The Download, Part II



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Children of the Interplay


It is in this space of ‘interplay’ or ‘relating’ that miracles are born.  This interplay gives rise to ‘what is’, and your reaction/interplay assists in determining ‘what it’.   In other words, interplay turned the water into wine.


This interplay is the Spark, the Source, the One, the Life, the Real You.  It is the only thing that is real.  The ego-self is not real, nor the objects around it, or the universes surrounding it all.  Those things might be called children of the Interplay, because that is what they are born from – children of ‘God’, you might say.  But they are not substantial.   How could that be true?  Is not fog only cooled water droplets?  Yet, though it is born of water, it has only a transient existence identified where it is different, and known as ‘fog’.  A tiny change in temperature and the fog will disappear entirely.  Such is our transient ego-self.  Born of what is Real, yet without any substantial reality ourselves.  We are fog, morning mist.





It’s somewhat ironic that the very thing many religions bemoan as the worse event ever, ‘The Fall’, is exactly what you must DO to experience the Real.   In whatever situation or state you find yourself in – in this very instant, you must fall into it fully.  Embrace it.  Accept it, and stop denying or resisting it.  It is the NOW, and it is all that truly is.  The only fertile ground you have is NOW.


You must accept you and whatever situation you are in fully:  I am old.  I am poor.  I am fat.  I hate my job.  I am afraid.  I am sad.  I am divorced.  I am angry.  I am whatever wherever however – it truly does NOT matter ONE LITTLE BIT.  All that matters is that you quit turning your head, see it all fully and embrace it, because right NOW, it is you.  To deny it or resist it or wish it away is to resist the only thing that you have – the NOW.  So, without turning your head, without projecting into the future (doesn’t exist) or regretting the past (gone), just rest in the NOW and say, “Okay. Now what?”


To your amazement, answers will come where before there were none, because for once you will be fully present in the NOW – and this is the ONLY place where things actually happen.   Nowhere else.  Where else is there?  No where - only the false projections you imagined as a ‘future’ and a ‘past’, and they do not exist.


Endeavor to enter the instant fully, including any perceived pain, or embarrassment, sadness or aggravation, whatever.   If you look at these things carefully that you have brought into the NOW, they are not the Real You, are they?  They are only perceptions that your ego-self generated, because the ego-self only exists by comparisons and contrasts.  The Real You is defined by none of those things.


The Real You only lives in the timelessness of the NOW.  Once your awareness shifts from the ego-self, who only worries about the past and projects into the future, and instead focus on the Real You, the Eternal existence that resides in the only time that actually is – the NOW, at that point, realization is possible, and this realization/correct interpretation brings the True Change you seek.





This acceptance of ‘what is’ in the NOW is the first step in abolishing judgment of both yourself and your fellow man.  Judgment is really just another name for resistance.  “Hmmm – I don’t like that.”  (Judged it, didn’t you?)  “He’s really pressing his luck” (Judged again).  Accepting your personal ‘what is’ in the NOW will open the door to compassion and forgiveness towards all others, which opens an even better door – Peace.


If this non-resistance is the state of being within you, it will also manifest externally by abolishing all the things that are not beneficial.  Effortlessly.  As above, so below.  As within, so without.  It is a Law.


Could it be this simple?  Yes.  And should any action be required, in this state you will clearly see what to do, rather than acting out of your conditioned past.


This simple shift can cause the entire world to seem to change, ‘in the twinkling of an eye’.  It is indeed the second coming of the *christ.  Can mountains be cast into the sea?  I believe they can, because this is the Realm of Miracles.


*Wordnet 3.0 at Princeton University lists one of two definitions for ‘christ’.  The first, is the expected one, Jesus’ last name, basically.  But the second definition is the actual true definition:  ‘Any expected deliverer’.   This is the true christ. 



Everyone Is Different


The outcome depends upon your genuine, root-level perceptions and beliefs.  Not on what you’d LIKE to believe.  Not what you’re TRYING to believe.  Not what you HOPE you believe.  Not what you’re trying to BLUFF that you believe.  Only what you really, really believe, at a grass roots level – and this level can be quite unconscious and difficult to see clearly at first.  You must look carefully to see what is actually there.


How firmly do you grip your paradigm?  I don’t know, but I can tell you this:  You are not certain that your paradigm is correct, because if you were, you would not be here, inquiring.  So, if you are not 100% positive of your current beliefs, can you put them aside for just a moment?  Ask yourself how ‘glued together’ and ‘static’ you really are?  Do you hold firm to what you initially believe, or has this sprinkling of holy water begun to melt your glue?  Have you begun to see the infinite possibilities?



Help From ‘Above’



It is also in this state of NOW that sometimes solutions or resolutions occur without you doing anything.  When you are fully present and in the NOW, embracing ‘what is’, Life suddenly seems more than happy to assist you.  ‘Roads are paved for you’ without asking.  This is a natural outflow of this alignment.    It may sound incredible, but it is entirely True. 


Doors open for you.  This has been known for a long time by much wiser folks than myself, and has been stated in many ways: ‘As above, so below’.  ‘The primary reality is within you, the secondary reality is without.’  ‘If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place effortlessly’.


Incredibly, these are True.




Po-tay-to,  Po-tah-to



Just a sidebar here:  Energy.  Chi.  There are many names we have created to attempt to label this thing that we truly are.  I like to use the word ‘interplay’, however, because the other monikers we have given it have evolved so that they are attached to as almost a tangible idea or thing.  It’s just a personal preference that seems to point to It without taking as much mental baggage along for the ride.  So, in case you wonder, that’s why I use it most often.



Mirror Mirror On the Wall


Even when we understand intellectually that there is actually not an ‘I’ or a ‘me’, why are we still drawn to personify everything?  It’s a bad habit, but one that can be escaped when you clearly see our reason behind it:  We want to personify ‘That Which Is’ (God/the Source/whatever) because our ego-mind wants us to, and that is because the ego-mind only knows what it is by comparisons and contrasts.  And it really WANTS to be compared to the Absolute /’That Which Is’.   It wants It to be an entity, as it imagines itself to be.  And if we do this, if we personify the divine, then the ego-self becomes more like ‘God’ / ‘That which Is’.


This ties back into the section in part one where I talk about ‘The Thinker’ and ‘The Observer’.  If the ego-mind can get us to compulsively personify ‘That Which Is’ as an entity, then it somewhat avoids dying completely – at least there is a ‘self’ of sorts left and it now attempts to transmute itself into the Divine, and hides there.  No one suspects it.  But it’s still the same old thing, in a new disguise.


This is the next level of misinterpretation.  Many seeking enlightenment will rest when they think they have successfully ‘killed’ their ego-self.  They think they have done it – the self is dead.  They are no longer The Thinker, they are now The Observer.  But the ego-self has pulled a final coup by establishing That Which Is as an entity, and an omnipotent one.


But if you look carefully, the ego-mind has left his fingerprints all over the Divine by shaping it into an entity or ‘presence’ of sorts – when it is actually neither.   What it is cannot be verbalized clearly.  You have to know it to see it, and you can only know it by becoming it.


Each of us are already  ‘It’, but our conditioning and fears have shaped and clouded ‘It’ until we do not know what we are looking at anymore.  And until this façade drops away, you will walk all around It, but never really see It.  You may see something, but you have no true knowledge of what That Which Is actually is.  This is because you are still addressing it via our conditioning, whether or not that conditioning is something labeled ‘enlightened’, or as ‘sacred writings’, or the latest Guru du Jour.  You’re looking at it through a screen.


To see it fully, you must become it fully.  And the only way to become it (which in Truth, you already are) is to die.  There can be no identity left to fully experience it.  You must see that the ego-self is actually the One, it is a projection of us.



How Do You ‘Kill’ Yourself?


<Amendment: When I wrote The Download, I used terminology popular at the time (in fact, still popular) but now I see that it’s usage only perpetuates a misconception, as described in ‘Rebirth of the Ego-Self’  (  So I’d like to make a note here, to help explain: 

The Ego-self is ‘killed’ in that what you formerly thought he was no longer exists, because now you see him for what he truly is – a projection of the Divine.  The troublesome Ego-Self in a way is dead, or gone, and all that remains is the Projected Self of the Real You, and they are easily seen as One.  However, it was always the same guy.  We only imagined him to be different.  So, to us, in a way, it seems the Ego-Self has died, and the Projected Self of the Divine has taken his place.  But it was always, in Truth, the same guy. So, dead or reborn, dissolved or reunited, Big You, little you….it’s always only you, there is none other than you. No entity exists.  All perceived entities are only projections of the One. J >


As we mentioned before, it does indeed come in the twinkling of an eye.  It can be triggered by anything – a word, a thought, something you see.  I had read before that you entered it as suddenly as a knife thrust, and for me, this was true.  I suddenly realized (with great relief and bliss) that ‘I’ was NOT ‘Me’, and further more that all these objects that surround me and seem to make up my world weren’t any more real that I was.  They were expressions, for lack of a better word, more an occurrence or events than objects.  And all this was born out of the same pool of unlimited potentiality known as ‘That Which Is’ – The Eternal – The Infinite, and remarkably, I was that, the True ‘I’, which in fact is NO ENTITY AT ALL.  What is it, I cannot easily find a word to express, but it is this interplay, this energy, that gave birth to all everything, including my ego-identity.  And it was ALL GOOD.


What is called the ‘I’ or ‘That Which Is’ is actually the relation between all these people, objects and placed that seemed to exist.  It permeates everything, yet no thing is actually a thing – it is rather an expression of the Interplay.


So, the ‘thing’ I thought was ‘me’ (ego-self) was more of a reaction, or belief pattern, in a dynamic dance with the Real Me (which is everything).  It has no being or structure of its own – it is the expression of the reaction.  The interplay of this dynamic dance.  The spray formed by the relation of the wave pounding the rock.


And this interplay or relativity is all that is real ‘here’ in this dimension, and is actually all that matters.  Everything else is merely dressing or attributes evolving from the interplay between these seeming ‘things’.  Yet, these things are not predetermined by any attribute or evolution, they arise dynamically from That Which Is – the source of all possible potentials. In Truth, anything could happen, but the interpretations or relating of the ‘things’ in the dance dynamically produce whatever seems to occur.



Beyond Mind


You cannot truly express It.  The mentality of the ego-mind cannot capture it to paper, it seems.  If it could, the mentality of the ego-mind would still fail to interpret it correctly.


 I’ve read somewhere before that it’s like trying to describe the taste of apple juice to someone who had never even heard of apples – very difficult to do.  But with the tiniest sip – the tiniest bit of direct experience, it can be conveyed deeply and entirely in a way that words never could approach.  This is what you will experience one day soon.  You’ll have your sip, and you’ll know that which you can never completely convey, no matter how hard you try.



Until the Twelfth of Never


And with these realizations comes the ending of time.   Standing firmly on the NOW, you see how the future and the past are both imaginary projections.  The only time that has ever existed is this instant – the NOW.  Linear time is a creation of our ego-mind, as it looks to the future, or back to the past, trying to secure its existence.  But there is no future, or past.  There has only been NOW.


And in that ever-present instant, the only instant that there has ever been or ever will be, time ends.  If you truly focus on moment to moment, it will open up the Truth to you, and you see there has only ever been NOW, and by this understanding you also see that absolutely nothing you do is more important than anything else you do.  In Truth, it is all present instantaneously, all equal potentiality of the limitless pool of That Which Is.


It’s not that you don’t interact, or handle tasks anymore or whatever, but you are completely present when you are doing them.  If there is any resistance to doing whatever occurs in the NOW, that is a lesson for you to go into, because now you see that to resist is to judge.  And to judge brings you immediately into the court of demons, where you yourself are actually being judged by the measure that you yourself judged another.  It is the ‘judge not, lest ye be judged’.  To do so undermines yourself, not another.  And you know this now, and abandon it whenever it raises its head.


Be in the NOW and whatever you need in that moment will be available to you.  This was what Jesus was trying to express to the multitudes:


  Matthew 7 25 "Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? 26Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?
  27Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?
  28"So why do you worry about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; 29and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. 30Now if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will He not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?
  31"Therefore do not worry, saying, "What shall we eat?' or "What shall we drink?' or "What shall we wear?' 32For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. 33But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. 34Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.


Last Dance


The Kingdom of God is the NOW.  The false kingdoms of the ego-self are what we have become accustomed to living in – the false future and past.  We live in the dungeons there, and long to break free, but don’t see how.  I hope this writing acts a catalyst, helping you to see how.  As within, so without.  Get it right on the inside, and the outside falls into place.


You are not the dancer here.  You are the Dance.  You are movement and repose.  You are not the ‘I’, there is no ‘I’, remember – that is the fallback position of the ego-self. 


You are the ALL.


You are That Which Is.


You are the Dance.







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