Getting the Files

  • On a blank area of your desktop (not on an icon), click your right mouse button   
  • Hover your mouse over "New" , then select "Folder" when it slides out to the right
  • When you first create a folder, it will immediately allow you to name it.  For this tutorial, we will name it "Unasleep".  If you mess up, just right click the folder and choose "Rename"
  • Go back to and click on  Click here to download the free mp3's for the new 13 part series  on the right hand side of the webpage.
  • Follow the download instructions on the site, remembering to save all of your requested files to your Unasleep folder on your Desktop.

      NOTE:  You may also consider making a folder for each Unasleep series.   For example, make a folder inside the Unasleep folder and name it "The Joy of Knowing", then download all of the files for "The Joy of Knowing" series into this folder instead.  This would help you keep the correct files together in a series as more series are added to the collection.  

      To create subfolders inside the Unasleep folder, simply double click the Unasleep folder to open it, the right click on in the blank space inside and hover over "New", then select "Folder" once again. 


Adding Files to iTunes

      Once you have finished downloading your files, open iTunes

      From iTunes, click on the "File" menu

      Select "Add Folder to Library"

      iTunes will open the "Add to Library" dialog, and let you select a folder

      Navigate to the music folder whose files / MP3's you want to import

      Click on the "Select Folder" button

      iTunes will import all supported audio files and add them to your library.


Syncing Files to Your iPod

      Connect your iPod to your computer using it's cable

      In iTunes, select your device under "Devices" on the left-hand side of the screen

      On the bottom right hand side of your screen, click the "Sync" button.

      Once synchronization is complete, you are ready to begin listening to your new files!  Enjoy!