Losing Your Loneliness


Hello again.  Over and over lately, a message has been brought to me.  In different ways, you have been saying “I feel lonely.  I long for companionship on this Journey.  Where are the others?  Can we not come together?  Can we not find comfort in togetherness?  I so dislike this feeling of being alone.”  And I understand this feeling because this is what I have also felt - especially so in the beginning of my Journey where I also disliked my loneliness, and in fact, did everything short of lying on the floor, kicking and screaming at what felt like an imposed, unfair isolation.  I also demanded to know “Where were all the others?  Can’t we get together?  Why do I feel so alone?”


Because even though I often touched another here and there, mostly, I still found myself alone.  And lonely.  And I wanted to not feel alone so badly, just like many of you.  It was an ongoing frustration to me because even though I would meet a similar soul here or there, eventually we drifted apart for reasons unknown, and, having become accustomed to their companionship, I was left feeling more alone than ever.  And many of you have expressed this same thing to me, and so, I want to offer you the real solution of the matter.  Not just something that will make you feel better for a while, but the actual resolution of ‘How to cure this loneliness forevermore’.  Now, wouldn’t that be nice?  It would, because people come, and people go, don’t they?  Groups form, and groups dissolve.  So how can we cure our loneliness?


Over time I was able to hear the message my loneliness was trying to tell me, but it wasn’t what you may think it is trying to say.  Curiously, my loneliness wasn’t trying to tell me ‘meet more people like yourself’, although that is indeed often a welcomed balm to the ache in your soul.  But that wasn’t actually what my loneliness was telling me.


Rather, in the same way that the pain in my hand would be sending me a message to take it off the hot stove, the pain of my loneliness was trying to communication to me a similar message, and it wasn’t simply to motivate me to ‘meet more people like myself’ because the Truth is, not only do people come and go, but even in a room full of people you can still be utterly alone, can’t you?  You can still have that ache inside.  And so, eventually, after I tried to remedy this ache with various people and groups and had no real satisfaction, I had begun to look at it differently. I begun to approach it in a different way.


Now, the things I tried in the meantime did help – they certainly did offer temporary relief.  Meeting others, joining groups, all that made me feel better for a time, and I’m sure they do the same for you.  But they never really resolved my loneliness.  So, after much round and round, I finally began to hear the message my loneliness was telling me.  Now maybe you will have to also experience x amount of round and round, too, before you can hear this.  Or, maybe you won’t.  Maybe you can jump that experience.  So, in the name of jumping this ‘round and round’, I am honored to present to you the actual message that you will eventually discover that your loneliness was trying to tell you, and here it is:  You need to more truly, more closely, more intimately understand and resonate with the Oneness of your being.


Now, hold on - I know most of you already know of this Oneness, and believe in it.  But there are different levels of belief, of understanding.  For example, we can intellectually agree with something.  We can know it inside out, and completely agree with the entire concept of it.  But then, there comes a deeper understanding.  It is different.  Very different.  Suddenly, your mental or intellectual understanding drops to a deeper level where you no longer agree with it - you no longer agree because agreement itself has become irrelevant.  It is irrelevant because what you thought you understood has now become YOUR INESCAPABLE TRUTH.  You can no longer choose or not choose to agree.  It is reflexive.  Do you see?  Utter Oneness becomes your inescapable Truth, your new reality, and not just in a metaphorical sense, but in a practical, day to day way. 


An when our understanding of Oneness drops deeper within us like that, when it becomes OUR INESCAPABLE TRUTH, then we are no longer lonely.  We constantly feel connected to everyone and everything, whether it is familiar to us or not.

Now, following your particular patterns and beliefs, some things will feel a little more, or a little less more homey to you.  That is to be expected because they are being passed through those particular filters, but even so, ALL are your sons and daughters.  All are your Mothers and Fathers.  All are your sisters and brothers, whether they are casting stones at you, or kissing you.  Everything has become your intimate family, and you will no longer be able to escape this knowing.  And with this knowing, loneliness begins to recede into largely an antiquated and curious perspective from another time, when you didn’t see as well.  Please join me for part 2




Welcome to part 2.   So, believe it or not, THIS is what your loneliness is trying to get you to find.  THIS is the riddle that has been brought forward for you to resolve.  Is it possible for you hear this and begin to assimilate it into your world without having to first experience x amount of the round and round of attempted cures for loneliness, as I did?  Absolutely - All things are possible.  Is it likely?  I have no idea, having had to experience the round and round myself.  But I suspect there are those of you out there who can cut short your experience of loneliness and learn the real lesson, bring forward the real Truth your loneliness is so sweetly trying to lead you to.  And that is why I offer you these thoughts, for your consideration.


THIS is why you are lonely:   (are you listening?) This is why you are lonely:   You are lonely so that you may learn that you are not alone.  You are not separate.  You are held in the arms of Oneness this very moment, but just do not realize you are being held. That you are touching.  We are all touching, at all times.  This is also the reason I seem to speak less and less – because I see the conversations we are having unaware, at all times.  We are always in communication, just in ways perhaps too subtle for you to notice quite yet. You are never without me, as I am never without you.  In fact, it is even beyond touching – because touching implies two, and there is only the One.  We are one.  You are never alone.  And as the deeper message of Oneness drops into your Being and becomes your inescapable Truth, loneliness leaves the room. 


You are lonely so that you may more fully find this Great Truth: You are never alone.  And seeking to cure this feeling of being alone will lead you into this understanding, where you no longer pine away for your supposed ‘other half’ to complete you, an you no longer search for the group to join, so that you may voice your similar thoughts.  But rather, you will suddenly notice that you are already in the midst of an intimate, perfectly choreographed dance, one that needs no voice, no direction, no reassurance, no support.  It is beauty and truth, in the dynamic dance of wordlessly expressing Itself.


And THAT is you. 


See more fully the Truth of your Oneness, and loneliness leaves.  You will find the most satisfying companionship presented to you at all times, in one way or another.  It is only when we focus upon our seeming separateness that we can feel alone - Only when we focus upon our separateness.  See the Oneness more fully, and ironically, companionship will never leave you, though it may express itself in many different ways. 


This, my loves, is how you truly cure the loneliness that rises within.  Find the Oneness, allow it to become your inescapable reality, and loneliness will never darken your door again.   Because your loneliness is nothing more than a messenger, delivering to you this message, the realization, that Oneness must become more than a concept, an appealing idea to you.  Oneness must become your Truth.  Until it does, loneliness will never truly leave you, though it may seem to be placed temporarily at arm’s length from time to time with various alliances with people or groups.  But it will never be gone. 


Only when Oneness becomes your actual reality you will never find yourself alone again, whether you are in a relationship, or not.  Whether you are part of a group, or not.  Whether you are alone, or not.  Loneliness becomes impossible.  Utterly impossible.  If you have no human companionship, the rocks will speak to you.  If there are no rocks, then the sky will embrace you in lively, meaningful conversation.  If there is no sky, then the flicker of Life itself becomes your playmate.    And so it goes.


So - Bring the Truth of Oneness more deeply into you.  Allow it to become your inescapable reality, and you will never be alone again.  This is not only my most sincere promise to you, it is divine Law.


This, my loves, is how you truly cure your loneliness.  Solve the message of this riddle your seeming loneliness is presenting you.  And that riddle is:  You are lonely so that you may realize that you are never alone.  Do you see?  The purpose of your loneliness is only to bring you to this understanding.  This is the riddle you must resolve.  And if you were not able and ready to begin to resolve it, you would not have laid it at your feet.  Solve it.  Bring it into your being.


You only feel lonely so that you may finally come to this deeper, fuller realization that you are never alone.


Only when you are lost in illusional thoughts can you ever believe that you are alone.  See this Higher Truth in all it’s beauty:  You are never alone. The mind who feels alone has simply closed itself off from this Truth.  For I am with you, and you are with me.  We touch, at all times.  Whether you are watching my videos, whether you are listening to my voice or not, I am there, as you are here with me.


You ….are never….alone. 



I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.