Direct and Indirect Manifestation


I call this video Direct and Indirect Manifestation, but I’ll warn you upfront, there is much more packed into this video than the title reveals, so brace yourself.  I didn’t mean for it to get out of hand - the content just sort of spread out as I went along, and when it all said and done, I didn’t know what to call it, so I went with the original title.  Anyhow, be prepared, because there’s much more here than the title expresses.


Now, even with recalling what we have recalled about manifestation, it can still be hard to believe that we have created all of this  -  But we did. In fact, it was easy for us……so easy that we could do it in our sleep, and we do – both metaphorically AND literally.  We do it nearly every night in our dreams, where we are not only our dream-self, but we are also the dream ground we walk on, the dream-buildings we pass by, the dream-icecream we eat, the dream-boogyman that may be chasing  us, everything….we create every last little bit of our dreams, don’t we?  And even so, we really don’t consciously consider that we do, or how incredible it is that we do.  But we do it, and we do all in our SLEEP.  Since each and everyone one of us have created these dream worlds, why do we find it so incredible that we are doing a very similar thing when we’re AWAKE? 


We create – that’s what we do, consciously and unconsciously, directly and indirectly.  It’s not too hard to identify what we manifest consciously and intentionally.  These are things like the promotion at work, winning the race, buying that car.   These are specific things we decided we wanted in our lives, and we instinctively set out to try and get them and we KNOW we are trying to get them.  But what about the things that appear in our lives that we aren’t consciously aware that we are manifesting, things that we are manifesting indirectly?  Because these are sometimes harder to see, and therefore harder to believe that we could be doing it. 


You may look around and wonder did I manifest this tree into my world?  And these blades of grass?  ?  And this chair?  And this shopping mall?  What about that wad of chewing gum , waiting to get stuck to your shoe?  You may not consciously recall asking for these things because they are parts of an indirect manifestation, the fulfillment of your open-ended request or belief. And that’s how they gain admission to your world.  These little things might be described as ‘part of a package’ or ‘part of a default setting’ of experiences that you called forward with no specific outcome in mind.  They may be part of something as large as your belief in what you consider your world (which might utilize trees, and grass, and chairs and shopping malls to fulfill your belief), or as tiny as the open-ended but hidden fear that you might spoil your new shoes somehow, and as a result you accidentally step in the gum.  Now, if you try to look at each thing independently, you can’t see where you created them, but if you look at the whole picture, you can see where they are part of the package apart, part of fulfilling your open-ended unconscious belief or expectation.  Do you see? 


So, in a similar manner, we may look at our world and insist we did not ask to lose our job of 4 years.  But if you look at the whole package, you can see you did just that, everyday as you went into work, hating what you did and wishing you had an excuse to not show up there anymore.  Your unconscious open ended desire put that into action, and this is how your request to was answered.  By losing your job, you fulfilled your desire to not have to go back to a place you did not want to be at.  Do you see?  This is how things can manifest INDIRECTLY.  We didn’t specifically ASK for them, so it can be harder to see how they came into our world, and because of this they can accidentally fuel the error that we do not call everything in our world forward….but we do, and I hope you can begin to see this now, and see how even though you didn’t specifically ask for this or that, you did indeed call it forward INDIRECTLY.


Here’s another example.  (And by the way – you may want to get your torches ready).  You may insist that you did not ask for high blood pressure to develop, but you did just that when you accepted a belief.  What belief?  The one that your family genetics and eating habits create your reality.  So this is what you manifest, overlooking the truth that it is YOUR BELIEF, your ACCEPTANCE in these things that wields this power of manifesting. That’s right – You heard me – so go ahead and light your torches, if you must. But it’s true.  The High blood pressure didn’t come from your genetics, or stress, or poor eating or lack of exercise.  These are also manifested byproducts of your belief. The high blood pressure came from your acceptance that these things are a reality in your world, in your belief structure, that they were likely to produce this effect.  Your belief granted them this power, and Thy will be done.  And so they did.  And these things may indeed BE in your life, the stress and poor eating and exercise habits – but they are the means that you are using to manifest this belief for you, they are NOT THE CAUSE OF IT.  Your belief is what caused it to be manifested, and it was you who gave them this power.   


I realize this is going against what most of us has learned to call reality. But even if you find it disturbing, I hope you will also find it rings true. 


Please join me for part 2 of Direct and Indirect Manifestation


Welcome back to Part2 of Direct and Indirect Manifestation.  Now please listen carefully:  I am not saying that you should necessarily discontinue your high blood pressure medicine, in this example.  No – this is NOT what I am saying.   Why?  Because at this time, THIS is what you have learned to place your BELIEF in.  If you believe in Western Medicine, it will indeed work for you, if you believe in Alternative Medicine, it will work for you in a similar manner, if you believe in Witch Doctors, you will also experience relief, and I may giggle here, but I’m not joking actually – any of these things will work, at least up to a certain point, but not because you are receiving the right chemicals or herbs or physical manipulations or blessings, but rather because you BELIEVE that it will work.  And so, to a certain point, they WILL, because you have granted them this power. You have knighted them.  However, we mustn’t forget that our external body is a physical manifestation of inward beliefs, so when we try and deal with it only externally through prescriptions and surgeries and vitamins and foods and physical manipulations, though it may seem to cure or relieve the matter, in time it will manifest in a different way, unless we cure the real reason inwardly.  And we can do this by looking within for the real cause – by asking ourselves:


What is the belief that is causing this to manifest?


What we really need to do to cure our illness or disease is to ask ourselves “What belief is causing this to manifest?”  Not all illnesses and disease are the results of inaccurate beliefs, some we have called forward to teach us something that we’ve chosen to learn.  BUT when we use the external, rather than the internal, as the starting point for modifying our world, we resign ourselves to being spectators.  We can only observe what happens when A is comes in contact with B, for example.  We are left in audience, watching how it all goes down.  And science and medicine cannot escape these limitations because they have decided that acting externally and then observing the effects, will be their rule through which they will define things, - a rule based upon comparisons and contrasts, I might add, which, as you already know, is really an illusion, smoke and mirrors, rather than the higher truth of oneness.  But if our current belief rests in the lap of western medicine and science, then that is where we will find our results, but let us not forget that it is an oversight that allows these methods to masquerade as the means of accomplishment, of getting from A to B.  Because that is like giving the stove credit for cooking the meal, when in actuality, it was the fire present in the stove that did the work. The stove was only the method we found agreeable to assist us in directing and moderating this fire. But we are used to the stove and feel safe accessing the fire through it.  So we do.  But we don’t have to.  As with everything else, it is our choice.



When we begin to see this Truth hidden in plain sight, our thoughts begin to change and with it, our reality.  We begin to see the illness as it truly is – an intimate expression of us, rather than something attacking us that we must battle.  Because when we do this, we are truly Don Quixote’s battling imaginary windmills.  We undermine our own power when we vilify what we view as our shortcomings, our illnesses, our misfortunes, and see them as only external events, to be combated like adversaries and conquered.  Because it’s not true, and when we do this, we are actually battling our selves (funny popeye beating himself up), and this action is simply not necessary.   Because when we can accept these things as not our adversaries, but for what they truly are - our handiwork, our projections, then we become one with them, and with this realization, the perception of this unity, we gain the ability to manipulate what we once ran from).  If you run, or if you see these things as something to battle, they will act as something to battle with or run from, for this is how you have created them, and they live up to your expectations.  When you see them as not separate from you, you gain power over them. I hope you can begin to see this.


I hope you forgive me if I step on any toes, because I sincerely do not mean to do so.  And although I realize this is an emotionally charged topic for many, I am choosing to use it because illness and disease are also topics that each of us can relate intimately to.  So forgive me as I use them as examples of how we manifest things both DIRECTLY and INDIRECTLY, because by using these as examples, you will also gain additional valuable insight beyond manifesting directly and indirectly– by using these as examples, you’ll also begin to understand the nature of disease and illness and where it truly comes from.  AND it will underscore that sometimes certain beliefs, like our belief in what will heal us, is so accepted and so permeates what we perceive as reality that we no longer see it as what it is  - a belief.  Instead, we see it as fact, we believe it is fact, so - to us, it acts as fact – but this self-created fact is not a TRUTH, and therefore faces eventual limitations.  It’s power is granted through our belief ALONE in it.  Do you see?   In this way, we’ve become like the fish who, when questioned about water had no idea what water was because it so permeated and supported their existence that they did not question it – they could not see it.  And that’s how large and far-reaching some beliefs grow, and they grow this way (Audrey II) because we have fed them and watered them with our beliefs and actions, individually as well as collectively.  But no matter how large they grow, they are still only a belief, subject to be changed.  


Because ( you may want to go ahead and light your torches again) Traditional medicine, alternative medicine, witch doctors, shaman, what-have-you-   they are all the same actually.  They are external methods we employ, what we place our power into, and it is our beliefs in these methods that grant them their power.  It’s true.  It is our belief that defines our reality, and no exemption is given.


Please join me for part 3 of Direct and Indirect Manifestation



Welcome back to part 3, the conclusion of Direct and Indirect Manifestation


The person who believes a particular type of cancer runs in their family will likely directly manifest this illness into their physical reality because they believe that they probably will experience it, but not because they are fated to experience it.  Now, wait a minute, you say – science has recently begun to offer diagnostic tests that actually show someone is carrying a gene in their dna that predisposes them to particular diseases.  I know. I would expect to find something like that.  BECAUSE everything we manifest in physical form, including our dna, is our inner beliefs manifested externally.  So, when scientists observe this predisposing gene, what they are actually observing is the physical manifestation of belief in this disease - the potential, all queued up and ready to go.  How about that?  


So what they are actually uncovering is indeed the physical manifestation of this belief, the physical seed, BUT it doesn’t have to come further into being. It doesn’t have to be further acted upon, it can be disarmed, and that’s what they aren’t telling you, largely because it isn’t very sciencey to do so and possibly because the medical industry would not profit by this unveiling, but I’m going to tell you, and here it is:  It’s your call.  Its as simple as that.  It’s always your call.  So, break the chain. Change your belief.  Take back your power with this realization, and choose a different outcome.  Otherwise, your belief in family genetics or even lifestyle can directly manifest something that you may prefer NOT to experience.  And so, though it seemed at first to be indirect, like a supposedly inherited disease or illness, You are actually directly manifesting this.  You just didn’t realize it. 




At other times, illness and disease can truly be manifested indirectly, sort of like the employment example given earlier.  Someone could be a primary caregiver for someone who is ill when they no longer want to be the caregiver, when they have become tired of it, or afraid they will do a bad job, or resent the responsibility – whatever the reason,  but find they can’t walk away because of fear of being judged, by themselves as well as others.  They may want a way to be free of the responsibility of caregiver, and as a result of this unspoken open-ended desire, they may manifest an illness or disease or even an injury that will excuse them from this responsibility in a manner that no one could then blame them for. 


Yet another indirect way we manifest illness and disease into our lives is simply by our constant focus upon it.  (laughing) Go ahead and light your torches again if they’ve gone out, but we have become a civilization obsessed with externally trying to manipulate our health and wellbeing.  Oh we have.  Pharmaceuticals are now directly marketed to consumers in ads, external healthcare is one of our primary focuses, research into both field of organically derived substances as well as chemically derived concoctions and how they can potentially improve or extend life has snowballed, …I could go on and on if time would permit, but I don’t need to.  You know it.  You see it.  And as we cast our beliefs externally into each of these things, we are giving our power away.  And true, for a bit, these external things may relieve our symptoms, but the internal cause remains, and so it will reappear another day in another way unless we look within and see what lies there that is causing these things to manifest. There is where we will find our cure.



I hope this video series has illustrated how we manifest both directly AND indirectly, as well as shown you the power of our belief through the intimate issues of personal illness and disease.  And with this knowing, I hope you begin to redesign your life into what you prefer for it to be.  With these videos, you are fulfilling your desire to recall where you’ve left your tools that build your life and your experiences, and reminding yourself that you are indeed free to build whatever you like.  It may be an exciting life you’re looking for, or a quiet life- whatever feels good to you right now is what you should create, and change it as you unfold, becoming whatever suits you at that moment of your experience. 


And that is my wish for you. 



So, Forget genetics, forget statistics, forget predispositions towards anythingYou’re the boss.  Build what you want to experience.  No one makes you do anything.  You are free. You have always been free.  The struggle has never been for your freedom, as we once imagined – the struggle comes as seek to change these beliefs and find, much to our surprise, how tightly we cling to what we consciously know we do not want.  We are like the caged bird who only saw his cage, and never that the door was always left open, and even when he discovers his oversight, is still hesitant to fly away, too accustomed to the perceived safety of the perceived restrictions of his supposed confinement, where he could content himself with dreams of what he would do if he were only free to do so.  And now that he discovers the freedom that was ever-present, will he have the courage to use his freedom, or will he continue to sit on his perch?


Will you begin to use these things that you are revealing to yourself? Or will you stay put?  It is up to you.


But you

are free.




I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.