Entering the I AM


I call this video ‘Entering the I Am”, because that’s what it feels like to most of us as we consciously access what I am going to try and describe to you here.  And when we do this, when we deliberately access this, we feel as though we are experiencing something new, but that’s not really true, because we have already entered the I AM, and we are already in it’s embrace.  We’ve always been there.   In fact, ‘there’ is ‘US’.  But we don’t realize this, so it is through this deliberate and conscious  act of ‘entering the I AM’, it is through this deliberate shift of consciousness and perspective, that we first begin to reveal to ourselves this place we where we have actually always stood, and we begin to recall how to deliberately do the things that we have already been doing. And what we have already been doing is creating the world. 


It is in this holiest of holies, this sacred place within ourselves, that we spin the web we call our world.  Right now, we usually do it unconsciously.  We do not realize that it is our hand that weaves it and our hand that chooses - sometimes manifesting pleasant desires, sometimes manifesting our secret fears, but it is always our hand that chooses, and without judgment what we choose is brought forth.  But because of our sleep, we project these very acts of creation,  - our choices, upon yet another of our unconscious creations, one that we’ve named God, or Allah, or Brahman, or the Universe, or Fate, or Chaos, or Chance or even simply Life.  It is when we open our eyes and allow ourselves to see, that we finally understand that it has been us, all along. And in one fell swoop, in this one little thought, our projected external God is killed, yet with that imaginary death, the true creator slides into place on his rightful throne.  And there are no more smoke and mirrors, no more “I am so lucky!’ or “oh why has this happened to me” ?   We realize that it is our will, our beliefs, whether held consciously or unconsciously, that has given birth and presented us, without judgment, without question, the manifestation of that which we believed.


Consciousness and awareness….these are the handprints of creation.  Some believe that they (as Bob, Tom, and Mary) do not really exist, and that, for the most part, is true.  But believing this, some also think that there is therefore nothing to do.  Nothing we should do. So they sit, and enjoy being a leaf on the river of life.  And if they choose to do so, that’s fine.  But do not allow it to escape you that it is your choice , it is your hand that selects to sit there as a leaf, you have chosen it, so you do it.  Or you don’t.  It is all your choice, and you may choose whatever experience you prefer.  But please just remember this one thing: Do not be lulled into thinking it is possible for you to truly be just the leaf.  The leaf is only your elected perception at the moment, it’s your experience of choice.  But remember, there is not some other external force that you are riding the waves of as this drifting leaf.  Those are your waves, too.  Your water.  Your current, your banks.  You are simultaneously creating everything that you, as this drifting leaf of the river of life, encounter.


So now we see how we create, awake and asleep, eyes open, eyes closed.  This video is for those who are waking, who understand their hand in their creation of all they encounter, and want to begin to recall how to consciously select what manifests in their life. 


We enter the I AM, the state of deliberate manifestation, when we have become acutely aware of our inherent Oneness with everything, and we see own hands, our fingerprints, upon everything that our awareness falls upon.  And with this seeing, we begin to grasp the magnitude of our contribution, of our directive, in everything we encounter.  With this, we see even further, as it begins to dawn within us that if our fingerprints are everywhere, if our hands made this, why -  they can make it into something else.  They can make it into whatever we want.  We begin to realize what we encounter did not come from some self-created, externally projected god, nor did it come by accident or fate.  To our surprise, we begin to see that it was indeed us.  And with this knowing, we accept both the scepter as well as the kingdom, oftentimes a kingdom of discord…one we created as we slept, fashioned without knowing who we were, and what we are able to do.  But with our new seeing, we can begin to restructure our kingdom, to harmonize our kingdom.  Or, we can float like a leaf on the river of life, and let our unconscious continue to create all we encounter.  As always, it is our choice.  So, if you want to float like a leaf on the river of life and allow your subconscious to continue to create what you encounter, then carry on.  Or, if you are interested in recalling how to begin to restructure your kingdom, join me in Part II.



Entering the I AM - Part II


Welcome back to Part II of Entering the I AM.  In part one, we discussed the bigger perception that is inherent in accessing the ability to directly manifest what you want to see. We see that we are responsible for what we encounter, we see our ownership of every situation, and we know that there is nothing external to affect us that we have not projected there.  And by this seeing, we have also finally snapped the chains of karma.  We see that it has been our beliefs all along that have caused what we have labeled karma to seem to appear.  We believed we would be punished, and we were.  We believed it wouldn’t last for long, and it didn’t.  It was us all the whole time.  It was our belief that held the key.


So what DO we truly believe?  Oftentimes, this can be very hard to see, and can take repeated, close examinations.  It is imperative though that we recognize our beliefs, and it is indeed possible to do this, if we are willing to go there, and we MUST ….because belief holds the key.  Here is the nuts and bolts, as best as I can describe, of how I go about successfully manifesting and restructuring my kingdom:  The first thing I do of course is I recognize the experience that I wish to change, and take the time to look deeply and see the beliefs that are creating this experience.  I look at those beliefs, and realize they are the gears, the function, that is creating this experience - nothing more, and I can swap them out any time I wish.  And I do wish.  So I remove my agreement with them, and consciously note that they are but one possible expression, not the only possibility.  They are creating what appears to be my reality, but if I change these gears, these beliefs, my perceived reality changes with them.  They are simply what I have given power to.  I then choose the outcome that I desire, and  fall back and rest in the knowledge of “I AM”, in the observance of my hand in all that I see and know that all is coming forward, and has always come forward, according to my will.  And I change my will, my agreement over to what I want, and I envision what it will now look like, or feel like, or be like now that my will has changed.  And I expect it.  And before I know it, it appears.


But what happens when what we thought we had set up to manifest doesn’t appear?  The 3 most common reasons are these: 1, You didn’t truly believe what you were asking for.  You over-reached, tried to bluff yourself   2. It manifested in a form you didn’t expect, and so you failed to recognize it  Or 3.  You have conflicting beliefs that cancel each other out, and end up in a sort of stalemate.  To correct this, recognize and replace the conflicting belief.  So if what you want to manifest doesn’t appear, see if any of these reasons may apply, correct it, and try again.


There is one crucial point regarding your belief that I want to bring out:  You must truly believe that what you are seeking to change is possible, and can be done.  You may have to work up to it. You probably will.  For example, you may not truly believe that you can stand up and walk immediately after you’ve broken your leg.  But is it within your range of beliefs that you can be healed in 14 weeks instead of Dr.s estimated 24weeks?  Then go with that.  It is imperative that you start with where you are at in your belief. It has to be what you can believe.  So, what can you do if you can’t quite make it to the minimum belief necessary to affect what you want to affect?  Ask your higher self (which is also you) to “Help my unbelief”, and fall back into the arms, into the truth of I AM, and rest there.  “It will be done to you according to your belief.”   And as you watch these manifestations come in being, your power of belief will grow and you will gain the ability to bring forth more quickly as well as at a level formerly out of your grasp.


I hope my attempt at this description will encourage those of you standing at the edge of this magnificent precipice to make the leap. To really try this.  Enter the I AM, a place of miracles, beyond words and beyond description, yet  - within your hand.