The Nature of Things


This is a very special video.  I hope you can hear the message itís trying to say.


So far, weíve learned from our previous videos how we can begin to change what appears in our life.  But what is it that we are changing?  And how did it get that way?  Why does a wall seem solid and impenetrable, but we can walk effortlessly through what we call fog?  How is it that we can we walk on sidewalks, but not on water? Who decides these things?  And how are they universal to us all?  What is going on here?


As I ask these questions, no doubt answers bubble to your lips.  After all, our education has explained all of this to us, in no uncertain terms. Or so you thought -  Because Iím about to  come a little farther out on the limb with you, and little more out of the closet, and show you something that your rational analytical mind will find unbelievable, but even so, you will know itís true.


And its the reason you wonít find me embroiled in philosophical or scientific debates, why I have no interest in weighing or sorting though the maze of concepts and data, and thatís because what I have come to recall, and am about to try and describe to you here, supersedes these things.  It is as old and primary as the beginning of time.  In fact, time is one of itís products.  But Iím getting ahead of myself again.  Letís start at the beginning.


In the beginning was

the word,

and the word was with God,

and the word WAS god.

And in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  And the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep.


The biblical story of creation has always made me smile, because even though it somehow, defying ALL odds,  was taken as a historical account, I always knew it wasnít and was, instead, a beautiful metaphor.  To those who doubt this, I ask you, who was there taking notes, writing all this down as this white-bearded entity created the world from scratch?   Who?  No one.  Itís a brilliant metaphor that religion has laid claim to, and misconstrued.  But you canít hide the truth for long.  Centuries of mud can temporarily cover the pearl, but it cannot damage it.


So letís look at the beginning.  In the beginning, was this nothing, this void but a void which is not empty, it is full of all possibilities.  How do you begin to have discernable things out of this nothingness?  You have to define them.  You have to give them parameters, form, function.  You have to decide what they look like, and what they do, and how they do it and for how long.  To BE something, you have to have attributes that are detectible.  And to stabilize into something that is repeatedly recognizable, these attributes must repeat.  It must have a default program that runs, that repeatedly manifests it in a certain way with certain attributes.  Otherwise, one day you stand out of bed and walk across the solid floor to the bathroom, no problem.  But the next day you stand and sink up to your chin. 


So inherent in each of these differentiations, these creations of floors and walls and fog and water and sidewalksÖeverything has a default program (for lack of a better analogy) that defines them, it describes how they look and how they act and interact.  It is inherent in itís creation Ė to appear, you must BE something, and to BE something, you are inherently definable and detectable.  This act of definition was also mirrored in the metaphor of creation when god paraded all the animals past Adam to see what he would call them:  and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them: and whatever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.  


This act of defining, of detecting and naming gives rise to the default settings and default programs.  Default settings and programs that are real because we have defined them as such.  And they ARE real.  If you jump off a building, you are going to go splat.  So take all this in very carefully.  These rules, these definitions of everything that is, these default settings ARE real in  every way.  BUT they are not fact.  There is no fact, other that what you agree to.  And right now, you happen to agree to these default settings. You know no other, and that makes them real to you in every way.  Your agreement, your belief, makes them real.  But that doesnít mean that they are really Real.  Yes, we believe they are, we count on it with all our science and speculation.  But they are real as long as WE say they are.  This is a tough corner to turn.  But begin to see beyond this and you are entering the world of turning water into wine.


The premise is actually the same as what weíve discussed in the previous manifesting videos, and no surprise because it IS manifesting.  But itís not just manifesting a more pleasant work environment for example, as we discussed before.  Itís turning that bagel on your desk into a donut. 


I wanted you to be aware of this seemingly hidden truth, but please remember, as long as you truly believe these default settings, you are bound by them.  They are real.  You jump, and you go splat.  This isnít something you can bluff, or fake and if you try to do so, I assure you you will meet with disastrous results.  So work on manifesting within these default settings first, become competent and confident there, and build your belief, your faith.  And with the power, the belief, you gather there,  you will one day be able to move those mountains.


 I wanted you to know this.

 I wanted you to have a sneak-peek at the wonder you will soon recognize as YOU.


"I assure you, if you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you would be able to say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it would move. Nothing would be impossible for you." MAT 17:20


Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature.Ē

 Saint Augustine quotes



Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.Ē C.S. Lewis quotes



ďI am the miracle.Ē

 Buddha quotes