Rebirth of the Ego-Self


The ego-self…..who is he?  Why is he here?  And why are we so eager to wage war with him, to do away with him, to disavow any association with him? 

And why do so many schools of enlightenment tell us that yes, he is bad, and yes, he should be done away entirely with if at all possible? Why? Because they only see the partial picture, they note only that yes - he is wild.  Yes, he makes mistakes.  And yes, he is indeed running our life.  But there is more to him.


With this video, I hope to show how our ego-self, isn’t something to be abandoned, in fact I hope to show quite the opposite.  Because the ego-self is a direct expression of us, a reflection of us. But we don’t need to do away with him entirely, and this is important for you to hear:  Because without him, you could not appear in this dimension as you are accustomed to.  It’s true. Like in the movie The Matrix, pull his plug, and you pull your own plug in this dimension.  He is what we look like when we are here.  He IS us, our very own projection.  But our current system of beliefs has utterly convinced our poor ego-self that he is hanging out here, alone, and he is afraid, and his fear is expressed in his mistakes as he tries to desperately find his footing and survive. 


As we are moving collectively as well as individually into larger and clearer streams of consciousness, we can begin see this.  Nothing is separate from you, so why wage war with ourselves, our own projection?  Instead, we finally begin to see him for what he is – a direct reflection of ourselves.  And like in the video Acceptance vs the power to change, the first thing we must do is accept him.  Because through our acceptance, through our knowledge that he is our creation, our projection, we gain dominion over him.  We find he is nothing to be combative with at all.  He is only a mirror.  When you change, he will change.  He cannot help but to do so, for he is your shadow on the wall of plato’s cave, and you are the reality that is casting his image. 


If you try to deny him like an illegitimate child, and cast him aside, all you do is forfeit your ability to influence him.  You’ll bind your own hands.  But you will never escape the relation.


Here is an example.  Trying to deny or remove your ego–self is somewhat like trying to divorce yourself from your reflection in the mirror.  So, when you got up in the morning with your hair poking up and looking quite untidy in general, could you simply say to your reflection in the mirror “That’s not me!”?   It might sound like a good idea some days.  You might like to, but you really can’t, can you?  But you CAN own up to it, and if you do, then you inherit the power to change the reflection, because you see it IS you.  It is your projection, your reflection in this mirror we call reality, but this reflection is not fixed -  we are always in the act of becoming, so change is easily yours, if you abandon the old patterns and paradigms that are keeping you stuck.


And while we’re doing away with old things, can we rename our ego-self?– that title is tainted with acquired animosity.  Let’s give him a new name, a more accurate name.  Let’s call him our projected-self, which is actually much closer to the Truth. 


Now though you can’t escape your projected self, you CAN realign him.  And you begin to do this by knowing what he truly is.  He isn’t a growth, a cancer to be removed.  He is a projection of you.  No, he’s not really you, but he is indeed an reflection of the Real You, and he can indeed be assisted  so that he more accurately reflects the real you.  But here’s the catch:  We don’t modify him by changing him, by swapping out pieces, or or suppressing anything...because there is nothing to change. He is already complete and whole, because he is a reflection of the real you and you cannot project anything less than perfection.  We change him by revealing him to himself, by showing him who he really is, by reminding him of his inherent oneness with the ALL, by showing him he is not lost, and not on his own, and that he has cast himself out of paradise by his own hand, and that paradise waits for him, and longs for his return. 


We simply change him by revealing him to himself, because right now, he has forgotten.


There’s one more way I can offer for you to look at this:  Have any of you ever experienced what is often called a lucid dream?  Basically a lucid dream is a dream in which you catch yourself dreaming, you realize you are dreaming, and because of this awareness NOW your dream self can do some magical things:  He can tweak the dream.  He can.  It’s true. I’ve done it, many times. 


Lucid dreaming is very similar to the relation between your projected self and your real self. When you finally catch yourself dreaming this dream that we call ‘reality’, and realize that the one you thought was the ‘real’ you is actually your dream self, a projected self, you begin to notice something else peculiar:  What you’ve mistaken as reality is actually closer to a tv show, or a movie, and what happens to your projected self, doesn’t actually happen to your Real self no more than what happens to the characters on the screen happens to you sitting in the theater.  This a Spielburg worthy coupe de gras of illusion is simply the smoke and mirrors of this dream, so that the experiences seem real and not like a cheesy B-grade movie, so that you may experience what you choose, choices which, in truth, are neither good nor bad, no matter how wonderful or horrible they seem.  They are simply experiences, selected consciously or unconsciously. Whether you think them good or bad is determined by your perspective, and your perspective is governed by the set of beliefs, or paradigms, that your dream-figure or projected self has given it’s agreement to and has adopted as ‘real’.


But the most important that happens is when the dream-figure wakes in the dream, when your projected self wakes in what we once perceived as reality. THIS is the moment you are searching for.  It is your awakening, the beginning of the enlightenment you seek.  And you truly know why Shakespeare said  All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players


Because now, awake in the dream, we are aware of our undeniable oneness to the Real Dreamer, and by this knowing we automatically manifest an open conduit of all possibilities.  By this awareness, we can now tweak the dream, because we have awakened while still in the dream.  It’s pretty cool.


But I ought to mention that the Dreamer is not a person, though it is our habit to imagine so – the Dreamer is the Act of Becoming, the Act of Creation.  And when this Dreamer consciously resides within the now-awakened projected self, our projected self is reborn. He remembers who he is, and that this Dream is merely an expression of that which he is One with. He is no longer a captive of the Dream.  He is released, he is unbound, not done away with or killed….. but rather,  reborn.  And by this rebirth, acknowledges all that the Father freely gives. He and the Father, the Dreamer and the Dreamed , are recognized as one, consciously, while still within the dream. 


So, no – please don’t throw your Projected Self away, or beat him down, or bind him.  Just remind him of who he is, for that is what he is looking for.  And with this information, he will begin to awaken within this dream, and a new era will begin.. 


When one rises, we all rise.


You have this ability.


You have this, and more….