Doorways to the Unknown


Hello Again.  How many of you have genuinely, sincerely tried your best to identify and clear things off your bottom shelf but when you did, things did not work out as you had intended (or worse yet) seemed to actually move in the opposite direction, against your conscious goals and intents?  How many of you have experienced that?  Iím guessing most of you have experienced it, although at the time your awareness may not have been quick enough to observe what was happening.  And itís not only very confusing, but it is undermining to your faith, and it is your faith, your beliefs, that will move those mountains for you.  And so this undermining is something that needs to be addressed.


And in hopes of this, I wanted to give you a few tools to use that I have found helpful in assisting me in moving some of these unseen blockages out of my way.  Because they are tricky Ė they are tricky.  Some have been with you so long that you can no longer see them.  They are your landscape - so common to you now that you can no longer see the forest for all these darned trees. :-D  And worse yet, some of us have even begun to unknowingly define ourselves by these things.  And that is something we need to re-orchestrate.


So, like the black and white divination stones that were given to the boy Santiago by the King of Salem in short novel The Alchemist (and by the way, I will place a link to where you can download that story following the same instructions as you did with my mp3 downloads), what we are going to discuss today are also tools of divination.  But what ARE tools of divination?  If you look closely, each and every tool of divination, from dowsing to tarot cards, to crystals to zodiac, to whatever Ė each and every one you can think of are actually the very same thing, and this is important for you to hear.  What are all these things?  They are the way you are giving yourself permission to access something, they are a doorway for you to access that which you normally do not give yourself the ability to access.  Normally, this doorway isnít on your storyboard.  But we sketch it in with tools like this.  Perhaps a bit imperfectly, when looking at the larger picture, but even so, the doorway is now there on your storyboard.  You have now created a means by which this information that is out of the range of your consciousness may now enter your consciousness.


But where is information actually coming from?  You.  These tools carry no magic, and THATíS what I want you to see today.  You do.  The magic is yours.  And when you understand this, you can see that truly, divination tools are not necessary to access what is already innate to you, a part of you, but until the time comes you when have seen deeply enough to genuinely insert the belief that you CAN access these things without such toolsÖ.until THEN, I have to admitÖ.this is a handy little doorway.


And they are no more dramatic than casting divination stones.  In fact, they may seem downright silly to you, but I think that is a good thing in the long run because their silliness only helps to point to the fact that the METHOD cannot possibly be responsible.   YOU are responsible for these divinations.  YOU are responsible for accessing these beliefs and changing them.  YOU are responsible for knowing which path to take.  YOU. They are just the means by which you give this information permission to enter your world, your storyboard.  Do you see?


Furthermore, Iíve read in many places that even doing these exercises mentally (when you cannot do them physically) is usually just as effective.  So what are we tapping into here, really?  The method, or our mind?    Itís our mind.  The method is just the doorway.. 


So this is just a little trick, a little doorway you are creating in this storyboard that will allow you to access that which you have not written yet into your storyboard.  Just like Jesus spit onto the ground and made mud and applied it to the blind mans eyes and he saw.  It wasnít magic mud that Jesus created, but rather a doorway through which this miracle could now enter into the blind manís reality. Do you see? 


And this is why I donít disallow tools, nor do I recommend them.  But I DO hope that in the end you lay them aside because the truth is, you donít need them.  But at this moment, perhaps some of you will find them useful to you. 


Also be aware that, just like everything else in your world, you have the final say, up to and including tweaking these tools, projecting all sorts of things onto them, making them complicated and in this complex and manmade structuring, eventually moving your trajectory off course.  So if you use tools, keep them clean.  Keep them neat.  Keep them very very VERY simple.  And use them sparingly, the whole while asking your sleeping self to eventually step up to the task of divination for you.  Because eventually, you will.


Anyhow, itís really important to me that you see tools for what they are, and assign them not a shred more of importance than they deserve.  They are a sleight of hand you are using on yourself. They are only a doorway for you, a way you are bringing something onto your storyboard that at this time, you have yet to write in.  But you will.  You will.


And if you handle them lightly and realize they are only revealing YOU to yourself, then you will begin to gain more and more footing in these matters eventually beginning to write this into your storyboard in your own hand.  And then you wonít need them because these tools only show you what you already know, but cannot see clearly because of other beliefs you currently hold as true.  However, like the blind man and the spittle of Jesus, because you attribute them this power, even lightly, they easily bring you what in truth, you already possess. 


So, if used correctly, tools can help you show you yourself.  And if used correctly, this showing will eventually create a doorway, and you will unconsciously write this access onto your storyboard.  And then, you wonít need them anymore.  THAT is your goal.  Not to become dependent on them but rather, to liberate yourself.  Permanently.  Donít exchange the chain of blindness for the chain of dependency. Use them, and then lay them aside.


Please join me for part 2 of Doorways to the Unknown


Welcome back.  So, for today, we a re going to learn how to use a couple that I have personally found very effective in finding things that I know are there, I can see their footprint in my life, but they are so carefully concealed beneath other beliefs, I canít effectively spot them with my eye alone.  And I know many of you have experienced this same frustration. You have tried to do or change something in earnest, and have done everything you could think of to secure your success, and yet somehow, it didnít work.  And sometimes we can reflect upon what is going on very carefully, and when we do, we see the problem and we fix it, and ta-dah!  Success.  But other times, we would swear we were fated or cursed.  Nothing works.  We just canít seem to create the world we want to see.  And we canít see why, no matter how hard we try.  Our analytical brains cannot figure out what is wrong.  And oftentimes, that is true.  Our brains canít.  This is a larger program than they can run. But our BODIES can run it.


Now, what are our bodies?  Really?  They are our most personal spiritual projection, clothed in the flesh of this dimension.   And because of this, not unlike your world, they are ALSO a mirror of the beliefs we hold within.  They are like a map, when we know how to read them.   And believe it or not, your body, as a manifestation of your spiritual self, knows everything there is to know about you, even when your brain doesnít.  Itís true.  For example, your brain or consciousness seemed to go to sleep while you had your surgery.  But your body remembered everything.  Your brain lacked the definition to collect and retain the memories of your birth.  But your body does. 


Your consciousness is divided from experiences that you would probably choose to call previous lives, but your body remembers them all.  Your body doesnít miss a thing because your body IS the manifestations OF these things, these thoughts and beliefs, whether accurate or inaccurate.  It might be more accurate to say that these beliefs and thoughts are your INTERPRETATION of what you have encountered.  They may or may not actually be accurate, much less true.  But it is what your body as stored as recollection of these thoughts, experiences and beliefs.


Now, you might say, but hey Ė Iím not sure Iíve lived different experiences, but even if I DID, I would have had different bodies Ė how could my body today remember the other lives?  Well, no you didnít have different bodies. In a way, you have always had the very same body.  Your hidden beliefs and agendas molded how it would manifest in each life experience.  So it might have seemed different, but in as much as there IS a body (which isnít exactly true) you have always had the same body.  It may have looked very different, but it has always been your most intimate creation of the moment.  Do you see? 


And not only that, but this marvelous body is a warehouse of information, you just have to have the key to unlock it, and that is the tool I am going to offer you today.  If you follow the suggestions outlined in this series, your body is going to tell you things about your thoughts, your beliefs, your intentions and hidden agendas that you never knew it knew.  That you never knew were there. And once you know them, you can set about to change them.  They will be hidden from you no more.  You can begin to undo the hidden conflicting beliefs that are thwarting your efforts at change.


So here are the tools, and I warn you, BOTH of them look quite silly.  They do.  They look as though they could not possibly offer you anything but embarrassment if someone sees you doing them.  So, go to a place where you will have some privacy and be comfortable to try them because I promise you, odd looking or not, you will NOT want to miss the insight they will bring.  And if you have come across them before or tried them some other time, I ask you as a favor to me that you try them once more, as I describe them here.  I am certain you will have some jaw-dropping revelations.


The first tool I want to show is what is commonly referred to as kinesiology, or human kinetics, which is basically the science of movement.  And the way it applies to our application here is simply this:  What your body agrees with or sees as true will manifest  a position of strength, while things your body does not believe in or see as true will cause a noticeable weakness.  So, believe it or not, you can make a statement, and if your body agrees with it, it retains itís strength.  If it disagrees with it, it will demonstrate a weakness. 


Now, how is this useful?  Well, letís say you want to lose weight.  Youíve done everything.  Youíve exercised, youíve cut calories and even carbs dramatically.  Youíve tried all the diets, and perhaps get a few pounds to budge, but then, nothing.  No matter what you do, it seems you canít lose the weight, or if you do, you canít keep it off.  Physically, metabolically, this shouldnít be happening.  But it is.  What is really at hand?  The real reason we are overweight is never a lack of exercise, or too many calories, or even a metabolic disorder.  The real reason we carry around extra weight is because somehow, somewhere, we unconsciously tipped the scales, literally, against losing weight.  Because sometimes, we use weight to hide behind - sometimes it is an effective buffer from things we donít thin we can handle, or have somehow programmed ourselves to believe we donít deserve.  Maybe if we lost weight, we would have to deal with attraction from the opposite sex.  Relationships, and everything that goes along with that.  And maybe we have been hurt before, and donít want to be hurt like that again.  So, excess weight is used as a doorway, a means, by which your storyboard can bring you this buffer zone, an escape from what you may not even realize you are trying to avoid.  Because somewhere inside, you learned that desirable + relationships=trouble.  So, no - you donít WANT to be overweight, per se, but you DO want to avoid the pain you have encountered before from relationships.  And this is the way you may be bringing it onto your storyboard.  This is how you keep that playing card off your table.


Please join me for part 3 of doorways to the unknown


Welcome back.  Now another really common reason we may be using excess weight to keep our distance from relationships is because we donít think we CAN or WILL have successful relationships, and so we use our weight as an unconscious buffer for what we have unconsciously determined we either donít deserve, or will somehow never be able to have.


And you donít know this.  Consciously.  Now, this is just an example.  There are potentially endless reasons you may choose to manifest excess weight.  But these are a couple of the most common, and so they might be a good place to start.  And with kinesiology, you can ASK your body if these could be true.  Because if they are, no matter what you do, you wonít lose weight.  Not if you are using the weight to achieve something, whether or not it is something you consciously want.   It will stay until you find and release the cause of it being there, and too many calories, not enough exercise, genetics, metabolic disorders Ė none of these are the real reason.  They are only the DOORWAY through which you are manifesting something onto your storyboard.  Do you see?


And we donít know these things consciously.  Usually.  But our bodies do.  Our bodies manifest as they are BECAUSE of these beliefs.  And so, they know.  And you can tap into their knowing.  Are you beginning to see how this can be useful to you?



Now there are two popular ways to test for beliefs.   The first way must be done with a partner, but the second way does not and you may do it in private.  For the first and most common way, you simply extend your arm straight out about shoulder height, and make the statement you want to test.  You might say, ďWhen I was born, I was named JohnĒ, knowing full well your birth name was Robert.  Your partner will gently press down on your arm around the wrist area.  Now, this isnít a test of muscles.  Not at all.  If you watch closely, you will notice that if your body agrees with the statement, the arm will offer resistance to the downward pressure, but if it disagrees, it will go slightly weak and perhaps even visually dip down a bit. In this case, the arm should demonstrate weakness, because your birth name is Robert.  The arm will dip slightly, or feel weak.  Thatís how you know your body disagrees with your statement.  And itís as simple as that.  If your body agrees with the statement or sees it as true, it will remain strong to the pressure.  If it experiences weakness, then the statement is NOT consistent with your actual hidden beliefs.  So, in our example, you might test ďI want to lose weightĒ and it remains strong, indicating a YES.  You do.  Then, you might test again while making the statement, ďI deserve to lose weightĒ or ďI will be successful at losing weightĒ and be surprised to find that your body does not at all agree with either of those statements.  Because our bodies are ever obedient to our beliefs.  They cannot help but be.  They are created by them. 



Now, if you want to test alone, I am happy to tell you that you can do it just as well with your hand.  Take your less dominant hand and place the tip of your thumb and any finger you choose together so that they form a circle.  Some say do this finger or that finger, but I have tried them all with the same results.  So make a circle with your thumb and another finger.  Then, place the index finger and the thumb of the other hand inside the little circle you made.  Make your statement, and then press outward with the fingers you inserted into the circle.  If your body sees the statement as true, the fingers remain touching or strong, but if it sees the statement as untrue, the circle may gap a bit, or your fingers will at least noticeable weaken.


Isnít this amazing?  It looks silly, I know, but with this little tool, you can uncover not what you THINK you think, but what you ACTUALLY think.  Itís the Ouija board to your mind, to your hidden beliefs and agendas.  You will uncover all your ghosts there, metaphorically speaking.  For example, you may think you want to be wealthy, but make the statement ďI deserve to be wealthyĒ or ďI believe I can be wealthyĒ and see if your body holds strong, or weakens.  And it is in this way that we begin to uncover the hidden thoughts and agendas that are quietly governing our lives, and thwarting our attempts at change.


I will post statements to try in the transcript or the Ďmoreí section of this video.  Try a few and see, or make them up as your are led.  First, start with things you KNOW you agree with to get a feel for the strength of agreement, or the weakness of disagreement.  Once you think you can tell, then try a few of these statements.  You might be very surprised with the results.


Okay, so that is the first tool Ė kinesiology.  Tapping into the storehouse of belief in a way that bypasses our conscious minds, and therefore our projected prejudices. Pretty cool, huh?  Want to know what you really think (and therefore what you will get?)  There you go.


Now, once we find out what we are thinking, how do we begin to get rid of them?  Sometimes, simply exposing these thoughts openly to ourselves will cause them to dissipate.  Just pulling them into the light makes them go away.  But what if they donít?


To help you begin to move these beliefs out and correct beliefs IN, weíre going to do something else that (quite frankly) looks even sillier.  And again, you may have heard of it before or even tried it before, but I want you to try it again as a favor to me, here today.  There are countless Youtube videos on it, and websites on it, and books on it, as well as instructors you can hire to help guide you through it.  But you donít have to do any of  that.  You can do it by yourself.  Quietly.  Or fairly quietly. ;-P


Please join me for part 4 of Doorways to the Unknown



Welcome back.  Now before we move on, let us remember that our bodies are actually our most intimate expressions of ourselves.  And today, we are going to take what we believe is our physical body but we KNOW is actually spiritual, and we are going to put it through some spiritual steps.  I say spiritual because we are going to be working off principals that are unseen by the common eye, but are very real to those who are familiar to them.  We are going to be interacting with what is commonly called the meridians.  Now donít worry Ė we arenít going to use needles, like they do in acupuncture.  Youíre going to use your fingers to tap on certain meridian points as you say or think certain thoughts.


Meridian points are the lines that, at least in this definition, our energy (or qi or chi) moves along. Some cultures believe that this energy can experience blockages, and acupuncture is a common way to stimulate and release these blockages.  And what we are going to do today somewhat follows this procedure. 


Now, just like if you visited an acupuncturist, you wouldnít have to really understand what they were doing to experience the benefits, you donít really have to understand this for it to work.  In fact, you donít even have to consciously believe it WILL work for it to work.  I am proof of that.  I didnít expect to experience any noticeable relief, but decided why not give it a whirl, and was completely surprised at not only the level of relief, but at how immediate it was. 



So, you may want to start with beliefs that you are already aware of. IN fact, you may want to jot them down in a notebook as they occur to you, and work on one or two a day.  You can begin to release an amazing amount of hidden thoughts and beliefs this way.


So, For example, you may have noticed yourself feeling more blue than usual, and would like to begin to clear that up.  The first thing you might want to do is create a situation where you can measure your relief while using this method, so allow yourself to feel blue for a moment.  If something in particular was making you feel blue, think of that.   Then on a scale of 1 to 10, rate your blueness.  With one being basically gone and 10 being nearly unbearable, find where your blueness sits and make a mental note of it.


Then, find the two sore spots on your chest, usually located about here.  You will know them because they feel sore when you press on them.  Then, pick what you would like to work on.  In this case, you might make the statement, ďEven though I am feeling blue, I deeply love and accept myself.Ē  Say this statement out loud three times as you rub on the sore spots.  Then, take your fingers and tap on the crown of your head as you say ďfeeling blueĒ.  Tap about 7-9 time or so, and them more to your brow area, and tap the same amount of times as you repeat the ďfeeling blueĒ statement.  Move to your outer eye and do the same.  Them move under your eye and do it.  Then, right under your nose.  Then, your chin.   Then move to two spots right under your collar bone. Then I take my whole hand and tap randomly across my whole chest.  Then make a light fist and thump gently on your breastbone.  Then, under your breast or chest area.  Then, about 4 inches down form your armpit, ladies, this will be around your bra area.  And finally, the outer sides of your thighs.  Tap firmly but gently 7-9 times in each of these positions as you say your reminder which in this case is ďfeeling blueĒ.  When you finish, close your eyes, take an easy deep breath, and release it, opening your eyes.  Then, rate your blueness.  If it was a 7 before, you might find it now is only a 3, or even gone.  If it is not, run the steps again.


There are also additional tapping points that you can do.  For example, you can also do the karate chop as illustrated here, as you make your statement.  Also, tapping beside the nail on your thumb, index, middle, and pinky fingers offers some assistance.  And there are plenty more places to tap, more than you can count, but for probably most of you, repeating the tapping sequence above several times will dramatically offer you relief.  In fact, if it doesnít, try the kinesiology to uncover hidden reasons that are preventing you from releasing these things, and then go after those. 


Now, I fully realize this sounds like a bunch of new age hooey.  But when you realize that by doing these actions you are simply creating a doorway to access what is already an innate part of you, then itís hooey rating goes dramatically down IMHO because the truth is, there is no magic to this.  You are the magic to this.  This is just an existing doorway on your storyboard that you may use to access a part of you that otherwise, you have yet to write onto your storyboard.  Itís a doorway.  Thatís all.  YOU are the magic.  YOU are the knowing.  YOU are the wisdom.  YOU are what release these things.  And you are what bring them forward.  And when your body performs these actions, it is calling ABBA FATHER, and what father hands his son a stone when he asks for a loaf of bread?  He gives his son what he asks.  As your higher self will do for what you perceive as you.


So try these tools if you are encountering stalemates when trying to change things in your life, or when you have an experience that you just canít seem to let go of.   These can help you uncover why, and find release, and relief.  And I have one more tool to offer, but it will be most powerful for you if you first use these tools of divination to help you uncover what thoughts and beliefs are pulling the strings in your life.  So, find a quiet spot and try them.  Let me know how they work for you.  But always remember that the purpose of these tools arenít to make you dependent upon them Ė rather, they have come to help you liberate your self.  They will hold the mirror for you so you can see yourself more clearly and in that seeing, begin to untie these knots, and in doing so, begin to set your true self free. 


I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.