We are chained – chained to our beliefs.  Beliefs that create our very world and everything in it. But we are not chained BY our beliefs, what we genuinely believe, and who we seem to be, as well as the world we see are inseparable AND changeable.  Very changeable.  But how did certain beliefs get in there and start making the rules, while others beliefs didn’t? And exactly what is in there - what has accumulated and is now pulling the levers and turning the gears that create our world? Because whether pleasant or painful, your thoughts and beliefs build your metaphorical house – they manifest the’ you’ who appears to be, as well as everything you encounter. 


So, if it is changeable, what is the key to consciously directing and selecting what we want to come forth?  In our current state of awareness, most of us are blind, still asleep in sometimes what has become for some of us a nightmare  – a nightmare of our own creation.  We sleep without realizing that we are sleeping, until one day, we suddenly begin to awaken, as you are doing right now.  Waking up can be confusing, a little dislocating, even a little scary because we begin to notice things we hadn’t noticed before… What we once accepted without question now seems out of the question, so we have to step out of line, and watch helplessly as our friends, family continue to march robotically past, still caught up the dream.  Or if they do notice you have stepped out of line, others may fear you not going with the flow and react defensively..   But even so, we can’t deny what we are now seeing, and though We may try for a time to make sense of it, eventually find it just doesn’t give in to logic. Still, many of us spend years or even lifetimes searching for rational reasons to support what they have awakened to.  But it is only after we finally abandon that fruitless search do we begin a different line of questioning, and like in Platos cave, we begin to Waaait a minute…..what is actually real here, and what is shadow? –Could it actually be opposite of what we once thought?  And you finally realize there’s only one way to truly know – by direct experience as you give yourself to it.  You go there and see for yourself.


 And there, you begin to understand that you can build the rooms you want to see in your house, replacing lack with plenty, and starkness with beauty and harmony.   Each of us can do this, I’m sure of it, because the real secret  is that we are already doing it right now.  That many surprise many, and anger some, but it’s true.  So take a good look at what you have in your world.  Every last thing, person, condition, belief or experience you can detect was put there by you, and if it wasn’t placed there directly by your own direct doing, you folded and gave permission for it to be there, you allowed someone else to plant in your garden, which is the same thing.  In short, everything is there by your consent.


But the good news is, if we genuinely remove our consent, it must go.  It has no choice, as it is our creation.  As above, so below.  But, how did all this happen?  These things became the gears of your world when you combined your thoughts with belief, because your thoughts are extremely potent.  Each thought carries unlimited potential.  They are seminal.  They are a spiritual expression of the maleness within each of us, and we aren’t talking about gender here, but that is indeed another worthwhile video, but for another day.


 Your thoughts are like seeds. You can scatter seeds across your table, but nothing is likely to happen. Because usually, seeds need moisture and an appropriate temperature to begin to unfurl.  And your thoughts are like this, too.  You can transiently think this or that, and nothing is likely to come of it.  But listen to me carefully here: if you consistently attach desire/love to the thought, or even fear, it will indeed begin to unfurl.  It will begin to be. 


But will it continue to be?  Maybe.  After a seed begins to germinate, it needs something to continue to grow in – it needs soil, and it usually needs sunshine, as well as it needs the continuation of moisture. And for your thoughts to continue to grow, they  need the stability of your belief, your conviction that it will be, that Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  You need to provide the light of knowing that this will come to pass in its appropriate season, as well as the continuation of love/desire.  If you do these things, it cannot help but to come into being.


Now, like any good farmer, before you plant your seeds, it is prudent to note what it already growing there, because what is already established in your soil can easily choke out the new seeds.  Look carefully at what is there, and ask yourself “why is this there?”  Listen carefully for your reply, and it will come because you already know the reason. This reason will help you in pulling it out by it’s roots, so it will not return. For example, if you want to grow the plant of sufficiency in your life, but you planted and tended the seed of lack or scarcity years ago  and watered it with fear and gave it roots in your belief, it will compete and choke out your new seeds of sufficiency. SO clear out what will compete with what you want to grow.  But it is as easy as that.  Yes, you will get better and better at it the more you do it, but you can start right away and quickly find yourself amazed.


I would love each and everyone of you to begin to try this today.  Look around in your life and select one small thing that won’t have disastrous results one way or another.  It can be anything, absolutely anything, but make it something that is small.  And also make it something that hasn’t been with you for a long time, because these are more difficult to uproot.  Ask yourself why it is there.  Sometimes, the reply in itself is a enough to make it vanish into thin air when you see how silly and flimsy it’s reason for existence was….Simply the light of day, the light of realization can sometime evaporate it.  Othertimes, you must deliberately acknowledge that you now are withdrawing any consent  and support for it, and replace that thought with a new and more appropriate one.  Water it with desire and love, and when (to your delight) it begins to unfurl (and it will) be certain you have plenty of room in you’re your conviction, your belief, so it may grow.


But speaking of belief, please, don’t believe me.  Don’t you dare believe me.  Intuitive knowing or direct experience is the only real proof, and both of these lay waiting at your fingertips.  It would make me happy beyond words, beyond thought, if each of you watching this video would just stop and pick one thing, and resolve to follow these steps and modify a corner of your world.  You will be amazed and delighted.  Just start small, so you can see the results quickly and not lose focus and become disillusioned before you see the fruit.  Relearning to do this will raise more questions, I know, but we will joyfully answer those questions along the way.  The important thing is that you start today.  But don’t believe me.  Don’t.  Just Wake up, you sleepy creator you, and take a look at what you have created and see – is it good?  If not, change it as you wish.


In the Coptic version of the Gospel of Thomas Jesus says, "Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All.


and when one rises, we all rise.


So, rise.  Do this. 


 Try it for yourself because when you do, you will be astonished…..