know the root of all these things that are swirling in front of you on your cave wall - turn your head and see for yourself what is actually casting these shadows and manifesting these things into our world.  And then, begin to correct those things within you.  I know this is hard, and these things can be quite distracting, but wrestling with shadows isn't how this is going to end.  Not this time.  We are going to look, and we are going to see.  We won't allow ourselves to be pulled into the drama that seems to unfold on our cave wall.  This time, we will see these dramas for the details that they are, and we'll turn our heads and go after the root, and do away with their shadow forever. And isn't that going to be nice?  You bet it is.


You hold the key.  No one is controlling you that you do not permit to control you.  People, keep your heads on your shoulders, and turn them to see the Truth.  Don't allow your fear to scatter you like chickens.  Don't allow your imagination to write things into your script that you don't want to be there.  We are in the process of developing a very important spiritual muscle here, one that will allow us to more fully experience That Which in fact, we already are.  Before, we have been blown here and there by the wind, but this muscle that we are developing will allow us to stand our ground - no more being shuffled about by things we don't see and don't understand.   We will stand firm.  And we will stand together.


So, don't get caught up in all these things.  Instead, see the Oneness more fully.  Know thyself.  And fear not.  Because true power only sits with those who, because of their great wisdom, would be unable to abuse it.  And wise is the man who sees, and knows himself.  Because no matter what the shadows on the cave wall seem to show, no matter what the storyboard seems to bring to life, he will not be able to avoid the intimate knowledge of his Oneness, and his hand in all that he seems to experience.  And THAT, my  loves, is a blessed thing.


This is the man to whom It comes.  It comes to the one who knows it is his, and acts accordingly.  He has awakened.  He cannot be scattered or shaken like a small child.  He sees.  And he knows.  And he acts upon this knowing.  This is to whom It comes.


May he

be you.




I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.