I made this video to answer an unspoken question:  Now that weíve begun to recall how we manifest, what does it mean if our bodies arenít perfect?  If our lives arenít perfect?  Does it mean that something is wrong with us, that we lack some hidden ability? Is this something to be ashamed of? Does it mean that we are less than our fellow man who seems to have the perfect relationship, or body, or life? 




Iím happy to say ĎNo it does notí, because despite appearances, the amazing truth is,

You are perfect. (pause)

You are.

I know - How can this be, when you think that your body is too out of shape, or demonstrates disabilities or disease?  When you are in the middle of a financial crisis?  When you may still feel so alone in your life?  How can any of this be considered Ďperfectí by anyoneís standard?  Well, Iíll tell you:


I said you were PERFECT, and you are.   But I didnít say that you were exactly as you may prefer to be.  I didnít say that you fit into the category of supermodel, or the sexiest man alive, or a billionaire.  I said you were perfect, and you are. And this is how


You are perfect, exactly manifesting what you hold as true for you on the inside.  Your body IS the outward manifestation of whatever you hold within.  And you have created you perfectly.  Maybe not as you wish you had, maybe not what you would prefer, but you have indeed created you PERFECTLY, according to the instructions you have given yourself.


Do you see? If so, that puts everything in a new light, doesnít it?  Now, you see your overweight body isnít disobedient - it is perfectly transcribed according to your recipe of beliefs.  Now you see your employment situation is what it is because it is a perfect manifestation of the recipe of your beliefs.  Now you do not have to fear or fight with your illness or disease, as you see that it is the unconscious fulfillment of your recipe of belief. This is true - no matter how hard it may be for you to see this at the moment.  All things spring from your recipe of beliefs.


and I say recipe because your beliefs are indeed like that.  Your various beliefs are like the ingredients in the recipe of your life.  And they work together like ingredients, flavoring not just one area, but the whole thing.  Add salt, and all the ingredients reflect this saltiness.  And onion and it lends itís savory character to the entire soup.  And this how your beliefs work together, too.  Add sadness, and it leaks into everything.  And joy, and it flavors everything as well.


Nothing has ever been hidden from you.  It is all in plain sight, and will be revealed to the one who asks for it to be revealed and is prepared to hear it.  So if there is any work to do, perhaps this is the work to do: Find out your recipe of beliefs. Bravely examine the contents of your thoughts and know what is there, and remove the things you prefer to not be there.  THAT is your key. As Socrates said: ďKnow thyselfĒ.  


And as you begin to know yourself,  you will begin to reveal to yourself and put into action truths that to others may seem  impossible, or incredible; And as you lead yourself to where you need to go, you will feel this balance, one thatís difficult to describe, but not unlike what it feels like to balance a bicycle.  Though difficult to describe to another, you easily know when you have this balance as you are riding Ė you feel it, and you see itís effects - you donít fall over, and you are able to move.  And in the same way, you know you have this balance, you feel it, as you are rising, and you see itís effects Ė You notice that somehow you arenít crashing headlong into everything anymore and you are able to move more gracefully and with intent.  You may also begin to recognize the truth, to hear it, like an inaudible note in your head.  You will find yourself easily hearing and collecting these notes, while allowing the others that do not ring within you to fall away from you.  You will develop these skills of discernment, if you have not begun to consciously do so already. 


So by now I hope you see that the man who seems to have the perfect lifestyle isnít better than you.  He just has better thoughts! Better beliefs. Consciously or unconsciously, he has placed there what he wants to experience.  And this is your work, to discover what you believe, and show it to yourself Ė donít be afraid to look, because this is how you change what you believe.  So look, bravely, and realign your beliefs with what it is that you would rather see.  Plant what you want to see in your world, as I am doing in mine.  Because together, our little worlds are the ingredients which concoct our world at large.  And on and on it goes. 


Before this video, you may have seen your life, you body, your relations as being inferior, and not done very well.  They may not have been what you wanted, but they were indeed created perfectly.  I hope you see this now.  They are actually PERFECT, just exactly as you have transcribed them.  You are magnificent.  You just didnít realize it because you didnít like what you had painted here on your canvas of life.  But you are a master, creating your own masterpiece.  And all you must do is change what you wish to paint, what you wish to see.  Choose a different color, a different brush, a different composition Ė whatever it takes.  And the way to consciously allow you these changes is to KNOW THYSELF.  Look and see what colors you are painting with, what brushes you are using.   Know thyself and you will open up the gears that turn your world.


Anyhow, I just wanted you to know how perfect you are, standing there in what seems to be your disarray.  Itís not disarray.  It is exactly, perfectly, what you hold within, projected without.  And perhaps this is the message that we should share, if any should be shared, because this is where true empowerment lives and breathes, not in some act of lame legislation or political declaration, or alliance.  This is The Way, and it is innate to all, and accessible by all.  In fact, each of us access it and use it everyday, completely unaware. 


So, Know thyselfí.  Because in that knowing lies The Way.  Feel you way to it.  Feel the balance you gain when you touch the Truth.  Hear that inaudible note that sings to you, and follow it, for is you, singing the song of Truth to yourself.


  Know thyself.



For this, is The Way.




I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.