Expanded Perspectives


What about the children who experience handicaps, poverty, illness and disease? Thinking about them seems to throw a wrench into our belief of personal manifestation.  We donít see how they could have manifested what they are experiencing, so we push the thought to the back of our minds.   But the answer is there, staring us in the face, and I hope to point to it in this video. But to fit all I need to fit into these 2 videos means that I canít gently sneak up on my points Ė so I hope you forgive me, but Iím going to have to hit you with them one after another, and so you may want to watch it more than once. There are a lot of topics being are tossed around in here that we may need to go into more deeply at a later time, and we will.


The first and most important point I hope you carry away from this video is this:  Anytime you have a question that you cannot see the answer for, know that this is a sure sign that you hold beliefs that are inconsistent with the Truth.  Your beliefs are blocking your view.  But the good news is, all you must do is release these incorrect beliefs and the truth will begin to move forward in your mind on its own, before I even open my mouth, like water being released from a dam. 


And in the case of the children, the incorrect belief that is blocking your view is simply this:  We think that they are new.  We do.  But not one of us are new.  Yes, bodies are new concoctions, new configurations, but the captain steering that new little vessel is as old as the seas of time, and the vessel, custom made.  But we are eternal.


Now, when I say eternal, Iím not talking about what is commonly called reincarnation here, because what I have come to know about our continuation is a good bit different than beliefs that are commonly held, and we should indeed go into that, but thatís another video that for another day.  For now, just know that you are indeed eternal.


So, how do these unfortunate things occur?  I can see at least four ways: karma, collective experience, hidden beliefs, and loss for gain. Karma is another topic we need to go in more fully because it is a manmade chain that we can easily snap Ėit is not some mysterious law following us around and dispensing divine justice -  Karma is your own hand, or rather, mind, in action,. It is self-induced retribution that we drag behind us from what we see as one lifetime to the next, and it may be one way someone manifests undesirable conditions into their life.


The second way is through the collective experience.  This is a topic that most are still foggy on, but it is the missing link in explaining other big questions, so weíll go deeper into this deeper at a later time.  But for now, know that collective experiences can arise through our association with groups.  For example, the finger, by itís association with the hand, may experience what the hand experiences.  It works something like that.


The third way they can manifest undesirable conditions is simply through an inaccurate or unwanted belief that they arenít consciously aware of, just like we have discussed in earlier videos.  They have accumulated things on their bottom shelf that they are not aware of.  And these things may be the reason behind what we are manifesting. And yes, this is true even as newborns, because we must remember that even though bodies may be new concoctions, our awareness is eternal.  It never truly stops, and it never starts anew.  Everyone you meet is a continuation of someone on their journey, including the child or disabled person. There are no age restrictions on manifesting our reality because we are ageless.  Each of us are a continuation of an eternally evolving song.


The fourth way we may manifest these things into our life is through loss for gain, and it isnít as unusual as it may sound Ė hereís a couple of examples we have all witnessed, perhaps even experienced directly.  Childbirth is the first -  women willingly participate in childbirth over and over again, despite life threatening situations and pain.  They willingly suffer so that they may bring forth more love. But this loss for gain event has a short turnaround, and we see the results, we see the baby born, and the Mother forget in an instant what she went through to manifest this newborn. 


But how would we feel about childbirth if we were forced to witness a woman giving birth naturally today, but never saw anything come of it, and the story seems to end there with the woman writhing in the grip of hard labor and pain?  What would we think of childbirth then?  It would be a most horrible, senseless, brutal thing, something that should be stopped without question, wouldnít it? With good intention, we would launch campaigns to attempt to prevent it, or at least provide some relief from it. From our perspective, we would see it as bad.


And this is how we may be looking when we are see at poverty, and handicaps, and disease, and people suffering.  From our perspective, it seems there could be no redemptive reason for any of it, and so we do what we can and wring our hands in despair that what we do never seems to be enough, but we cannot see the whole picture, that if loss for gain is the case, there is something to gain there, something we are not necessarily privy to, because we donít necessarily see what they bring forward from it.  That may rest in what we view as another lifetime.


But please, donít miss my point here. Iím not saying we should just pat these poor dears on the back tell them that they are bringing it all on themselves for a reason.  No.  Thatís preposterous.  If you are present in the life of someone who is experiencing a handicap, or disease or unfortunate situation, know that you are not witnessing this by accident.  There is something for you to see there, usually something for you to do. Sometimes itís just to unconditionally support that person in whatever path they seem to find themselves in, to be there for them and with them as they see what they came to see.


And I know what I am pointing to here wonít slide down smoothly for some of you watching this video, despite my best efforts.  But if that true for you, you must realize that to disagree is to believe in a world ruled by random luck and reckless misery, a world of vengeful gods and hapless circumstance.  Do any of us here inquiring today really believe that?  I donít think you do.


Please join me in part 2 for the conclusion of expanded perspectives


Welcome to part 2 of expanded perspective.  So, as we saw in part one, childbirth is one common example of loss-for-gain, with the mother voluntarily suffering, in order to manifest more love.  The second example exciting, but a bit esoteric and one that you may not have consciously looked at beforeÖ and here it is.  To manifest as the current version of the human animal, man has agreed to tuck his instinct largely out of sight.  Left in this sink or swim situation, man must develop his ability to think Ėwhat we call our rational mind. In our everyday perspective, this is a life-threatening handicap. So why would we do that when, for example, the hatchling who primarily relies on instinct emerges fully able to lead his life without benefit of paternal support or conditioning? Yet in todayís world, the human animal must spend the better part of 20 years learning to survive.  That doesnít seem to make sense, does it?  Why would we shove instinct aside like that, putting us into so many awful situations?  Why not be like the hatchling? Why?  Because by doing this, the human animal gains what those ruled by instinct cannot.  He develops his ability to abstractly think, and dream, and suppose, and create.


We have indeed developed this ability, and now that we have, what has man turned his hand to?  He is pulling instinct back out into his consciousness, mixing it back into his life, because instinct is just another word for what we like to call spirituality.  Ever think of that? Itís true.  Instinct is the hardwired conscious access to the One, and isnít that what we call spirituality?  And here is the bonus play, here is what we gained:   The mental agility we developed out of necessity is like a STEERING WHEEL for the vehicle of instinct or spirituality.  So, instead of our instinct or spirituality running on rails, on a default program like the hatchling, we can now determine the direction of the manifestation.  This rational mind consciousness is the function we gained that enables this.  And so in a manner of speaking, we are all learning to drive here, and many of us are poor drivers at the moment, but weíre learning.  And this is why the sudden interest in manifestation, the season has arrived for the joining of these two functions.  2010 We can not only go with the flow, but coupled with our rational mind, with this new steering wheel, we can now direct our flow.  By handicapping ourselves, we attain what those ruled by instinct cannot.  And thatís what we see the world in the early stages of awakening to Ė this urge to reconnect to our instinct, our spirituality, because weíve got the steering wheel, and now we hear the call to find the vehicle it was meant to direct.  Pretty exciting, actually.


And in both of these examples, both childbirth and in gaining mental agility, we see loss for gain in action.  Loss for gain can be hard to detect, and even harder to watch, especially in the earlier stages.  And here is where our understanding that nothing arises without being called, intentionally or unintentionally, helps us begin to make sense out of what otherwise might seem random.


I hope this video helps expand your perspective, so that we see not only the intimacy of our oneness, but genuinely grasp our immortality, and see that though we may experience being a newborn, none     are new.  This is the unconscious belief that you hold that is blocking your view, and you must lay aside and know we have no beginning, and no end.   So, may we extent our unconditional love to one another, because though we may appear on the surface to be individuals, we are One, and we are all in bed together in the most intimate way. 


And I hope you can see that it is of the highest wisdom, and with the eyes of truth and love Ė not apathy -  that we are able to see that there are no accidents, no victims and in truth, neither birth nor death.  There is only our eternal awareness, experiencing these experiences.


And with this expanded perspective, may we not only see the answer we seek, but may we allow one another the privilege of their journey, the validation that, while we are all One, their particular path is uniquely theirs and just as worthy as the next.  May our compassion always be without the bitterness of judgment, or the saltiness of pity, and if we can lighten their load, whatever the circumstance, may we lighten it.  If we can cool their thirst, may we hand them our cup.  And if we can brighten their darkness, may we share our flame, and light their way.


And may we remember that not one of us are new.  We     are Divinity    in the process  of singing this eternal song.  How beautiful.




I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.