Holding Your Will Still


This video is for those of you who have decided to try creating and directing what is going on in your life, as we discussed in Astonished.  I know I said I would do a video on time next, but thereís one final thing I felt important to point out: How to keep your will still because your will, your consent, your intent, is what takes you from point a to point b, from your old thought to your new one.  Until we begin to try and intentionally direct what occurs in our lives, we have no idea how wild our will is, how emotional it is, how reactive it is, how it flits and flails about, and changes from one direction to the next.  To make matters even more challenging Ė it doesnít want to be tamed or directed.  It rather likes the freedom of its wild ways.


But your will isnít a wild and beautiful thing, like a wild animal.  Your will, your consent, is a function.  It is a pathway that you carve, leading from A to B.  If it splits off into a million different directions, and doubles back on itself, and twists around, then it makes it really difficult and time consuming to get from A to B, from your old thought to your new one.  The better you get at directing your will, at holding your will still, the faster and more accurate your results will be.


But holding your will still isnít like pinning something down, or caging something, or binding something Ė not at all - it is a gathering, a smoothing, a coordination, a cooperation, and agreement, like when we begin to learn to walk.  We arenít forcing our legs to do this and that, we direct their coordination, their harmony towards the mutual goal by never relenting that this is indeed what we want to do.  Holding your will still is like this.  And like learning to walk, you get better and better until one day you donít even think of it at all Ė itís instinctive.  When you want to go in a certain direction, you just go.  And thatís how your will will eventually work for you, leading you into the new place you want to be.


But for now, we must begin to settle down this little bucking beast, to sooth it, to give it the harmonious direction it is meant to master.  Because eventually, like the basketball player who knows heís made the shot before it leaves his fingertips, or the ball player who knows heís hit a home run before the bat meets the ball, youíll begin to know, too, to sense it, to feel it on itís way and about to be, youíll feel it hanging in the air because your will has harmonized the event for you, it has lead it into place in your life. That is what your will is for.  That is itís function.


But for right now, your will is probably a wiggling thing trying to writhe out of your grasp.  It doesnít want to go in the direction you say, it wants to do whatever it wants to do, as it always has before.  So, at first, you will need to refocus your will over and over, pushing back out any errant thoughts or directions that it tries to squeeze in.  But eventually, it sweetly begins to yield to you, and follow you, and wait patiently on you to see what you want it to do.  But not at first, and I just wanted to warn you of this so that you wouldnít becomes discouraged.  So practice holding your will still, and know that in the beginning you will have to repeatedly refocus it.  But not for long.  Do this, and before long, it will begin to wait patiently upon you, and it  will carry you to wherever it is that you want to be.