About unASLEEP

Well well well.....What can I say about myself?  I CAN tell you that this is a topic I go back and forth with nearly everyday.  On one hand, I like being an anonymous mirror in which you can see yourself perhaps a little more clearly.  I do.  Then again, there is a part of me that absolutely longs to step out of the shadows, for better or for worse.  And I have a feeling that one day, the part of me that longs to step out might just win.  But not quite today.  For today, I content myself with holding the mirror, and actually it is a position I love very, very much.  There is nothing like hearing the gasp as someone begins to see the vision of their true self little more clearly, sometimes for the first time in a very long time.  It's beautiful, and I am very honored and fortunate to be able to look on. 

Okay, well then, in lieu of naked pictures ;-D and lengthy bio, how about I post answers to some of the frequent questions I get?  Like, for example, some people want to know which mountaintop I meditate upon and what color of sarong I like to wear. :-D  And of course, none of that is true.  I walk among you everyday 'chopping wood and carrying water' as the Buddhists say.  What I do and how I live my life is constantly transitioning as I evolve, but I have no special circumstances, other than my particular perspective.  But that does indeed change the face of everything I do, no matter how common the task. With it, I tread much closer to the meaning behind what Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas

"Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you" and ''..the kingdom of the father is spread out upon the earth, and men do not see it." 

Another question I get is whether or not I have children and most are surprised to find that I do.  Some imagine that to maintain some of my perspectives, I could not have children, but I have a girl who is 10, and a boy who is 15.  And I use their existence constantly to refine everything that I say to you. I first ask myself "Would I still say this is true if I were speaking directly about my child?"  This is my litmus test because if I cannot say it is true for them as well, then I know there is something else I need to see more clearly before I say it to you.  And so, not only do I have children, but they are a handy compass in my toolbox of enlightenment.  They keep me grounded, and acutely honest in all my thoughts and perspectives.  If I cannot say what I say about them too, I do not even begin to say it to you.

Another question I get asked all the time is "How do I come to know the things I do?"  And my answer will either be really boring for you, or it will be very, very interesting to you.  Because if you are looking for schools, or schools of thought, or seminars, or some famous person I studied with or was a student of, or any form of tangible accreditation in general, then I am afraid you are going to come up empty handed and perhaps a little bored with me.  There's none of that (other than being raised Baptist).  I can't point to anything in particular.  In fact, I suppose you might legitimately think of me as 'the free range chicken of enlightenment' :-D (seriously, actually) because I always seem to come across whatever I need to see wherever I am, and whenever I need to see it.  Of course, I didn't notice at first that I was bringing these things to myself.  I just thought I was really lucky, or really clever to figure something out.  But that wasn't the case.

And that is really how it is with each and everyone of YOU out there, too, whether you realize it or not.  Don't laugh at me....you are ALL 'free range chickens of enlightenment' too :-D bringing yourself exactly what YOU need to see to refine your understanding, exactly when you need it.  And sometimes, we go through certain schools, or schools of thought, or seminars, or teachers, or good times, or bad times, or whatever on our way.  But these are transient.  In the end, all they were here to do was to help you learn to observe, and to listen.  Because when we do that, then we find the Truth is literally screaming to us from every corner.  Always.  It stands in front of us, waiting to be noticed.  And eventually, we do.

And even better yet, as we learn to be observant and to listen, we also learn to visit what I often call 'The Well'.  Any of us can go there at any time and ask what we want and if we listen carefully, we will have our reply.  I do it all the time.  It's where I get my most astounding insights. And you can go there too.

Some people like to even become another 'person' or entity when they go to this Well, and they might even call their water-toter by a different name, like Abraham, or Seth, or whatever, and that's fine too.  Eventually, they will figure out what they are doing and in the meantime it grants them permission and a particular focus that they find useful during their trip to the Well. 

Or, you might be more like me and grant yourself permission to go there without any conjured sidekick. But how you get there isn't as important as that you GO. It only matters that you go.  Because it is for all of us, it IS part of all of us.  We are innately attached to it. 

Now how pure your water from The Well will be is dependent upon how clean your bucket is to begin with.  You follow me?  I think you do.  If you have crud in your bucket (whether or not you realize it is there) it will flavor and pollute the purity of what you draw.  So, remember that. 

Also, sometimes, I ask a question that I am not capable of hearing, and I get what sounds like a muffled reply.  I do.  I can't quite hear it, can't quite make it out, and I know there is more work to be done before I am capable of hearing the answer I seek. Or sometimes I hear it fine, but I just can't figure out what to DO with it.  It might not make sense to me at first.  But just set any of those cryptic answers aside on an internal shelf, or a mental sticky-note and don't forget it because I promise you one day you will go "OMG!" and know exactly what it means.  So, don't 'fiddle' with them and try and make them fit if they don't.  Wait and see, and you WILL see.

So, remember that:  You have to be capable of hearing the answer you seek AND if your bucket has crud in it, what you draw will seem to have impurities as well, but these can be refined out, if you are diligent.  In fact, they will help you locate the crud in your bucket, and you can work on cleaning that out and having pure water from the start.

And if you get an answer that doesn't make sense to you, set it aside JUST as it is.  It will make sense to you later.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these little glimpses to the inside world of unASLEEP, and perhaps find some of them useful to you in some way.  More later! ♥