The Manifestation Refinery
Video One
Parts 1-3


Welcome to The Manifestation Refinery, a series of videos that we will visit one by one together and that I hope will help to refine your manifestation abilities. The first thing I want to point to today is sort of an odd spot that we allllll seem to get caught in when we first begin to realize that we do indeed create our reality.  In this weird little odd spot, we are kind of contorted and distorted, jammed into a limiting spot that we are too big for.  Even though we have now at least somewhat accepted the idea that we are creating our own reality, there’s suddenly a roadblock that we encounter initially and sends us off course, and this roadblock is what I want to speak to today.


As this new thought that ‘we create our reality’ begins to sink in, we all seem to get stuck for a moment because we are trying to understand something incorrectly.  As we begin to grasp the idea that ‘we create our reality’, we innocently assume that this means we create whatever we ‘want’.  And actually, that is true, but we do not ONLY create through desire, or by what we ‘want’.  Just like there are many roads that flow into a town, and you could choose any of them and still arrive there, what we ‘want’ is only one potential road of manifestation that we can and do travel.  But in the beginning, we somehow come to believe that it is the only one.


And because of this incorrect thought, we have a hard time seeing the Truth. Because we somehow initially draw the incorrect conclusion that we create only through the streets of desire, we find it hard to believe how someone would really want to get cancer, or that the tsunami victims all wanted to die, or that someone wanted to lose their home and job, or that they wanted their loved one to pass, or that they wanted their husband to abuse them. We don’t see how that could be, and we have a hard time getting around this roadblock at first. And so this is the point I hope to bring you today, and here it is:  There are many potential roads to manifestation.  In other words, we do not create only by what we consciously want.  And that is the incorrect belief we tend to hold in the beginning, but I hope you will set that down today and never pick it up again because it isn’t true.


Yes, we do indeed create through the vehicle of desire or want, but only when we can clearly see and feel ourselves achieving this want, and only when we bring that into the doorway of Now can we obtain it because on that threshold the entire world is continually born and reborn, over and over.  So, this means you can ‘want’ something with all your heart, but if you’re afraid you probably won’t get it, then you probably won’t.  Or, if you consciously or unconsciously give yourself a reason you can’t, then it will probably never arrive.  Or, if you distance yourself from it and only place it in your ‘future’, then you will probably never touch it no matter how much you might like to. 


This ‘Doorway of Now’ is the maternity ward of creation, and your ability to conceive these things that you desire and see yourself holding them in your reality is the Womb in which they grow. So, knowing this, it sheds a bit of light on how so many of our desires never manage to come into being.  We are not embracing them in our Now.  We have placed them somewhere in our future, and so there, they shall remain.  We have placed them out of our reach.  We have designated them as acts of the future instead of acts of the Now, and Thy will, will be done.  They will not be able to enter your ‘Now’, no matter how much they are desired.


So, yes, we DO create by desire, by want, but it only comes to walk in your present moment, when you SEE it walking in your present moment, when you have given it permission to do so.  And this is one of the most common reasons we don’t seem to get what we want.  If it is merely a dream of what you would like to see some day rather than something that has already come to be and is making it’s way to you now, then it will most likely always remain out of reach and in your ‘future’-+. And I bet that answers a lot of questions you might have about never seeing what you earnestly desired to manifest, doesn’t it.   That’s why they couldn’t come to you. The Doorway to Now is the maternity ward and your ability to see yourself already sincerely in possession of whatever you desired and look past what your storyboard currently shows you and know that thy will will be done is the Womb that matures and assembles your desire into reality.


And this is tricky to do.  We have a hard time looking at, for example, an empty bank account, or a bad relationship, or an illness, and seeing past it.  We largely believe what our eyes seem to see.  But this is what you have to do.  You must to be able to look at it and know that that is merely how things appear at the moment in your ‘NOW’ because what you’re looking at  is what you‘ve unconsciously cooked up and placed in the Doorway of your Now.  That is the ONLY reason it is there.  You gave it entrance to your world unconsciously or consciously through this Doorway of Now.  And so, we have to let go of that thought and imagine another thought there. 


And this is hard for us to do in regards to direct manifestation.  But not always.  I would like to point out that we look at the sunset and have no trouble believing there will be a sunrise tomorrow, don’t we?  We have no trouble planting a seed and envisioning that a plant will stand in that very spot in a matter of days.  We have no trouble believing that though we had bad dreams the night before, we could have lovely dreams tonight.  We have no trouble believing that a cool drop of water could seem to disappear as it transforms itself instantly into a gas at the touch of a touch stove.  And your mind IS this hot stove, transmuting seemingly one thing into something entirely different.  Our task is to learn to cook like we know what we’re doing, and I hope this series helps us to accomplish that.


So that is the first thing I want to point out:  Just because we ‘want’ something does not mean that it will come to pass.  That depends upon HOW we are wanting it.  And also, ‘wanting’ something is NOT the only path of manifestation, though this is what we nearly universally come to accept in the early stages of accepting the Truth that ‘we create our reality’.  We think that it means we will get what we want, and that’s true, we do.  But it is only one way we manifest, and even under the best of circumstances, our ‘wants’ can have very peculiar, well hidden roots.  And this is the other thing I hope you will see today.


Because this is one of the biggest reasons we initially doubt that ‘we create our reality’ is the real deal.  How could it be true?  We have a hard time here.  I mean, who wants to get cancer? How did the tsunami victims all want to die? Who wanted to lose their home and job? What person wanted their loved one to pass away?  Who on earth would want their husband to abuse them?  We don’t see how it could be true, and so we have a hard time allowing the Truth of our Creation to take root within our consciousness.  We reject it.  We haven’t been able to bring ourselves to truly believing it.  Until today.


Today, we are going to see how this could happen, and one way it DOES happen is through hidden roots. We don’t see these roots because at this point we still tend to look at things superficially, at ground level, and to see the roots, you must go deeper, into the soil of our unconscious from which much of our world springs forth.   Let’s take the example of the woman who is abused by her husband and look at a handful of the ways that this experience could enter her storyboard, and I’m betting you’re going to be surprised because ‘no’ – it doesn’t always gain entrance because she ‘wanted’ to be abused, because she would somehow masochistically enjoy that.  For most people, that is not the case.


But it could enter her storyboard as the vehicle for her to express her sense of low self esteem.   This abuse from her husband could be the way that she unconsciously acts out this opinion of herself of being ‘unworthy’, and that others will always take advantage of her.  Do you see?  She didn’t’ want to be abused per se.  Rather, it might merely be the way she is acting out her opinion of herself, of demonstrating her hidden and unconscious belief that she is not good enough. This abuse from her husband might the vehicle for her to express this hidden belief.  And whatever we truly believe will come forward however it is able to manifest for your given storyboard.  Count on it.



Part 2 

Welcome back.   So that is one way that she could be experiencing this abuse besides sitting there thinking ‘gee, I wish someone would abuse me.’  Very, very few people directly and consciously think that.  Usually, it grows from a hidden root, and I hope after today you are all Master Sleuths at determining YOUR hidden roots, and beginning to set yourself free from unconscious behaviors and beliefs.  It will change your world.  Literally.  When you change yourself, you will always find you are somehow dragging the entire Universe behind you.  It’s true.  Wait and see.


So, that’s one way her abuse might be happening.  But there are other common roots.  Her abuse could be in answer to a lesson she that was ripe to learn - It might be the vehicle for the very mature  lesson on how to love another despite their unloving ways, on how to discard the action, rather than the person.  That’s a biggie.  And It could.  It doesn’t mean she is enjoying her husband abusing her.  Are you starting to see?


Or it could have come to her storyboard as a lesson in valuing oneself no matter what someone else thinks or does.  In other words, it could be a lesson in transcending, and that’s an incredibly valuable lesson.  Or, his abuse could simply be the catalyst she needed in order to have the motivation to finally leave an unempowering and limiting situation. His abuse could be the wings to help her put an end to it, fly away and free herself from something that she would not have left under more gentle circumstances.  So, in that case, this act of abuse had roots in the keys to her freedom in disguise.



Or, she might be simply satisfying the requirements of her unconscious ‘victim pattern’. She could. And we all know about those, or if not, watch my series ‘Of Miracles and Manifestations’.  It’s one of the most common patterns around.   Or, her abuse could be an unconscious punishment she is bringing on herself unaware for something she feels badly or guilty about, something she believes she should be punished for. We do this all the time, unconsciously replaying conditioning that we have acquired.   Or, she could have feared that she would one day find herself in such a position, and now she has – caught in her  own self-fulfilling prophecy. Be careful what you think, because that is extremely common for us to do – to create out of fear.  Or, (now listen to this one) it could actually be the way she gets her fix for what I call dark drama.   And a taste for dark drama is not only extremely common, but it is an extremely addictive thing, and one we are largely blind to



Now, I really should do a video on this topic alone, but I have to stop here and deviate for just a moment here on a related topic that may not seem related on the surface, but it is, and it is very prevalent.  Because the whole point of this video is to begin to help you see a little a little more clearly how what we come to believe, what we come to accept IS what we come to experience.  The two are one.  You can’t even say that it’s linked – the seeming two ARE the same thing, the same function.  And that’s what I hope you take away from this video, this knowing of how one IS the other.  What we truly think and believe IS what we experience. 


And so it is very important to note that there is one way that we chronically condition ourselves and create our beliefs, especially in the Western world, and in a very detrimental way, and I know you already know it, but I am going to say it anyhow, for your consideration:


If you still spend habitual time in front of the ‘conditioning box’ (TV) watching most of what is on TV today, then I promise you that you absolutely DO have a hidden conditioning that I call “a taste for dark drama”.  In fact, your time spent in front of the conditioning box is, well….I hate to say it but it’s your proof of this conditioning. That is why you are there.  You’re satisfying an unconscious addiction to dark drama by watching the tragedies of the world march by, or oh-my-ing the latest war venture or global bullying, or the school bus accident.  We do this, and we don’t think twice about it usually.  We are all eyes and ears to be clued in on the things we should fear next, aren’t we?  And if these dark drama shows aren’t bad enough, we are continually pelted with advertisements for drugs we probably need to ask our doctor to prescribe for us for illnesses that we should have by now. It’s crazy. And disempowering.  It pulls us off our center.  Do you see what we are leaking into our subconscious?  Or if it isn’t a drug ad then it’s an ad to encourage you that ‘someone has done you wrong’ and you should sue them to recover what they have wrongfully taken’.  And these are obviously encouraging you to take up the role of victim, but that’s not something that you’re going to enjoy, I can promise you.  And if it isn’t one of those two, then it’s an add showing you things you need to purchase to be happy and accepted by others.  So undermining, and so not true.  Yet this is the crap that keeps pours out of the much-loved conditioning box.  And that’s what it does to you.  It conditions your perspective, which writes your beliefs to your hard drive, which generates the life you go on to experience.


And all these disempowering ads are wrapped around endless competitive shows where people take everything from cake baking to voluntarily placing themselves in disadvantaged situation and then act as though it were actually the end of the world rather than a TV show they signed up for. It’s all totally dark drama.   The airwaves are littered with these shows and other dramas passing as informative, or good, or empowering programming, when they are the opposite.  They are the opposite.  They aren’t called ‘programs’ accidentally.  They program YOU.  They tell us what we believe, and we accept their programming.  They draw us in with a smile but once there, they divide us from one another as well as from ourselves.  


But I would like you to note for you that these shows can only exist because of our addiction to dark drama.   So, there’s no reason to fight the shows or advertisements, or organize a march against them, or launch a petition to have them removed.  There’s no need to pin a ribbon on your chest to support the movement to do away with them or anything else.  As always, the real way to remove anything is to find the root and STOP GIVING TO IT.  Stop giving your attention to it. Stop the hidden desire or conditioning within you that has drawn you to it. If they are not fed, if their existence is not rewarded, then they will dissolve without effort.  They will lose their root, wither, and pass out of being.  It’s that simple.


But all this dark drama that pours out of our conditioning boxes is hard to see until it is pointed to.. And it is also a very addictive thing.  In fact, our love of dark drama is so addictive that we will sometimes unconsciously begin to act it out in our own world.  And here is where I am going with all this:  Believe it or not, a woman suffering abuse at the hand of her husband or another might unconsciously be doing just that.  She might.  She may have conditioned herself that such an experience is normal, or she may simply unconsciously be addicted the excitement and drama such an experience generates, or perhaps she desires the attention she gets from concerned onlookers as a result of the experience, and it makes her feel loved.  Who’d of guessed?  Do you see?   Are you beginning to see how we DO create our reality, and how ‘want’ as we commonly think of it isn’t always the cause? There are always many possible reasons at the root of that experience of abuse.  So, to see where it actually comes from, we have to look.



We need to become acutely aware that our experiences are not always what we often initially judge them to be.  I’m going to say that again: We need to become acutely aware that our experiences are not always what we often initially judge them to be.  Furthermore, whether someone ‘wants’ something or not is NOT the only reason or way we manifest, and I hope you see that now and because of that seeing have come to accept your creation of your reality a little easier.  These things are subtle to see at first, but we are often bringing ourselves very different things through a vehicle of experience that we often interpret incorrectly.


Part 3: 

Welcome back.  So ‘no’ – she probably didn’t ‘want’ the abuse.  Not in a ‘gee I hope someone abuses me today’ kind of way.  But she did indeed ‘want’ it in other ways.  It fulfilled an unconscious requirement, agenda, or belief.


And so in a similar way, we each need to look at the things in our world that we do not want, trace the root, and see where they are growing from. There is no ‘pat answer’The true root for our experience depends on what that experience is a vehicle FORWe must look and see what we are trying to bring ourselves in order to find the root.  Do you see?  We have to look deeply and feel for the resonance when we look inwardly to see where these things come from.  There are no easy answers.  There are good guesses, true, but the real reason could always be something you never suspected.  I bet you might not have expected some of the reasons I listed for this example, did you?  We can walk right past them and judge them by superficial nonsense if we aren’t careful.   And so we must look very, very carefully.


So now, I hope you are beginning to see not only how a  manifestation that you ‘wanted’ somehow DIDN’T appear because you did not permit  it into your NOW, as well as how we do indeed create our reality, both good and bad.  It’s all been a case of “Father forgive us, we know not what we do.”  But now we are beginning to know, and to refine this knowing.



And so the next time your ‘logic’ tries to raise it’s head and insist “Believing we create our own reality is crap.  I most certainly did NOT want ‘this’”, then I want you to remember what you have heard here today and know that you are doing it.  In fact, you do it instinctively.   


In the same way that when we dream we are not only our dream character, but we are also creating the ground we seem to walk on in our dream, even the boogey man who may be chasing us across that very ground – in the same way we have created all these without any conscious effort, we have also created our world.  This is the magnificence that you are.  It is so easy for you that you literally do it in your sleep, every night.  It’s who you are, it’s what you do


So this is the task at hand – waking up, catching ourselves in this dream we call life - a dream that is very real to your dream character who is certain he is sitting there listening to me speak right now. But even so, this is being created by us.  We create reality from our thoughts, our fears, our desires, all tainted with our filter of unawareness.  But even so, we do this. 


We even echo this magnificent ability to unconsciously create right in front of our very eyes, right on our storyboard, even then our denial is so deep, or our eyes so blind that we walk right past it.  It is not only embedded in, but actually the platform for the continuance of mankind on our storyboard, and yet we do not see it. Why?  We are accustomed to seeing it, and we have elected to allow it be minimized and explained away by some superficial, thin little trivial story that science has cooked up and served and we have eaten.  And we ate of that tree.  But even so, it is still here, staring us in the face.


So, where are we unconsciously yet deliberately creating unconsciously like magic that somehow becomes ‘real’, right here on the storyboard?   Well I personally have created two human beings with nary a conscious thought. And considering the last world population head count, I’m betting there are quite a few others out there that have done the same.  And I’m not kidding here.  Look at this closely.  These unconscious creations of mine are here.  They walk in my reality, as yours does in yours.  They are as real as I am.  And yet, I brought them forth unconsciously.  I had no conscious knowledge of putting them together, of assembling their little bodies.  And yet, I did.  They’re here….The unmanifest made manifest.  The spirit made flesh, that it might dwell among us.  And I had no conscious thought in the process at all. We call it the ‘miracle of birth’ but somehow we have forgotten that it actually IS a miracle.  The unmanifest made manifest through the act of conception, of conceiving.  And this act of conceiving in our minds is what we must do too, if we wish to consciously create.  And why shouldn’t we?  There isn’t a day that goes by in which we haven’t conceived and created unconsciously.  Why not begin to do it consciously?


Because we are creators - It’s who we are, it’s what we do.  We have simply created so convincingly that we have fallen under the spell of our own creations.  But now we are beginning to see, to recall, and we will go on to consciously DO.  Each and every one of you listening to me today already does this very thing.  It’s not a matter of whether you can or not.  You do it every day you seem to open your eyes and walk your storyboard, you already do it.  So, do not doubt.  And now, we are pulling this ability into our consciousness.  We are learning to guide the steering wheel.


So, this is Reminder #1 or Lesson #1 (however you want to look at it), the first of a more in-depth series on this ability to directly manifest.  And to proceed effectively, you need to first show yourself what you have ALREADY created: Good or bad, happy or sad, you are the reason that you encounter the things you encounter.   Trace the root of your experiences.  It may be a big root, or it may be a tiny little thread–like one, but whatever it is, identify it.  See if you want to keep it, or if you can now dream a better dream.  That is what I am personally drawn like a moth to the flame to help myself and others do:  To dream a better dream, a bigger dream, a more beautiful dream, for ourselves AND for our world.  Because right now, we do not always dream beautifully enough.  Our thoughts are still limited by our blindness and fear.  But what WOULD you dream today if I handed you a magic wand that you could wave, and your dream would come to life?  Because that is what I hope to do today - To hand you the magic wand you have always owned and used, but only in your sleep. During waking hours, you did not recognize it.  Well, here it is.  It IS in your hand.  Now your task is to Dream a Better Dream.  For yourself and the world. 


And we begin to harness this power by knowing ourselves.  It is both our lesson AND our proof.  We must look.  If you trace the root of an unpleasant experience and see it is teaching you a lesson, then learn that lesson.   Move on.  If it is the product of an unconscious addiction or conditioning, remove it.  If it is bringing forward a defeating self-prophecy about yourself and who you are and who you can be, then see the Truth about yourself and in doing so, render that prophecy impotent.  If you find what you are experiencing is disguised as a miserable motivation in order to give you wings to make a needed change in your life, then make those changes


And never look at what you have brought forth and for one moment and ever believe again that what is before your eyes isn’t your handiwork somehow.   It is.  If it were not relative to you, if it were not relevant for you, then you would not be encountering it.  Period.  Now we know how to look at these things, how to read our experiences better, like a sacred ‘Book of Me’ that will reveal to the careful reader all he needs to know about who he is, and what he truly believes, and fear, and desires.  We walk among our thoughts and beliefs everyday.  It’s time to see.  



When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.  For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. 1 Corinthians 13:11-12


It’s time to see face to face.  Look.  You do see this, don’t you?  And with this seeing, now find the true root of your experiences and like a good gardener, deal with those roots appropriately for what you want to bring forward in your life. For what you want to grow, and for what you want to go.  Because this is your garden.  For better or worse, the world you walk in is what you have allowed to be planted and grow.


This is your Eden, and she longs for you to tend to her, in consciousness and in love. 


This is, and has always been, yours.   But, now seeing, you must knowingly put out your hand and reclaim it.


You have this ability.  You have this, and more.


I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.