Hello again! For Halloween, I wanted to do a short little video to highlight a truth that we always seem to forget:


 I am often asked what I think of ghosts and spirits, and while I don’t want to go into a lot of detail about that right now,  I do want to use this opportunity to remind you that YOU are a spirit.  You are! Hello Casper!  Slimer! Lady in the library….. You are a spirit, and the biggest difference between you and what one might consider a traditional ghost or spirit is that your primary conscious focus is vested in this storyboard, this reality, and theirs is not.  Theirs is somewhat like a forgotten dream for them, just an unresolved fragment of their awareness that is still playing on this frequency, for lack of a better word.  The majority of what is considered to be ‘them’ has moved into a new frequency, or a new storyboard, but like static charge, we can leave what seems like bits of ourselves behind, charges that may be picked up and read by certain receptive people or at certain relevant or receptive times. 


In fact, you yourself probably have left bits of these static charges ‘behind’ on other frequencies, pieces that you are still working on and are still unresolved.  Oh my! Oh yes. You may have.  ‘You’ may be ‘haunting’ other places, usually quite unaware.  How about that!  And it’s not sad.  Is it?  You don’t miss these pieces you have left playing on.  They are fragments (lessons actually) that you will resolve, but for now, they play on, a bit of crackling static frequency that is still you, but you from what you might view as a different life experience.  And you will eventually resolve this emotionally charged fragment you left playing on.  You will.  And this is why ‘ghosts’ often seem to be trying to resolve something – they are!


So, not only are YOU a spirit, right here and now listening to my video, dressed in the flesh of this dimension, not only is THAT true, but also it is not only possible but likely that during your Journey you have left pieces of you, charged events for you, playing as ghosts in the view of the other residents of that dimension.  How odd, huh?  You are spirit, and you very well may be ‘ghost’ somewhere else, too!  It is only odd to think of this when we fall into the belief that we are flesh and bone, and there is only one material world, and perhaps one spiritual world.  Because that’s how we tend to think about it, don’t we?  We have one life, one body of flesh, there is one world, and perhaps a heaven and hell.  But when we begin to see the true limitless nature of existence, of who we truly are, then it isn’t so odd at all.  The walls and ceiling that limited your view of the world blow right off and you will begin to see the limitless nature of your being.


SO, my Halloween message to you is that YOU are a spirit.  Right now.  As whoever you are.  You are an eternal spirit dressed in the flesh of this dimension.  And these things we call ghosts are (for lack of better descriptives) emotionally charged, unresolved facets from another show that was once on.  And when we view existence in the antiquated but widely accepted terms, it’s all very mysterious and scary, isn’t it?  But when you see it for what it is, it isn’t so bizarre. Not at all.  For you ARE spirits!  And, you may have left behind a spark of a fragment of you somewhere that acts as a ‘ghost’, too, until it has been resolved! 


You could have.  I know this is a new way for most for most of you to look at the world of spirits and ghosts, but try it on, walk around in it, and see if it doesn’t fit.  See if it doesn’t feel right.  Because you ARE spirit – most of you already readily acknowledge that….but you may also be ‘ghost’, too, somewhere, and it’s really no more odd than the thought of being spirit in the first place.  And you ARE spirit.


So, Happy Halloween, to all my lovely spirit friends. 



I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.