Getting From A to B


How do we get from A to B?  How do we successfully change what appears in our reality?  Some of you have mentioned that you’ve earnestly tried without seeing the results you expected, in fact, sometimes you even saw the opposite results. 


The reason can be easily overlooked if we aren’t careful.  We’ve talked about it in Acceptance vs the Power to change as well as in Astonished, but it’s so easy to miss that I am going to pull it out and put a spotlight on it:


The key to getting from A to B, the key to changing things,  is Acceptance.  Yes.  Acceptance.  It seems backwards at first, I  know, but it is through our Acceptance of ‘what is’ that we gain the ability to change things  into something different.  Here’s an example:


Let’s say you have a job you dislike, and you would love to change it to something more agreeable.  In the land of duality, of good and bad, right and wrong, the first thing we think to do is to try and move away from it. But that doesn’t work, because the Land of duality is an illusion.  Only from the Land of Oneness where we see that everything is called to us by our own hand, can we effectively do away with it, and we do it through acceptance, not struggling against it.  In fact, to struggle against it will focus your attention upon it, so not only does it remain with you, it may grow stronger and bigger!   The results of your efforts may be opposite of what you wanted to happen!


So, how do we do away with it?  We do it by seeing it, by accepting it, for it is indeed your “now”. Because here’s the trick – when we accept it, when we accept our disagreeable job in this example, when we say ok, I see it, I accept it, I  realize I PUT IT HERE, then we gain control over it.  though it may seem backwards, our acceptance of it being in our  life is actually a cause to rejoice, to be glad, because when we reach the point where we accept our Oneness, when we quit blaming fate or our perceived enemies, or chaos or chance or rotten luck, when we finally look the truth dead in the eye and see that yes, it was Us that did this, then with this acceptance, we gain control over it.  Well, we’ve had control the whole time, but we disavowed any association with it, other than our claim of being it’s victim. 


But when we keep setting it outside of ourselves, not wanting to acknowledge our doing because of some silly association with blame or pride, when we stay in the land of duality like that, we tie our own hands, as we have done throughout time.  And those of you who believe yourselves to be in agreement with Oneness, but still can’t bring yourself  to accept that we are calling everything, not just the things we perceive as good, but EVERYTHING forward in our lives, those people will eventually have to release the grip they secretly maintain on duality.  Otherwise, you won’t see this because you can’t see it from the land of duality, only from the land of oneness.


So, accept whatever it is that you want to change, in fact, rejoice in it because it is nothing but magnificent proof of your ability to do what you are seeking to do – to create.  The very existence of the thing we want to change, the fact that it is there in your life, is proof that creation resides in your hand!  Afterall, one honest glance will show your motivation in creating the thing you didn’t really want, whether it was feelings of unworthiness, or feelings of scarcity and lack, or fear.  One look an most of us can see how we ended up with it.  We can connect the dots. And we need to so that, we need to trace that.  But this time, when you do, don’t kick your own butt for sabotaging yourself.  Instead, rejoice!  Be excited!  Here, in this thing you want to change, you are viewing your ability to create.   You can see how what you had consciously or unconsciously loaded on your bottom shelf has brought it into being. You did this!  Be HAPPY!  And with this seeing, you can now see that you have this ability.  Proof of your creation is right before your eyes, in every supposed mistake we want to change.  All you have to do is look.


So, it is through our acceptance of whatever we find in our life, through our recognition that it is here by our own hand, that we gain the ability to change it, because if we made it, we can un-make it.  And by looking at our creation of what we really didn’t want to create, we can find the trust and belief we need to make our changes come true. 


So, this is how we get successfully from A to B.  It’s not through struggle, avoidance, or denial.  It’s through acceptance of “what is”, whatever that may be, lifted onto it’s rightful throne through our complete belief in the Oneness of all, in the knowledge that there is nothing outside of you to blame, there is no one to make you their victim.


Because whether we are talking about disease, or relationships, or where we live, we create every bit of our reality.  I know that is still hard to hear for some, but the beauty and glory of it is, it’s true!  Further down the road, you will understand how it is your perception of reality, a perception that is governed by your paradigm, the set of belief you unconsciously hold as ‘true’ and ‘real’, that pulls the trigger on our reactions and judgment of the events we experience, because the events themselves are just that – event….experiences.  They are neither white or black, good or bad, light or dark.  Our perspective, governed by our set of beliefs, colors the picture we see. 


So, this is how you do it. This is how you go from A to B:  See it.  See how you did it.  Accept it, and even be happy about it because you see that you did it.  And by this seeing, know you can undo it, you can redo it.  And then go and begin to do that.  Because you have this ability.  You have this, and more.