Divine Whispers


Divine whispers.  Do you hear them sometimes, just as you are going to sleep or waking up, or perhaps suddenly as you become involved in a task and your mind has begun to drift a bit?  We must listen to these whispers as we begin to change our perceptions, our core beliefs of the framework of reality.  We must snatch them from the air as they are breathed about our ears, and pin them to paper before they fade like morning dreams.  We do this first by acknowledging them.  Once we realize they are not an unformed errant thought, but rather, often the beginning of an answer we seek, then the hard part it done.  Then, we only must stand ready to receive them and capture their points, one way or another like rainwater before it sinks into the earth.  We must integrate them until our world becomes their world.  We must gather these intuitions and practice them like an athlete hones his skills, for this is how they come into being and establish themselves here.  This is how they are born and make their home in our world.


But we are often afraid of these changes, not being able to see where they come from, much less where they are heading.  They can be very different from the reality we know, the world we cling to.  And even when we conquer our fear, we are often unsuccessful at progressing along these whispered paths.  Though we long to make the whispers reality, we cannot seem to push the right buttons within ourselves to make them fact.  Try as we might, we find ourselves lapsing back into our current models and processes.  Weíre like mice, trained to run a maze so that we might find the bit of cheese we recognize.  But what happens when the mouse somehow glimpses that there is more than the maze, like we do when we recognize and capture these whispers of Truth?  What must that mouse do to abandon his learned responses that insist he go left, then right then left again because that is what he has learned to do by painful trial and error, and it is a path that has allowed him to find his bit of cheese at the end of the mazeÖ. but what happens when he questions where this bit of cheese comes from?  When does this happen?  The mouse must first somehow realize that he is indeed following a learned pattern, and furthermore, he must make the leap that if it is a learned pattern, then it goes without saying it cannot be the only pattern.    By seeing that he is running a pattern, he gains the ability to change this pattern.  Do you see?  By questioning, he opens this door.


So first, through one way or another, we must become aware of our conditioned responses, these pattern we are running without questioning, just like laboratory mice.  When we see this is a learned pattern based upon a certain set of conditions and experiences, then it opens the door to question whether or not there are other patterns to run, or even if we can build a new world, one that does not run only default patterns and programs, but perhaps awaits our conscious direction in the NOW and for us to instruct it that it should run a different one.  I think we do this all the time, just unconsciously


So how do we change this?  How do we make the switch from unconscious to conscious? First, we must become aware of what we respond to.  No one panic, but I am going to use a few biblical metaphors in this video because, interpreted correctly, they lend themselves very well to the things I would like to point to, but please do not view them as a religious reference.  So, religious disclaimer aside, if we look closely, we see that in the bible, some are healed by having something Ďdone to themí, like when Jesus spit on the ground and made mud and applied it to the eyes of a blind man.  After this, the man had to act on his faith that he would be healed by following directions and going to a specific body of water and washing off the mud.  Now, of course, the mud held no healing properties of itís own, and neither did the water - their only purpose was to satisfy this manís need to believe something had been done to him., and it was this need being met that pressed this button of belief.  Then, to make this new belief come to be, to integrate it into his world, he had to act upon his new belief.  It was this new belief that had successfully entered his awareness through his actions that made his healing a reality.


And this is most common for us, which is also why Jesus marveled when a leader of a group of Roman soldiers came to him and asked him to heal his sick servant.  As Jesus turned to accompany the man to the sick servant, as most required him to do, the man stopped and explained that he understood it wasnít necessary for Jesus to go physically with him to heal his child, that just his word would be enough.  He further explained that his soldiers went here and there and did his bidding without the captain accompanying them, so he understood that specific physical gestures were not necessary to accomplish things.  Jesus marveled at this manís awareness, saying that he yet to meet anyone who grasped this so deeply.  And Jesus told the man, ĎAs you believe, so will it be done.í  And the mans child was healed.


So, how it happens depends upon us.  Some of us do better with props, for lack of a better word, with mud over our blind eyes and instructions to wash in certain waters.  These actions are stepping stones for us, allowing us to achieve these things, and activating our belief of this process in the process.  But itís easy to get stuck here, to never see any further to within, to what is actually happening here, and I hope thatís what this video does today Ė I hope it helps you to see more clearly the underlying Truth.   


To directly modify our reality, some of us may be at the stage where only the belief, the thought, is necessary, while others may do better with physical props and triggers.  Be sure to begin with whatever applies to YOU, whichever you respond best to at this time. But the first thing that must happen is to recognize the possibility that things could work out differently and not continue to follow the expected pattern/default program, and this is what the people were doing who came to Jesus to be healed. They sincerely entertained the possibility that a default pattern could be modified, that a miracle could happen.  This was evident in their coming to him.   And perhaps that is what you are doing here today as you take time out of your day to listen to these words Ė perhaps you are at the point where you are beginning to believe this can happen.  It hope so, because that is the first step:  You must sincerely entertain the possibility that the expected pattern or default program that is currently running can be changed and replaced with a different pattern.  That is step one.  Please join me in part two of Ďdivine whispersí.


Welcome back to Divine Whispers.

So step one is at least entertaining the possibility that these things can happen.  Step two is simply starting where you are at, and this is different for each of us.  Do you need mud on your eyes, or can you move forward with the thought?  Either is fine, and either works as long as you start at the level of your belief. There is no fudging on this.   Many of you are familiar with the story of Moses leading his people through the wilderness for 40 yrs, but I have yet to hear anyone correctly explain why God supposedly denied his faithful servant Moses permission to go into the Promise Land, and so letís take a moment and look at it here.  God spoke to Moses, and instructed him to speak to a stone, and water for his people would spring forth from the stone.  But instead, Moses struck the stone with his stick rather than speaking to the stone.  And though water did indeed flow forth, it is taught that Moses disobeyed God and was therefore not allowed into the Promise Land, which, if true, would be a little harsh, even for the Wrathful God of the Old Testament.  So there is your clue to watch for the metaphor, the underlying method here and the metaphor was that Moses was to move beyond his normal props, and physical tactics and gestures and instead into the thought, the will, the verbal commandment, into the word rather than the gesture.  It wasnít a punishment that he wasnít allowed into the Promised Land metaphor, it was simply an indication of the eventual limitations that reliance upon physical props and gestures come with.  They can only go so far.   So, eventually, we all must move beyond the sleight of hand gestures that we pull on ourselves.  To stay with them, though they work to a certain degree, will keep you from greater things, it will keep you from the Promised Land.  But if this is where you are currently at, then this is where you must start.  Ambitiously try and move beyond it before you are ready and you will spin your wheels, and you may fall into disillusionment.  Worst of all, your failed efforts will begin to build the opposite belief Ė it will begin to build the belief that this is not possible, and that isnít what you want.  So, be realistic with yourself, because it is in your best interest, and is the speediest route to what you are seeking.  But know that eventually, we move even beyond this.  



In our present state of awareness, many of us do well with Ďmudí, in fact, using Ďmudí (or props and triggers) is not only the basis of what evolved to eventually be called magic, it is also the basis of a latter development we call the medical profession.       Certain potions, whether they contain eye of newt or some highly refined chemical compound, are basically mud on our eyes.  We accept the mud and follow the directions to wash it off in certain water, just like we take our medicine and continue to act upon our belief that it will be effective by taking it in a prescribed manner.  Itís truly the same thing.  Again, I am not telling you to discontinue your medicines, if that is what you currently have given your belief to, then at the moment, that is where your needs are being met as best as they are able.  But I DO hope you can begin to see how all of these things are closely linked, and are, in fact, are different expressions of the very same thing:  They are all a belief linked to a tangible trigger or prop, whether that be a chemical compound, mud on our eyes, or chicken bone amulets to ward off evil.  What works most effectively for you will depend upon what you TRULY believe in.  Now wait a minute, you say, I can give someone a pill to make them go to sleep, and theyíre going to go to sleep whether or not they know about the pill, much less believe in them.  Well, sometimes, and I can use myself as a reference for this because I personally do not respond in conventional ways to a lot of things, so I know from direct experience that that isnít always true.  But in most cases, it does happen that way, and if so  and if what I am pointing to is true, why would this happen?  Why would they fall asleep without consciously knowing about, much less believing in that pill?  The short answer to this: There are patterns and default programs that are created and used in a certain manner, and  are believed in such a  universal way by the collective subconscious that their pattern tends to hold with little variation, whether or not the individual is consciously aware of it or any of itís supposed properties because we are all one.  I am an example of someone whoís awareness is changing, and because of that, things do not always follow their commonly expected default pattern for me.  There is a crack in my system from my broadened perspective and as Leonard Cohen the writer and musician says in his song ďAnthemĒ ď There is a crack in everythingÖthatís how the light gets inĒ/.  And this is yet another worthy topic that deserves itís own video, but that will have to wait for another day. For now, just realize that default programs that have little variation in their usage display somewhat universal and established repeat patterns, because no one (or few) are seeing them in a different way.  And, just fyi,  sometimes these repeated pattern differ predictably between different groups.  What may hold true as a repeated pattern for one group may hold a completely different repeated pattern with another group, because groups are somewhat like collective individuals, and their interaction may differ depending upon their perspective, in the same way that I sometimes react differently to fairly repetitive patterns.  I knowÖthis can get a bit confusing, but while I am at it, I might as well take a moment to briefly discuss this topic of our association with GROUPS - something I have mentioned before in several of my videos.


Please join me in part 3 of divine whispers: 


Welcome back to divine whispers.  So, what is this potent relation I keep pointing to regarding GROUPS?  Itís a rarely-recognized point: Our association with groups can put things on our bottom shelf that we not only do not notice, but donít feel we directly placed thereÖbut yet, we did do just that when we gave our consent to a particular association.  Because when we define ourselves and align ourselves with these groups, whether they be religious groups, or of particular nationalities, or of genders, or of social or political affiliations, or of age groups, of WHATEVER Ė absolutely nothing is excluded, THEN we have opened ourselves up to experiencing the collective experience OF that group.  Ipso facto.   Do you see?  You can think of it like this:  When you mentally join a group, whether it be one of what we perceive as inherited, or one of our deliberate selection, itís like getting on a boat.  You can be on an unlimited number of these boats.  For example, you might associate yourself with the groups of being male, being a smoker, being Jewish, being republican, and being a Doctor, among other groups.  Now, each of these associations that we have okayed, that we have accepted, whether inherited or selected, puts you on a boat.  So now in this example, you are on the Male Boat, the Smoking Boat, the Jewish boat, the Republican Boat, and the Doctor Boat (among others).  When you give your mental agreement to be identified by these groups OR even if you donít really agree mentally but your ACTIONS demonstrate this acceptance, you open yourself up to the experiences of these groups. (or boats, in this example)  And Boats can sail to wonderful destinations.  But Boats can also sink.  And this is how things can sometimes seem to happen to you innocently, but that isnít what really happens.  You got on the boat.   Iíll eventually go into this later in a video of itís own because this is such a potentially volatile topic, I canít do it justice here, but it needs to be at least touched upon as we seek to find the levers through which we direct our lives, because it can play a big, silent and very confusing part, left unsaid, and leave us wondering how we got swept up in this or that innocently as victims, only to discover later that it was through our association with a GROUP, that we found ourselves experiencing what that collective group experienced Ė whether that be pleasant, or unpleasant.  I personally have very few group associations that I recognize mentally or by action, and as you may guess, I DO recommend this - it helps to keep my bottom shelf much cleaner, and with fewer surprise influences, and thatís nice.


But Iím not asking you to join my group of non-groupers.  I am asking you to Just BE.  Donít wear labels.  Labels are only useful to those who do not know who they are, or what they are looking at.  Labeling excuses us from using our own powers of discernment, which eventually atrophy with disuse, and leave us dependent and blinded by the very labels we thought would more clearly define things.  Itís just not true, anymore than using a wheelchair will save your legs and allow them to be stronger. Itís crazy.  So, minimizing labeling and group associations is a big step in moving toward more fully integrating with the Truth of our innate oneness.  Do you see?


Anyhow, wherever we are at in our unfolding, we must all start with where we are. If  just a thought works for you and you get results, fine, but if we are better off with a tangible trigger or action, by all means, use them, but do not come to rely upon them, or it will leave you out of the PromisedLand.  But donít be afraid or ashamed to use them at first because to constantly fail because we are in denial of our current level of unfolding and refuse to start where we are at will only build our belief that Ďthese things cannot happení. So, donít do that, and reinforce this untruth. 



So, we have to start somewhere in learning to influence and direct these things, and the easiest way to do this is to begin to recognize how to work WITHIN these expected  default patterns that are already present in your life.  Most still arenít aware of how they are actively creating their life within these prevailing patterns, these default programs, much less going on to override these patterns and default programs, so this is an excellent place to start. Youíre already doing it, so why not do it right?   


There are many roads we can take to lead us here, but one road that is oftentimes successful where others fail is what we can call Packing Your Suitcase.  Itís simple, and straightforward, and may seem a bit silly, but please donít overlook this powerful formula because it isnít hard or shrouded in mystery.  And here it is: First, pick a destination, and in this metaphor, our destination is our goal, whatever we would genuinely like to be like, or accomplish, or have, or whatever.   You might choose to reestablish communications with an estranged family member as your destination, or to lose weight, or to be more relaxed, whatever is near and dear to your heart that you would like to align more comfortably with is fine.  Anywhere is the perfect place to start.  Once the destination, the goal, is selected, then you need to pack your suitcase.  In the same way you wouldnít pack snow skis for a trip to the Bahamas, offering unsolicited advice might not be the right way to smooth over relations with an estranged family member, would it?   Remember - Only pack what is useful to your destination!  It doesnít matter if you always pack it normally, if it is your habit to give advice, if it isnít directly beneficial to your goal, toss it.  Do away with it, and pack what WILL help take you to your goal, in this case, perhaps instead of unsolicited advice, a heartfelt admission that you may have overstepped your boundaries at times but that  you love your estranged family member unconditionally and hope they will forgive you,  might be what you need to pack to take you where you want to go.  Because it is our habits that we are packing into this metaphorical suitcase.  We are packing actions, things we are doing.


 Now, why habits instead of new thoughts?  What about my video Correct Alignment, which was all about how Seeing IS doing?  Well, thatís thatís all still true.  But sometimes it is harder to see than it is to do.  What the heck am I talking about?  Hereís a very powerful thing to notice, not a new thought, but somehow one that seems chronically undervalued and overlooked, and here it is: The mind and body are one.  SOÖbecause of this, the door swings both ways.  Because this is true, not only can we influence our actions (what we do and experience) with our mind, but our actions and experiences can change our mind about thoughts and beliefs.  The door swings TWO ways.  Please join me for the conclusion of divine whipsers



Welcome back to divine whisper.  So, the door swings both ways in our mind-body connection.  Because the body and mind are one, as you already know.  The body is the physical manifestation of the mind, just as  the contents of the mind are the blueprints from which your physical body will spring forth (as well as your world), and all of it being one. Think about that for a moment Ėbecause  it seems to be our urge to skim right past this point and not give it fair weight, so listen once more time closely:  Your mind can tell your actions what to do.  This, we KNOW.  Right?   But what we DO, our actions and experiences, also provide our mind with NEW BELIEFS, and thatís powerful.  And thatís overlooked.   What we DO can change what we BELIEVE.  And belief is the key to what you are seeking.


So, can you see this? The door swings both ways.  Now, what does this mean in an everyday sense?  Well, sometimes when we canít quite get our mind around something, we can hotwire it, we can take a shortcut - we can let our bodies (in other words, our actions and experiences) provide an updated belief for our minds.  Hereís an easy example (and a favorite one of mine) You can read all you like about riding a bicycle, but you wonít be able to truly feel like you know it until your body demonstrates it for you. Then, wordlessly, all is conveyed.  And this works in this instance too.  So, say you are looking for more love and happiness in your life, but it always seems to elude you.  One way to accomplish this (in case you donít know) is to employ this law: WHATEVER YOU WANT TO RECEIVE FOR YOURSELF, GIVE SELFLESSLY TO ANOTHER (OR HELP THEM TO OBTAIN IT), NO STRINGS ATTACHED and before you know it, you will likely find it in your own hand.  So in our example, your actions would begin to convey to others this sense of love and happiness that you want.  Not a needy hoping to get something back for your efforts type of love, or scammed happiness, that wonít work, but rather love with no expectation of return or reciprocation.  Love for the sake of expressing love. Just do it and go on your way.   So, your actions begin to change in small ways to give another this love and happiness you hope to find in your own life.  You might let someone go in line in front of you, or patiently disregard a co-workers barbed and undermining comment,  or leave a nice tip on your table even though your waiter was rude and inattentive.  You are beginning to show love, a love that is unconditional, and doesnít spring from what another has or hasnít done for you or to you.  It springs from your decision.  And you do these actions even though your mind thinks they are useless and you are being silly.  Ignore your mind, tell it to hush, and if you override your learned pattern of Ďthings like this get you nowhereí and you continue these new actions, you will see something miraculous happen.  You will be happier. You will begin feeling love even when there seems to be no one there giving you love.  It will leak anonymously in around the corners, and you will soon find similar small gestures of love and happiness and kindness trickling back your way.  And as your mind sees these, it will begin to change itís belief patterns, and when we change our belief patterns, we change what we perceive to be reality  - not metaphorically, but in a very real way.  And you can build from this, growing into larger gestures of love and happiness, only to find them coming right back to you like a boomerang Ė but usually not from the people who received the initial gesture by the way, but usually from seemingly out of the blue. And by this gesture, you also begin to learn that you do not lack.  You begin to see whatever you need springs forth from you, and to GIVE is indeed the easiest way to GET.  Give without strings attached, give despite conditions or circumstances, give because you can and you want to, and watch it fly right back to you. 


So, through our actions and experiences, even when our minds donít believe in what we are doing, we can eventually easily change the beliefs that our minds hold as truth, and with the changing of these beliefs, not only does our world change, but we begin to grasp the keys to the kingdom.  We begin to truly grasp that we are indeed the prodigal sons and daughters who have put ourselves into these trials and tribulations.  And now we see our way out of it Ė we just stop putting ourselves there.  We no longer accept this spiritual poverty, and we simply go home and claim what has always been ours Ė the power of change through our acknowledgement and acceptance of our hand painting every picture we have experienced.  Because NOW, weíre going to begin to paint something else.


And as your belief in how things come to be in this world grows with the unavoidable acknowledgement of what is happening in your life, you will begin to marvel at what you already knew was true.  You ARE doing this.  Yes, there are lots of factors going on, so if something doesnít come to be as you imagined it would, donít be discouraged Ė realize that there is something blocking it that you are not seeing clearly.  Set it aside and ask to be shown what is blocking it.  There is always a reason, in fact the reason is always staring us right in the face, but sometimes is takes a while to see it, so set it aside, pick a new destination to achieve, pack your suitcase, and move forward with your actions and thoughts.  For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven, and it will come to you in itís season.


I know some of you are hungry for clues on how to get into the saddle, how to make this thing work, and as with all higher Truths, there is nothing mysterious about it Ė it is as plain as the nose on your face. Like the little mice in their maze running a learned pattern, the first step is to simply notice that we are doing this, that this is happening, or at least the suspicion that it MAY be happening, because it is this Ďnoticingí that opens the door.  I hope this video today helps you into this new awareness.


Then, we have to have the wisdom to start where we are at.  Target what you want to change, decide on the Ďdestinationsí you want to achieve and pack your suitcase with the things that will help you actually get there and enjoy it once you do.   We can slide into this easily by taking small actions and experiences and put them into motion (even when your mind tells you they are silly or wonít work) because action has its own law and with repetition, these actions will show your mind something new, they will demonstrate something new for your mind to consider and they can change your beliefs because the DOOR SWINGS BOTH WAYS.  Yes, while we are aware that the mind creates and governs the body, we are less aware that the actions of the body can also teach and enlighten the mind. The door swings both ways.   Eventually (and in some instances from the start) you will accomplish what you want with just a thought.  But for now, if find you canít quite get your thoughts around something, know that you can use your actions to teach your mind the new belief you want it to realize.  Show it until it KNOWS it.


And donít miss your whispers of wisdom as they flutter into your mind when you least expect them.  Capture them, because they are your direct experience with the voice of that which is Divine in you, and the purity of these words will refine the more you listen and act upon what you learn.  Because the Truth is actually whispering to us all the time,.  We must only learn to listen.  It surrounds us, and empowers us.  We must only grasp how to use it consciously.  We already use it all the time, but mostly unconsciously.  But  now is the time we awaken and begin to do these things consciously. I hope this video reminds you of the simple steps, and I hope that as you begin to experiment with them and experience them, even above all the excitement I hope you will feel them resonate with you, and the harmony of what you are accomplishing is apparent.  It is your birthright, and it is mine. So, may you begin to walk this path because when one rises, we all rise.  Yes, we do.




I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.