Of Miracles and Manifestations


Hello again.  Itís really nice to be back with all of you. I want to say upfront that I have tried for nearly two months to make this topic shorter, and after countless rewrites from many different angles, Iíve finally come to accept that it just canít be done.  This is such a huge and mind-blowing topic, and we discuss so many mind melting points, I just canít explain it any faster. Even as it is, I am only pointing to the bare bones of it all.  So, you really get your moneyís worth with this one.  But I wanted to encourage you to stay with me.  Take them one by one.  Donít skip around or think you can jump videos because you will quickly end up being lost.  Instead, get you something to drink, and get comfortable here with me as you listen to each of these, one by one.  I truly think you wonít be sorry. In fact, Iím betting youíll never look at your world the same way again.   Here we go:


Thoreau said ďthere are a thousand striking at the branches of evil for every one who is striking at the rootĒ.


And this is where most of us stand today.  Weíre making our best effort with our hearts in the right places, but we are fiddling with external things, striking at branches, trying to make our world a better place, trying to find this elusive thing we call enlightenment.  But we have limited results, oftentimes confusing or contradictory, and we donít    know    why. This Ďwhyí is what I went in search of, and why I have been quiet so lately.


Now, I know you have all heard this statement before, but what I am going to share today is truly something that, if grasped, will forever change how you see the world and everything in it.  Even so, some of you listening here today will find this too tough of a cookie to swallow, and youíll need to revisit it at a later date, and thatís okay.  DO that.  But for others of you, this will be an OMG moment.  As incredible as it sounds, you will feel the Ďclickí as the Truth settles into place within you, and you will be empowered with the clearest vision of your life as of yet.  And thatís a big statement to make, I know.  But wait and see. 


So what is going on when we experience these inconsistencies? Well, here it is, as best as I can point to it today.  I hope you will find it useful to you.


Now, as we begin, I want to caution you.  I want to warn you that every single thing that I say is only a tool of expression. So please don't become attached to any of these expressions.  Just use them as needed.  Hold them up like mirrors briefly so they may help you see something that is actually beyond seeing with your normal way of thinking. But then, lay them down. Ok?  Alright.  Here we go:



We are not what we think we are.  Truly.  There is no such thing as a 'human' in the way we commonly think of it.  Neither is there any such thing as a 'tree' in the way we commonly think of it.  Instead, there exists what we might think of as energy patterns. Swirling repetitive dynamic interactive patterns.  And this person you think of as you is an energy pattern,  spinning, and unfurling in endless complexity and beauty.  And beneath these transient patterns we spin is the Universal pattern, the template that contains all possible versions of these patterns.  Right now, you manifest as a selection of these transient patterns.  They are what you are truly composed of, and this is true for your world as well as EVERYTHING you encounter, tangible or not. And though they may share traits, each collection of patterns is like a fingerprint, as unique as a snowflake. No two are alike.


Now, stay with me because this is about to get really interesting.  So, if we are these esoteric sci-fi airy fairy energy patterns, then how the heck do people and things end up looking as they do?  Itís because when these energy patterns interact with this dimension, they seem to come into being here. They take shape and clothe themselves in the clothing of this dimension, in what we have come to call atoms.


 A much simpler example of this can be seen in the shapes that arise in sand and other materials as it interacts with the cadence or vibrations.  In these videos, vibration is being applied to different materials, and because of this cadence or vibration, orderly form seems to rise and take shape. Do you see? So, we seem to be this or that because of the unique vibrations of our atoms, our clothing in this dimension.  But everything you see is closer to a song, and so we are all literally marching to the beat of a different drummer.  These patterns give rise to us.  This is how things seem to exist.  Metaphorically it has been expressed in sacred writings that mankind was  made from the dust of this earth. We rose up to the cadence of this energy pattern that is us. 

   Genesis 2:7 Then God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being. 


Genesis 3:19 By the sweat of your face You will eat bread, Till you return to the ground, Because from it you were taken; For you are dust, And to dust you shall return.


The first man was from the earth, a man of dust; the second man is from heaven. 1 Corinthians 15:47


Metaphorically, Adam was the first man, a man of dust, and the Christ is the second man, a man of heaven. Adam is the legended mark of the beast that so many tremble in fear of.  But he is us, as we arise here.  The second man is the Christ within us all.  And while I am referencing Christianity, Iíll go ahead and say that it has been whispered in my ear that the even MORE dreaded mark of the beast, 666 is only the sign of incompletion.  Thatís all.  7 is the magic number, as in the seven metaphorical days of creation, which would be the completed stage of creation. And we arenít at 777 yet.  We Ďre still 666.  And itís mystery points to incompletion.  There are 3 positions shown in this incompletion, a 6th position out of 7 for the Father, or the Source or That Which Is.  A 6the position out of 7 for the Son or he who is born Adam of the earth and reborn the Christ, and 6th out of seven for complete union with the Holy Spirit.   


SO, this seeming world and everything that seems to fill it is merely a demonstration of the transient expressive medium of this 'dimension', which is cadence, and sequencing.  A good vibration.  And though it all seems quite real, it is all actually closer to a song or a rhythm.  Or, we could also look at it as a laser show because when we mix light with these other energy patterns  that we call our bodies, then we get to add a whole spectrum of special effects onto it through our senses. We can see, smell, taste, touch, hear the laser show we call out world and it makes it all seem very, very real.  Fooled ME Ė how about you? 


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There are of LITERALLY limitless variations of these energy patterns.  Limitless.   Everything is made of them.  And in a personality or destination sense, these patterns were pointed to as far back as Plato, probably even farther, but the modern day sage who dusted them off and brought them to light is none other than the legendary Carl Jung.  But he didnít call them energy patterns.  He called them archetypal patterns. And since Jung, there has been a plethora of self professed gurus who have jumped on the bandwagon, and, standing upon the shoulders of Jung (IMHO) they peddle their viewpoints, many of which I would encourage you to ignore.  But take a peek at their various archetypal pattern definitions if you like.  If you are honest with yourself, you will undoubtedly recognize yourself there.


But no one is telling you anything you don't already know.  We already know these patterns and not only do we KNOW them, we are fascinated by them. Weíve painted our whole world in them. These are the things that fairytales and stories of old are told of.  See if you recognize any of these labels:  The King.  The Queen. The warrior.  The princess.  The lost or abandoned child.  The knight.  The prostitute.  The hero.  The Mother figure,  The father figure.  The temptress.  The fool.  The underdog.  The victim.  The savior.  The martyr.  The outcast.  The rebel.  The healer.  The judge.  The innocent.  The lists goes on and on and on.


But we already know them.  Where would Hollywood be without them?  We love to mix and match these patterns and watch the outcome, not only on the big screen, but WE are also playing out these archetypes on an even BIGGER screen in our daily lives. 


Sometimes we only spin certain patterns in certain situations, and this shows up as what appears to be inconsistencies in our personalities.  For example, perhaps we are normally very courageous, but in certain circumstances, we seem to crumble and become helpless and look for guidance.  We slip into a child archetypal pattern in those experiences.  And we are all doing this unaware - We are all running these energy patterns, we ARE these energy patterns manifested in this dimension.  Your awareness is wearing these patterns in the form of  the flesh of this dimension which we call atoms vibrating at certain frequencies and patterns so that we seem to BE these different things. 


So, for example, a princess will always wait in her tower for her knight, or her warrior.  My parents have these archetypes.  My Mom is sweet, and benevolent, and generous, but because of her princess pattern.  She needs, and therefore draws this knight or warrior to her to protect her, and make her decisions, and provide for her kingdom, and when he does, all is right in her world.  It is, because she is The princess, and that is what fulfills the princess pattern.  Just as my Dad as the warrior/knight was drawn to her, so he could make the decisions, and protect the castle, rough up the natives, and whatnot. .  And when she applauds him and his masculinity, all is right in his world when she does.  Because THAT is what the warrior knight is looking for..


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Itís this exchange that draws these two patterns together. Now this is a somewhat rosie example, so letís look at another pattern.  What happens when you are spinning a victim role?  Youíre going to attract your counterparts, just like the princess attracted the knight or warrior, arenít you?  And guess what the counterpart for the victim role is?  Yep.  Youíre going to constantly attract people that seem to screw you over.  Over and over and over.  No matter what you do.  No matter how clean your bottom shelf seems to be.  No matter how hard you visualize the perfect partner or perfect job, you arenít going to get it.  Itís not in your script.  Every show will have the same ending:  You are going to get screwed, because you are running the victim pattern, and you WILL draw out your counterpart.  In fact, donít blame them when they show up and screw you.  They are only playing the role you assigned them. 



And this doesnít sound like much fun, does it?  So, how do we know if we are running this victim pattern unaware and are attracting experiences we donít care for into our lives?   We know when, for example, all our love relationships end up with us thinking we have been screwed, and not in a good way.  If so, youíre running the victim, possibly the martyr, pattern.  And if you keep getting dumped on at work, guess what? Youíre running the victim or martyr pattern there too. 


So, are we stuck?  Certainly sounds like it, doesnít it?  But no.  Itís just that outcomes CANíT change, until we move THROUGH the pattern. So when we try really really hard to change some facet of our life, but keep striking out, Iíll bet you a coffee and a donut that the energy pattern you are expressing yourself through is in conflict with your desire.  Do you see? This is so important to hear, so I am going to say it again:  We seem to hit a wall in our manifestation ability when what we are trying to do is in conflict with the pattern we are running in that area of our life.  


So, no.  Victims will NOT be rewarded.  Victims will be screwed.  They will attract pattern after pattern into their life, not to punish them, but in order to fulfill their victim pattern.  I mean, if youíre running a victim pattern, youíre gonna need someone to screw you over.  Thy will be done.


But hereís the good news: If we change from this type of pattern, we wonít be ABLE to attract someone to break our heart or screw us over.  You wonít be ABLE to.  Nothing will click between you and the person (or rather energy pattern) who would have normally hung around to disappoint you.  There will be no attraction, because the puzzle piece of the disappointer no longer fits in your space, your energy pattern.  Theyíll walk right past instead of engaging your world.   How about that?  Now that sounds much better doesnít it?



SO, identify the pattern you are running, and know that these patterns ARE US, clothed in flesh of this dimension. There is no such thing as a human, or anything else for that matter.   I hope everyone listening to my voice today will take a long and hard look at their lives and see what they see.  And if you canít seem to see, then look at your life impersonally.  Pretend it is a strangerís life.  What do you see?  Write it down on paper if you like, it may help you to see more clearly.  This takes tremendous honesty. Tremendous honesty.  This internal work is not for sissies.  But the beginning of all wisdom is to know thyself.   If you are open to seeing, you WILL see.  And when you identify the patterns you are running, itís a bit like having a crystal ball Ė you can predict where you are headed.  And you can change it.


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So the archetypal patterns are one neat way, one neat language that we can use to peek behind the curtain in our life.  But there are others that may be more appealing to some of you:  Mathematically, for example, as well as visually, these same energy patterns can also be viewed in the Mandelbrot fractals, which are everywhere, permeating everything that is.  Itís the same thing going on and being expressed there.  And this is so huge.  I feel like I have a flashlight and Iím trying to shine it on everything in the heavens, and it just isnít possible.  You are going to have to make this leap.  No one can do it for you, though I hope this video helps.  But what I am pointing at is huge.  I canít think of anything that is excluded from it. 




To make it even MORE mind melting,  we spin different patterns at different times., or so it seems, but I find it comfortable to think of them as nested patterns.  Patterns within patterns, like the Mandelbrot fractals so eloquently display.   Patterns that only surface in certain circumstances.  So you have a pattern collection that is uniquely you.  And though pattern collections may look similar at a glance, your pattern collection is different from everyone elseís.  Like a snowflake.


So we have these energy patterns that Jung called archetypal patterns.  And  we have also noted these same expression in the  Mandelbrot fractals.  And all are Ďexpressions unawareí of this mysterious thing that is us.  But that isnít all.  We talk about this stuff all the time.  The sequencing, the beat of these Ďenergy patternsí is what astrology is attempting to define. Oh yeah.  Thatís what itís all about, just in a different expression.  Same goes for numerology, too.  They are all about the cadence, sequencing and spatiality and they are attempting to label this sequencing that we inherently sense is there. 


Or, hereís another one, could anything be more blatantly archetypal than Tarot cards?   And since what you call your body is a manifestation of the rhythm your energy patterns, reading palms or even bumps on the head is also an attempted reflection of this same thing.  And this is going to shock a lot of you but your dna is your physical expression of this.


Do you realize that science considers 98% of your dna to be junk dna?  Isnít that ridiculous?  They call it junk dna, because they donít know why it is there and what it is good for.  But it has been whispered into my ear that it is the manifested expression of the limitless untapped choices, archetypes, potentials, worlds, whatever you want to call it. Itís the manifestation of all these potentials in this dimension.  I know Ė what a scientific scandal, huh?  And thatís all Iím going to say about it here, but weíll go into this more deeply in another video.


And why I am scandalizing, these patterns are also what lie behind the bigger picture of the 12 disciples of Jesus:  They were all pieces of him, as is your world.  These patterns that surround us and we call our world are the collective markers, they denote us, the seasons, the planets, the orbit of electrons, the seeming passing of time - of everything so that there seems to BE anything. Otherwise there wouldnít.


I know many of you are exploring the concept of your charkas, but you may not have realized that your chakras are yet ANOTHER symbolic expressions of this metaphorical instrument that plays your patterns, your tunes, these rhythms that you are, not unlike like a flute.  And when these things we call chakras all are open and fully able to play, then any song is ours to play, any energy pattern is ours to spin.  But if some are clogged or closed, we are limited in what we may play at that time.  We donít have the range.  We lose notes.  Do you see? 


So, whether weíre talking about Jungís archetypal patterns, or the mathematical but gorgeous Mandelbrot fractals, or  astrology, or numerology, or  tarot cards, or palm reading, or the 12 disciples of Jesus, the seasons of the year, your very chakras, and even your very DNA,  Ö.ALL of these things are just us using different languages but trying to point to this one thing that is so hard to point to.  But thatís what we are trying to do.  And I hope this video is helping you to connect these dots today.


So, consider these thoughts.  But donít become caught up in any of them.  They are the finger pointing to the moon.  Use them to help you grasp this, but donít be unduly absorbed by them.  Because NONE of them are real. They are simply ways we can choose to look at these things, languages or expressions we can use to try to discuss this. But they are just expressions, like us.  And we are like a laser show, we appear to be, and combined with the input of our senses, it certainly seems to be a real ride, doesnít it?  But it isnít really real.  It is an expression.  A representation.  And so are all these things.


So, how do we change this web we have spun?  Now knowing what we have discussed here, we must begin to challenge what we see, because this is how you begin to change it.  Right now, we tend to believe what we see, and so we have bound ourselves.  To begin to make changes, we must know it for what it truly is Ė exceptionally fluid and changeable.  Nothing is set in stone.  I donít care what statistics there are for it, not one thing is set in stone.


So, knowing this, we must look at what we are wanting to change and say the magic words, ďit doesnít matterĒ, holding firmly in our consciousness that everything  is mostly light and spacing, just like a laser show,.  So look at it and say ďit doesnít matterĒ. And when you do, you know what you have done?  You have cast a little spell of sorts.  You are telling it that it doesnít MATTER.  Are you hearing the words you are saying?  It doesnít MATTER.  It doesnít MATTER, it doesnít materialize, it doesnít BECOME..  You are defying it to continue to seem to exist in matter.  Tell it it doesnít matter.


But donít ignore it.. Thereís no need for that.  Donít ignore your illness, or the pattern you want to change, or whatever because anything built with a lie or aversion will not work   Acknowledge it.  But only to inform it that it no longer matters.  You are denying itís matter.  And watch and see if it DOESN'T stop mattering and melt away, as quickly as your path will allow it.  Just see it for what it is, and realize itís fluidity.  It manifested because it is the fruit of a seed you planted, and now you are going to plant a different plant, and you will no longer tend this one.  Just stand in the NOW and know that thy will will be done, AND itís done when you say it in the NOW.  Whether or not it will appear in this sequential world of day by day, and how long it takes to appear here, depends upon you.  But you must see it is a reality already, despite what eyes or ears may tell you. 


Try not to hamper it. Do you think it must adhere to a certain process or timeline? Then it will.  Did you leave conflicting patterns spinning that may override it? Look and see because the song you play must ALWAYS be in agreement, and it can override or delay your will being done.  But if you remove these barriers, these delays, thy will WILL be done.  It always has been since before the  beginning of time.


I hope you are beginning to see that none of your life is coincidence.  If you found yourself with parents who ignored you, or seemed to treat you unfairly at times, now you see they had no choice if you were running a rebel or outsider pattern .  If you were, you MUST be viewed as different from your family, or community Ė your tribe, to fulfill your rebel or outsider pattern.  It demands it.  Are you beginning to see?


Or, they may have treated you badly because you were running a wounded or abandoned child pattern.  If so, itís not in the cards that you dealt yourself to be cuddled. Thatís not what you are asking for.  The abandoned child pattern demands you be given reason to feel abandoned.  Do you see?


I know these things are hard to swallow.  It takes tremendous courage to see this, and Iíll tell you right now that I truly commend anyone brave enough to look this honestly and deeply at their life, because when we DO, then we must take responsibility for all we experience, and that can be a little rough going down.  But it is also empowering.  Do you see how this helps to explain how there really are no victims.  No victims.  Just misunderstanding.  We call it all to us.  Do you see?


Because this is what we are supposed to do. To see, and with this seeing, the clutch is pushed in and the opportunity presents itself to pick another new pattern, a different pattern.  And until we do, these energy patterns that our awareness wears will cradle our world and we will go round and round and round.  We seem caught by them.  We FEEL caught, but this round and round is only  to give us endless opportunity to move beyond the pattern.  Not to torture us, or curse us.  To give us opportunity to move beyond.



This is why help books on manifestation that try to teach you how to get everything you want only seem to work sometimes or in certain areas, because our pattern and our goal sometimes arenít in harmony.  And our pattern will always win, until we see it and undo it. It will always take us to the same spot, the same scene, over and over, on a million different playing fields until we move through it.  You canít run from it.  Canít hide from it or ignore it.  You have to look it in the eye.  And that is what we are supposed to do.  That is the growth that this dimension provides Ė to challenge what we see with our eyes, and see where it truly originates from.  Because what we SEE with our eyes seems set in stone, we watch history seem to unfold around it, but where it truly originates FROM is a sea of unlimited potential. Itís fluid.  Ready for anything.  So, what will you choose?  Who will you choose to be?  What experiences will you draw to you?  You choose.  Always.



A friend of mine sent me this video, and itís perfect for what I want to point to here.  So, thank you to him, and thank you to whoever made this video clip.  Now, first, let me say again that all dimensions in themselves are ALSO energy patterns, just like you.  The you you seem to be is an energy pattern nested WITHIN this dimensional energy pattern.  We have defined these energy patterns we call dimensions by their theorized characteristics .  What you can and canít do within them is defined by these patterns, and that definition makes them the things they seem to be..  But thereís a secret, a wormhole that permeates all these dimensions or energy patterns at one time, and guess what that wormhole is?  Yep.  You.  You are in all these theoretical dimensions, right now.  This very minute.  How do you feel?  Feel a little spread out now? :-D


You already exist in all these different dimensions, but you are unaware of it because you are looking through eyes that see only this dimension as irrefutable Ďrealityí.  Your consciousness is narrowed by your obedience to this dimension.  Itís like we have blinders on.  But all that is beginning to change today.  Today you begin to realize you interact with these other dimensions all the time.


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To explain, we have to take a moment and very briefly familiarize ourselves with the dimensions.  First, there is often said to be point zero or zero point, which is, just a spatial point that describes a specific object within a given space that consists of neither volume, area, length, nor any other higher dimensional characteristics.  Welcome to the fullness of the void. Please watch your step as you are existing the vehicle.


From point zero or zero point, we can move to what is called  the first dimension.  To illustrate the 1st dimension, all we need is a line joining two points, because in the 1st dimension, all we have is length.


To enter the second dimension, we need to add width to first dimensionís length, and we can illustrated that by adding a second line.  Now we have length and width, and this is the 2nd dimension.


The third dimension has length and width, but also height or depth.  The third dimension is what we live in right now as far as most are concerned, but truly, to get our real day to day experience, you have to add the fourth dimension, which many consider to be time.


Now, the reason this is important is because the energy pattern of this 4th dimension is all about enhancing and maintaining a structure of sequencing through means of a singular multiplicity.  Within it, we seem to experience minutes, hours, days, years.  This sequencing provides us the ability to experience things a little at a time.  We feel like one moment follows the next.  But closer to the Truth would be that there is a Spot, a Sweet Spot, shall we say, a threshold upon which every moment that we ever seem to experience passes across, much like one frame after another appears across the lens of a projector.  And here is the portal  you are looking for.  This is the place where all seeming miracles and magic, (which is everything when you stop and think about it) everything that we ever seem to experience gains access to our awareness.  This one little Sweet Spot is this moment right now.  Not in 10 minutes.  Not down the road.  Not in 10 yrs when youíll be ready.  Now. You literally canít get where you want to go from anywhere else.  The manifestation has to happen standing squarely on this moment, on the NOW, despite the looks of anything.


So here is where we remember to do that which all our sacred scriptures throughout time have said in one way or another:  We must have faith.  We must believe.  We must challenge what our eyes see, and what our ears hear and what we seem to be touching and tasting.  How can we do this authentically?  By holding these things we are beginning to see in our minds until they take root, and they truly become our new reality.  You canít bluff this.  Youíre authentic, or youíre  impotent.


So, in the 4th dimension, things are presented to us sequentially, on a timeline. That is the nature, the energy pattern, of this 4th dimension.  But that isnít the higher Truth.  And itís hard to talk of this higher Truth with our 4th dimensional time-constrained minds, because we blow a fuse.  We canít conceive of it. 


But the truth is, our experience that we call our life doesnít exist sequentially Ė that is how the energy pattern we call the 4th dimension manifests it for us.  Thatís how it LOOKS.  But looks are deceiving.  In actuality, our life sits there as a whole, like a whole loaf of bread.  And that seems paradoxical to us because if it sits there as a whole, does that mean it is set in stone? Are we predestined? No.  How can it change then?  This is where we hear the wiring in our brains start to sizzle and fry because in our view, for change to occur, sequential time must be present.  How else can there be change if you canít go from one thing to another?  We are only accustomed to getting one slice, one day at a time. Give us this day our daily bread. How can the loaf change? It blows our mind.  How?   Because it is outside of time.  Your life is actually outside of time.  It is only presented to us here sequentially in the 4th dimension.  You have to remember that, and itís hard to do from the perspective we have become accustomed to.  You existence stands outside of time. Through the function of time, it appears to us, one slice at a time.  But thatís only an illusion.


In fact, you have already accessed the 5th dimension, this place beyond time, and you donít even realize it.  I know that is even harder to believe, but by using the illustration of a 2nd dimensional character accessing the third dimension without realizing it, we can get an idea of how we access the 5th dimension, beyond time, allll the time.  Because paradoxically, it is only in this timeless place that change can actually happen.  It might be expressed sequentially in the 4th dimension, but the actual work takes place outside of time. 


So, in our example, we are looking at a 2 dimensional character accessing the 3rd dimension unaware.  Now a  2dimensional character only has length and width, like the images on playing cards.  They may go right and left, but never up or down.  Up and down would blow their minds, not unlike being outside of time blows our minds.  Thereís a cuter video about this that I will post a link to in the more infosection.


If we take a flat strip of paper, like their 2 dimensional world upon which they may travel length and width, if we take a strip. twist it, and attach the ends, we have a Mobius strip.  If we take a pen and draw a line on it, we can actually draw on all sides of this strip without lifting the pen.  Cool, huh?


So if our 2 dimensional character is traveling on this flat strip, he will actually encounter the third dimension without realizing that he has.  This twist in the paper has allowed him to proceed in what felt like a normal, flat lined path, but it actually wasnít.  He accessed a 3D world without knowing it. 


And the twist in our Mobius strip here, going from the 4th dimension within time to the 5th dimension where your experience exists as a whole, this twist in our caseÖÖ.is the Sweet Spot.  The Now.  Thatís your Mobius twist.  Here is where we access the 5th dimension from the 4th.


 So, first, we must know, really know, that the experience you think of as your life is hanging out there in itís entirety. Itís outside of time.  It only seems created day by day because itís doled out that way.  And we must realize that this entirety that is our experience, our life, is a dynamic thing.


We must KNOW that, AND we must know what it is that we are looking at, what we are changing.  Identify the energy pattern we are spinning.  Once you identify the pattern, you can see how your experience is going to end up, unless you intervene.  Are you in the middle of a victim pattern again?  Get ready to get screwed again, and not in a good way, if you let it play out.  Because that is not why you are experiencing it.  If it runs contrary to what you would like to change, then you will have to change it top.


You have to want to let it go, and I can tell you as paradoxical as it sounds, some of you listening today will clearly see what I am pointing to, but still wonít want to let go of some of your patterns.  It sounds insane, but not when you realize that by letting go, your life is going to change.  When your patterns change, the things in your life may change.  The events in your life will definitely change.  Iím in the middle of a change right now.  It can be dislocating.  But this is what happens because you are letting go of that old energy pattern, your old cadence, and by doing so, the people and things attached to that energy pattern will begin to move out and new things that harmonize with your pattern move in. 


And you know what else?  Although this sounds very star trek right now, I sense that in the same way we unconsciously spin and then see and move through these archetypal patterns, we will also consciously see and move through dimensional energy patterns.  I think we are starting this today as we begin to harness the fruits of these different dimensions or energy patterns.  I do.


So, you must be aware that your life is hanging out there beyond time, in itís completeness.  Then, you must make adjustments in the energy patterns you are spinning that fall in conflict with what you want.  THEN, you have to be standing in the Sweet Spot, the twist in your Mobius strip going from 4th to 5th dimension, in the Now - the only place that exists.  Though time passes constantly across itís threshold, it in itself, is timeless.  And you are the wormhole that cuts through to these other dimensions, giving you the ability to access what we would normally think of as happening of as improper sequence or manifestation.  In other words, Water into wine.  All potentials exist.  Take up your bed and walk.  All potentials exist.


Also know that we arenít going to go into everything here today, but also realize that everything has a pattern that it is unfolding.  Absolutely everything.  Not just people, but puppies, and pineapples.  Races of people have patterns.  Communities have patterns.  Countries have patterns.  These are the Boatsí I mentioned in earlier videos.  There are also often patterns within patterns, spinning their definitions until the day we can see beyond them, and we step outside of them. So, See it.  Know it for what it is Ė one of limitless choices you may make, but you can only make them one way Ė right NOW.  Not in the future.  Now.  In the timeless sweet spot of now. 


And how do we do this authentically, without lying to ourselves?  How do we look at the sick and see them as well?  By challenging what your eyes see, what your ears have heard, what your mind has been told.  By taking back your power, and realizing that this is only what is being presented at the moment.  Because when you are standing in that magical doorway, everything you believe, every pattern you spin, is in the act of becoming real in the world you know.  It has already HAPPENED in the 5th dimension outside of time.  Good or bad, happy or sad. 


So, THIS is why we canít manifest some days, no matter how hard we try.  This energy pattern, clothed in flesh, which is US, is in conflict with our desire.  And as above, so below.  There must always be agreement.  You may be asking for true love, but if you are running the victim pattern, all you are going to get is disappointed.  Count on it.  You want to live comfortably, but you are a miser running a scarcity pattern, there will never be enough, and never will be until you let go of that pattern.  Do you see?  I hope so, because we let go by first SEEING these patterns, recognizing them, and thereby gaining the option to change them.  Our unhappiness with our current situation is our motivation to learn to consciously create. You are learning to adjust the patterns that underlie everything that seems to be.  How cool is that?  Just like Dorothy in the wizard of oz, you have always had the ability to do this.  You just didnít realize it.


Now, there is so much more to this topic.  So much more.  But we had to start somewhere, and so, here we are today.  But the biggest challenge to me that we seem to have to overcome, is fear.  We donít believe.  We are afraid of making a mistake.  As independent as we like to think ourselves, we actually want someone else to make the big decisions, choose the big paths.  We are always looking for help from without.  It takes courage.  It does.  We have to overcome our fear, and reach deep within for what we know instinctively to be there.  Because fear will make you impotent.  So you can see why ĎFear notí is such an important thing.  You will not be able to manifest anything but more things to fear if you bring fear into the sweet spot, into the Now, because that is what you have brought there. 


And we leave fear behind not by running from it, or avoiding it, but when fear looks you in the eye as it screams (Seinfeld) ďYou wanna piece of me?  You tell it ďElaineĒ  I can drop you like a bag of DIRT.  Donít let fear drag you off into the night.  Meditate.  Exercise.  Take a nap.  Whatever you need to do to nip the fear in the bud.  Itís only bluffing, seeing what you will let it get away with.  It is because it doesnít have anything if you donít give it anything.  Fearís existence is completely dependent upon you. So, donít let it have anything. Know that even partial release of these patterns can bring relief.  The smallest gesture will be felt throughout your world as you release these smaller nested patterns within your larger pattern.  Any effort has itís reward, no matter how small


So, challenge what you see.  See beyond what is currently being expressed to what you want it to be.  Picture it there already, in that very moment, lying dormant within this other thing that you do not want.  See it there.  Know it is already there, though your eyes cannot confirm it for you.  Even give thanks that it is there, because it IS, where our experience exists complete and outside of time - the 5th dimension.  It may not have made itís way to you yet in this sequential 4 dimensional world, but it will.  All possibilities exist at all times in nonlocal expression.  Your attention collapses this nonlocal potential, and chooses. Itís nothing new for you. You have always done it.


In the beginning was the word, which is another way of saying thought, but stronger.  Thoughts can flit about, but a word is stable, isnít it.  Defined.  So, define what it is that should come forward, and donít worry about how it is to make itís way to you.  Doesnít matter.  Know that if you ask correctly, without fear, even if it has to break every law in the universe to come to you, it will eventually make itís way, as quickly as your path will allow it.  You are so powerful, and you donít even know it.  Obstacles will fold before the power you wield when you know how to wield it.  Donít worry about current beliefs and laws and theories or statistics, or what should or shouldnít be able to happen. Follow your instincts.  Listen deeply to within.  Donít be afraid to utilize the things of this world to help you manifest what you want to see.  Even Jesus started with water of this world when he changed it into wine. He didnít start with empty jugs.  He also started with a few fish and a few loaves of bread when he went on to feed thousands with them.  Listen to within. Use what is useful.  Know thyself.  Fear not.


This is the beginning of wisdom.  This is the beginning of a brand new world for us.  Reach behind the faÁade to what you know is there.  Look at it in the eye and cast your spell.  Say the words ďIt doesnít matter.  And soon, it wonít matter.  It will move OUT of matter as your Ďnew willí materializes and starts to matter


Identify your patterns that you are spinning, and with this seeing, begin to move them out of your life.  Step up to the plate and out of the vortex, out of the round and round.  Know that you are about to create all things anew in your world.  You have this ability.  You have this, and more.  




I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.