Our attention is slowly drawn from the stage to notice the curtain, and then to wonder what is behind the curtain.  Once we peek behind it and see who and what is calling out the things that appear on our stage of Life, we are blown away by what we have revealed to ourselves.  Our mouths drop open in surprise at the true nature of things, and we are astonished at our contribution to how these things come to be on our stage….so astonished that for a while, many of us hang out, watching the play unfold, focusing our attention on the slight of hand going on there behind the curtain. 


But not for long.  Before long, each of us suddenly find ourselves back on the stage again, playing our role,  falling into the rhythm of the performance at hand, for the moment forgetting what we saw going on behind the curtain.  Because though standing there behind the curtains and having a hand in what happens on stage was certainly amazing, even so, we are drawn to experience these things we have created, not to just observe them.  And so, for a moment we give into the softness of this veil that temporarily covers our eyes causes us to forget, and we find back on stage, experiencing our experiences, but every now and then, casting a knowing glance at what lies behind the curtain.


In this way, we find ourselves torn, and a little confused.  Anyone who has peeked behind the curtain for even a moment recognizes their identity as both actor and director.  Being the actor seems to come intuitively, but the mysterious magic of being the director still tugs at our mind and heart, and calls to us to join it, to consciously rediscover this process we can’t initially fathom, but are still drawn to like a familiar face. And we find ourselves quietly torn - it doesn’t seem possible to do both at once. Which is the right choice?


This is another unspoken question that many of us have quietly arrived at, much to our surprise.  We clearly see these two worlds, but we don’t see right away how it’s possible to reconcile them.   Which one is the right choice?


The popular opinion is to see the world as something to overcome, and to focus our efforts upon becoming the director.  It seems to makes sense.  It seems like it could be the reason we are here.  However before one goes too far down this path of thought, the wise will consider that without the world, what would the director have to direct? 


At this point we suddenly realize we aren’t supposed to choose between the actor and the director  and that WE are the connector, the bridge that brings these two together.   And with this knowing, we realize that we must hold the actor, the ego-self in one hand while holding the director, in the other.  We see WE are the means by which these two relate, and we are the way in which they are juggled, and that they may both exist simultaneously.



We are both actor and director, a feat that may seem at first a bit like trying to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time, but it is far from impossible, in fact, there is a great deal of joy and fun in learning this balance, if we give ourselves to it and don’t take ourselves too seriously.


And so, when you reach this junction, I want you to realize that you don’t have to abandon your instinctive interaction with what you think of as the world – it is not a mistake or something to be overcome or transcended.  It is an expression of the director in you, and the two are linked in this way, and that’s the trick, the balancing act here – to reconcile the two.  To live in the world you have created while you create the world that you will live in.  Can you see this?  This is why we are drawn to experience and consciously recognize both.



And while we are here, it is important to point out that no matter what your guru, or friend, or book may have said, we should not be lulled into the very popular, but false complacency that “everything is already done”, and then use this reasoning to be little more than a bystander, an observer of our own experience.  You can’t.  You may think you are doing that, but the Truth is, if you are here, then it’s your experience, you are still an actor on your stage acting this way because the director in you has been convinced to write this act into your play.  You are still the actor, and the director, experiencing what you have selected. 


At first glance, to take this position on the sidelines may sound logical, it may even initially appear profound and deep, but what it actually IS, is empirical proof that you are still very much attached to the very linear timeline you try and dismiss by your insistence that “everything is already done”.  Can you see this?


Only our smaller mind can embrace the thought of there even BEING a point of ‘done’. So we are choosing to use only a small part of the larger mind when we trick ourselves into thinking like this, because the larger seeing mind resides outside of our perception of time.  It does.  To it, there IS no “done”.  There is only NOW.  How can NOW be done? Have we reached “done” NOW?  How about NOW?   No, thinking like this is the domain of the limited mind that runs on the rails of linear time.  That is it’s fingerprints all over this false concept. I mean no disrespect and I realize this is dismissing belief patterns that are well loved and well entrenched in some schools of enlightenment, but it is TIME they were dismissed. 


It’s an easy trap to fall into because our common perception cannot fathom this timelessness where the NOW, containing everything, dances upon the head of a pin and constantly swirls in this dynamic dance.  It is never finished, though it contains all imaginary beginnings and endings.  It IS the act of becoming that which, in fact, it already is.  When our smaller ‘rational’ mind tries to think on this in it’s normal fashion, it quickly finds itself caught in this illusional loop.  And because we can’t see the end of this loop, we erroneously believe it must be a higher  answer.  But it’s not.  So live your life.  Choose your life.   You ARE living it, your ARE choosing it, no matter what you do.  Know that it is NOT DONE.  There IS no “DONE”, there is only this dynamic eternal dance going on all the time right now, in the NOW.  You are writing what you are living while you are living what you are writing.  The moment I compiled this video is the exact same moment in which you are viewing it.   We hold the actor or ego-self in one hand, living the life he has written for himself, as well as holding the director in the other hand, compiling the life he will live as the actor.  WE are what gives relativity and connects these two seemingly conflicting arenas:  In front of the curtain (or veil) and behind the curtain (or veil).  You are the wonderful amalgamation that binds the two, and BOTH are you.  So don’t fight or hide from either one.  There is no conflict, no opposition.  You are a perfect pairing, the actor and the director are the female and male expressions of your higher self. 


You are both.  You are meant to be both.  Don’t abandon one for the other, or think one is preferable – it is a magnificent show of the artist and his medium, the expression and what has been expressed.  We are both.  We hold the Yin and the Yang of creation as we know it in this dimension in each hand.  Neither is greater. 


You are both artist, and art.


I offer you these thought for your consideration.