The unASLEEP Store :-O

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unASLEEP merchandise?!

Oh, how the great have fallen!

Nah. :-D  Nobody panic. :-) Nothing has changed....I still cannot bear to charge for the thoughts I share with you. They will always be available to you for free, and for your consideration.  To imagine withholding what  I share until someone PAYS for it quite frankly makes me feel ill.  Yucky.  Seriously.  It does.  I could never do that.  In one way or another, it will always be easily available, and without charge. If you would like to read a little more of my rant on this topic, click here.  Or, if you've heard enough and just want to see what's in the store, proceed. :-)

This store has been created really for those who have expressed repeated interest in unASLEEP merchandise, as well as for those who have repeatedly requested a way to donate or support the things I put out there for free.  And these two groups have been two steadily growing crowds. And what delightful crowds to have, you know?

But until now, I really haven't offered these two groups a satisfactory recourse, but I hope to do so with this store. Not only will this store offer the ability to own some unASLEEP merchandise and to  somewhat help to support 'acts of unASLEEP' ;-P, but it might also help to spread awareness of my site and the ideas are freely given away there, 'for your consideration'.  And I like THAT very much.  Because the more that see and know about the things you and I take for granted, the better.  Because when one rises, we ALL rise.  We are creating our world, right here, everyday, in everything we do and in everything we think, or say.  So, make it count, because everything does.

And since most of the merchandise is based around either my truly strange watercolors, or perhaps equally strange eye-con, it all IS a little unusual, and therefore apt to catch someone's eye and so, who knows....I hope someone sees your purchase and goes on to explore where it came from, and there at they may begin to find JUST what they've been looking for their whole life.  And I'm not talking about t-shirts. ;-P 



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So, here it is, to be enjoyed in whatever capacity it is useful to you.  I tried to select the items you truly might find useful first, like t-shirts, totes, coffee mugs, mouse pads, key chains, and even mp3 speakers, as well as the requested poster prints and canvas reproductions of my watercolors.  I will be branching out to even more items as time goes by, but if there is something in particular you would like now, drop me an email to and I will be happy to put it up for you. I'd also love to hear your feedback on the items, and I hope you enjoy them.♥

So, click here to enter store, or you can watch the items pass by in the clickable frame above.

ORDERING TIP - Also, pay attention because sometimes they offer free shipping, or certain discounts if you enter a code, so be sure to not accidentally pass that by. Also, many/most of the items offer the opportunity to customize it at least somewhat.  You can pick different sizes, colors, styles, and finishes and sometimes even add things like text or frames, so keep your eyes peeled.  :-)